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A Million Reasons Why (It’s Good to Be a Girl)

September 23, 2016


Vera Bradley Small Ella Tote in Modern Lights
Citizens of Humanity overalls
Jill Stuart blouse

Today, as people of modern times, embracing equality of the sexes is a no brainer to us (thank goodness). But the point I am trying to make with this post is that still, I’m not going to lie, but being a girl is pretty dope. Sorry boys, but we got it good. I’m teaming up with Vera Bradley to prove all the millions of reasons why it’s good to be a girl (btw I’m writing this while I’m on my period, so you know that I am being very, very honest here). And I’m realizing these reasons more and more each and every day. My birthday is tomorrow actually, and accepting who I am as an individual, and most importantly, as a woman who proudly can say “This is ME,” resonates so strongly with me at this moment.

I love that as a modern day woman I can be multi-dimensional. I can be both a creative and a businesswoman. I don’t have to ever pick one or the other. I’m not afraid to wear many hats, and I’m probably more headstrong than many of the men who only wear one. I am a daughter, a sister, a friend, a girlfriend, a writer, a photographer, a visual content creator, a perpetual dreamer and a hopefully someday mother. I’m a supporter of women with goals like mine that extend beyond the limitations that we felt around us when we were younger. I’m confident with my body even though it has changed so many times throughout my 28 (almost 29) years. I’ve even hated it before, but with age I’ve come to learn the needs of my body and have never loved it more than right this second. For a girl, that is quite a big statement to say. Still today, our bodies are always prone of objectification, especially when we least want it, but I feel strong to take a stand to protect my body’s rights and values. My curves, my scars, and all the things that make up my body are mine, and together they create my temple. The least I can do is treat it with the most love it can get, and especially every flaw because those are the things that make us unique . . . . femininely unique. And for that reason they are beautiful.

I love being a girl because I can play dress up and wake up to channel anyone I want. Fashion goes so strongly hand in hand with femininity. It is so much a part of me, passed on from my mother and to her from my grandmother. It’s an expression of my personality, and for us girls, it’s the most fun and accessible way for us to express ourselves. Much like how this Vera Bradley Small Ella Tote ups the ante of my black overalls and white sheer blouse ensemble. It’s bold and striking like how my personality is when I want to get things done. When I want to tackle challenges. When I want to blow my own expectations of myself out of the water. I’m stylish, charming, daring and sweet. Because I’m a girl, I can be all of these things.

Growing up, us girls always had to work harder to be better at the boys it seemed . . . at sports, at science, at bringing in the money . . . when really we were always just as good. But society just made it seem like we were born to not be as naturally good at these sort of things (what does science really know?!?). But with time, we have proved them wrong. We aren’t just good enough, we can also say that we are better and not be ashamed to hold onto this claim. And today, I finally feel like I have every right to be anything I want, and motivated to be proud of  my strengths, not influenced to hide them. Like science does say though, as women we are already more passionate and nurturing than the other sex (hehe), so letting these strengths of ours roar is the only thing we have left to do now. Thanks Vera Bradley for allowing me to reflect on why being a girl is so dang awesome.

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Makes Me Believe in Something

September 6, 2016


“Sometimes you meet someone, and it’s so clear that the two of you, on some level belong together. As lovers, or as friends, or as family, or as something entirely different. You just work, whether you understand one another or you’re in love or you’re partners in crime. You meet these people throughout your life, out of nowhere, under the strangest circumstances, and they help you feel alive. I don’t know if that makes me believe in coincidence, or fate, or sheer blind luck, but it definitely makes me believe in something.”

I’m still trying to find out who the originator of this string of words is, and I may never ever find that out, but whoever that person is . . . they understand this certain feeling. These type of people, you might meet once, or maybe they will stay for just a little while, or maybe just maybe they will stay forever. But for that time being, when you are with that person, it’s like having that feeling of a little red string that delicately ties around your pinky finger and makes you feel like a floating balloon that will never get lost.

























Extraordinary, Like Poetry

July 26, 2016


“Don’t ever say you are an ordinary person having no attractive personality. Remember that Poetries is written in black, and still it possesses the power to fill our hearts with its millions of color.” – found quote

Summer, I have found, brings to life the ordinary. A weekend of secluded swimming holes, hikes with no end in sight, wine on the hammock, crossing streams in flip flops, vegan pasta in Woodstock, the sound of waterfalls from our right side or maybe our left (it’s hard to tell), listening to Britney Spears in the car, deer running alongside us wondering what we are, heavy sleeps in our simple little cabin, banana pancakes, mosquito bites on our faces that swell up ten times. It all felt extraordinary.



** Photos by Gabriel Honzik


Finding Peace With Where I’m At

July 7, 2016





Innika Choo smocked blouse
Siwy jeans
Vintage belt
DRESSHIRT silk neck scarf

I love being a New Yorker, but there are a few things that make it quite a rough task. It’s that feeling of never ever fully winning. That a job is never done unless it’s perfect. When we know deep down inside that perfect doesn’t really exist even though we want it to so dearly. At least with things in respect to ourselves. Why is it so hard for us to say out loud that we deserve a pat on the back? Or deserve a break? Even if it’s just for 5 minutes. Why do we beat ourselves up so hard about things? And why do we judge others just as hard or harder than we judge ourselves? To make us feel better about ourselves? It goes for so many aspects of our city centric lives. Our careers. Our dating lives. Those we bring into our social circles. And those we make sure to keep out. How we view ourselves in the mirror. How we overanalyze situations to the point that they crumble. How we compare ourselves to this person and that person and those people. These feelings, they can be fleeting, but they are a part of a cycle that repeats over and over again. A strive for perfection that seems manageable but in reality is more than unreasonable a lot of the times. Add the subway at rush hour, highly egotistical people in our faces for 85% of the day, rent, the annoying dude at your subway stop that keeps purposefully breaking the subway card machine and making you an extra 10 minutes late every single time, transportation delays, loud tourists, overpriced fruit at the bodega, and a whole lot more things that go along with big city living. Well these things can keep us high strung, and in no mood to find peace with ourselves, nor anything around us. It’s not a healthy relationship.

How did I find a way to break the mold of the typical go, go, go, one track minded New Yorker that is endlessly looking for the next best thing?

Well, I stopped looking for the next best thing all the damn time. I made a commitment to slow things down by telling myself that is what I had to do to keep from getting jaded. I took notice when my stress levels went up, or when my mood was more aggressive or the world seemed much more near the end over the tiniest of things (all feelings that are so unnecessary), and it was these days that I tried to find new ways to take a few steps back as everyone and everything seemed to rush, rush, rush. I stopped comparing myself so much to other people (even though I catch myself sometimes still doing so, and I quickly snap myself out of that funk). I stopped being impatient (I even tried smiling when the people in front of me were too slow). Instead of swearing at the heat and crowdedness of the subway, I embraced the extra time I got to listen to my music and turned it up, up, up. I started to look at the sky more, and the details of the buildings, and the faces of interesting looking people. Soon, I felt like I began to enjoy things so much more and in a much better way. I always got my job done, but in this new way the process felt sweeter and more long-lived. Just because I live in NYC, doesn’t mean I always have to keep up at it’s pace. This decision was also what saved me my sanity. And in NYC, that is a lot to say. It was all baby steps, don’t get me wrong. And there are still days when I want to kick and punch something because this city gets me so annoyed sometimes, but I know I wouldn’t and couldn’t be anywhere else right now. And that’s because I’m doing the city on my own terms. It can be done. Just take a second, look around you and find the things you love and that inspire you to love. And then take a few more seconds, or minutes or hours contemplating these things. It’s the best way to make time slow down in this city, and it won’t drive you as mad, I promise. There are more gems than pieces of junk, although it seems the opposite a lot of times. But our minds can have a good way of turning things all around to the way we want them to be when we really need it. And thank goodness for that. If you ever find yourself falling into a rut, feeling low or just straight up fed up, you can also just imagine yourself running in a field of flowers. It’s a magical remedy.

For me, right now, the greatest feeling is one of content, but still with a calm and steady eagerness to grow and create. How about yours?

*** Images shot in Squamish, British Columbia












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