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Bonnaroo | The Immortal Love of Sun and Music

June 23, 2016


There were many things I took away from our trip to Tennessee for Bonnaroo. But there were two that really stuck out to me. The fact that everyone looks good with sunshine on their faces. And the second fact that everyone looks good with music glistening onto their souls. Sunshine and music. They are two things that will love of us unconditionally forever, as we over time will come to love them in the exact same way. Two things we find all around us in the summertime, but that we can sometimes overlook unless we take a second or two to really stop and notice. To feel it being caressed onto our skin and massaged into our brains, signaling things that science can only really explain in the deepest of detail but that our hearts need only a few faster than normal fluttering beats to express. The heat and the vibrations. The way they make us feel the moment they hit us. They way they soak into us and wash over us in a way that is always reliable and always constant. No matter how many times we’ve felt it. No matter how many times we’ve heard it. No matter how many times we’ve danced under the same song and under the same old hot as heck sun, we take comfort in the good feeling they give us and the dreams they instill in us. The way they make us feel better and stronger in the first few seconds. How they give us confidence as if we’ve had years of practice in self-worth. They give us so many good things and we don’t even really need to understand why. We don’t need to understand all the characters all our favorite songs make us want to be. We don’t need to understand the chemical reaction that happen between the moment the sun hits the skin and the first bead of sweat is created to cool us down. We just need to let it be and to enjoy it. When you are feeling lacking in something, know that the sun and the music is always there to make you feel like the strongest beaming light. The music and the sun will bring you back to life again. It is an immortal love that we humans will never have to lose trust in. Together they make something that it is our best friend. Something to share with our best friends. And for those two things that summer brings a plethora of, I am grateful. And because I am grateful, I will dance. Nashville, you had a whole lot of both, and for that I think you are really, really fab. Even with all the cheesy country music and cowboy boots and fried this and fried that. I find peace in the chaos of what makes you come alive. It’s as simple as appreciating all that. But first we must appreciate the sun and the music. And hopefully, all the other things come swinging on in just as easily.



















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Dare to be Yourself

May 2, 2016



Haute Hippie tank and beaded skirt
Jerome Boccio leather purse
Wildfox sunglasses
Sabrina SL handlet

“She lacks confidence, she craves admiration insatiably. She lives on the reflections of herself in the eyes of others. She does not dare to be herself.” – Anaïs Nin

Smart words by Anaïs Nin on the ways of the kind of woman that she strives NOT to be. These submissive qualities stand out even more in this quote because she focuses purely on what is negative in her eyes . . . a woman who is unable to be the creator of her own confidence and sense of self. A woman like this is always seeking for approval by others. A reinforcement from outside forces that she is worthy of being. When she looks in the mirror, she only hears the judgements of others and that is what guides her. In this way, she is not herself at all. No she is a creation of other’s imaginations. Molded to be conceived in a flattering light because in her own head her imperfections are what need to be hidden. Really, those imperfections are who she is at the core. And because she has lost her sense of self love (or maybe she never had it all), she becomes a puppet. And being that puppet is Anaïs’ greatest fear.

We can learn a lot from this bold, bold woman with a lot on her mind and not a single filter. I’ve always been inspired by her way of writing that is like one big stream of consciousness, and I fully appreciate the honesty that she always exposed through her words. She might be an extreme case in the history of women in literature, but sometimes we need extreme examples to shake us into realizing what is important to us as human beings, and even more importantly, as women. Anaïs’ words have definitely made marks on me growing up, and especially during times when I started second guessing myself and holding myself back in fear of failure or critique. Even during times when didn’t feel too confident in my own skin, from thinking too much about my lanky height to my far from perfect nose. Back then, I felt there was always so much more to lose when it came to being myself and maybe not being perfect, or taking chances or putting myself in the spotlight (even for just a minute) because of fear of being rejected or not up to par. My perspective on things in these sort of situations are quite the opposite now because I have finally come to realize that there really is nothing to lose when you are just being yourself. Yourself is the greatest thing you can ever lose. And that is something Anaïs strongly strands by with all her heart. Now how about you all strongly stand by it, too 🙂

Place your own judgements on the highest pedestal.

Tell yourself you are beautiful and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise.

Embrace your imperfection and funny quirks that make you unique. Uniqueness is your greatest strength.

Drink well with others. But don’t try to fit in.

Wear as many beads and sequins as you want on your skirt. Never allow anyone to dim your shine.

A little Monday inspiration ya’ll.







Home Style with Society 6

April 28, 2016


Society 6 is my new favorite online destination for a unique shopping experience. When I shop online, I’m usually looking for one-of-a-kind pieces to decorate my apartment with. Bold yet subtle statement pieces to bring to life the darker corners of my home space, or complement my already light-filled areas. It’s fun and therapeutic for me to freshen things up at home with art and decorative knick knacks for a new season. The same goes for changes with my mood. I want my environment to match my vibe. It’s spring and nearly summer, so color is everything I’m looking to put up on my walls. Society 6 makes it so easy for me to do so. And I love that the site focuses solely on supporting unknown artists, and that each sale goes directly to each artist to support their creative endeavors. It’s such a treat for me to look through the website. I got three new framed prints to add to my home. I’m very driven by nature and color, and I love the juxtaposition of the two, especially in the “Hello” and “Sea prints. But my favorite of them all is the “A certain kind of magic” print because it’s fashion taking a loop. Take a look here to see how I made them feel at home in my cozy Brooklyn space that is still a total work in progress! 

Check out my curated collection of Society 6 products that I am drawn to, including the prints featured in this post. Maybe you will love them for your home, too. Or just have fun exploring the site and stumbling upon new artists and home decor pieces like rugs, duvet covers and even pillows. It’s inspiring to say the least! And there’s nothing more worth the time to invest in than your own home 🙂

CLICK HERE to visit my Society 6 curator shop.










This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Society6& & studioD. The opinions and text are all mine.


Itty Bitty Kini

March 22, 2016



Tularosa bathing suit


It’s taken be quite a while to get comfortable being photographed in a bikini. Growing up super flat chested was quite the ordeal. I HATED IT. But then once I got a little bit more curves, I would want to hide them. It’s very hard for us women to find some middle ground when it comes to our relationships with our bodies. It really is a sad thing if you really think about it. All the years of pressure and standards we imposed on ourselves because of glossy pages in magazines that actually sold us a lie about what we should be looking like. I remember being 10 years old and thinking my hips were too wide. A 10 year old should never have such thoughts in her mind. After years of not loving my body in the package it was born in, I have finally gotten over that hump. I’ve grown to love my barely there chest, and my sort of straight down waist that is not perfectly symmetrical because of my scoliosis, my broad, athletic shoulders, my booty that is actually just the right size for me and the scar that runs down my spine. I love all 5’11” of myself. The lankiness that I once hated is now the closest it will ever get to that of a woman’s and I am proud of it, and because of that I take care of it. I love the way my body feels after a sweat just as much as I love how my body feels after a nice cold IPA beer. I love the muscles that I have now that I maybe didn’t have a year ago. I can’t NOT love them because they are all mine. They are no one else’s. How can one not love something so unique. So delightfully one-of-a-kind? I’m never going to look like a Sports Illustrated model on the beach, but you know what, I am totally and absolutely okay with that. I still struggle in my high intensity workout classes, but that’s totally fine because each time I’m getting better and better. I’m the healthiest I’ve ever been right now, and I feel great. Not just physically, but mentally. I don’t beat myself up anymore. I don’t feel the need. I am perfectly happy finding balance with my body and my mind, and the things I put into them. You won’t find my running along the shore slow motion style in a red bikini in front of strangers, but you know what . . . I won’t be afraid to just be myself in one doing whatever else I want to be doing in it. Others can take it or leave it. But YOU . . . you take it and forever cherish it because it is all yours. Treat it with love dears. Now bust out your bikinis and just do you. Because what else is there to do.




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