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Going Digital with Audible App

August 31, 2016


I always swore before that I would never go beyond the good old paperback or hardback copy when it came to reading my novels. But living in NYC and traveling far more often than I ever had before has helped sway my thoughts on this topic. I recently learned about Audible, an app that provides digital spoken audio entertainment in the form of books and on-demand channels.

My recent trip to Paris was the perfect opportunity for me to try out the new app and bring my reading to the road in a new digital way (new for me at least). One of my favorite authors is Isabel Allende, and I have been waiting to get my hand on her new book that came out called The Japanese Lover. Audible app has literally ever book you ever wanted in audible form. I searched this title because I was curious, and yup there it was . . . the first thing that came up. Of course, it was my first Audible download and I am now addicted! As someone who attempts to pack light (but usually fails) when traveling or even making the trek into Manhattan from Brooklyn, there isn’t much room left for a book in my purse or carry on. It’s so much more convenient I found to have everything I’m reading (well in this case, listening to) right on my phone for easy access. It’s one less thing to weigh down my shoulders, and I can listen anytime. In the case of my Paris trip, the slow Parisian mornings gave me time to kick back in our quaint hotel room and get some listening of The Japanese Lover on with my coffee before heading out for lunch. At the airport my audible story keeps me company and makes the wait to board my plane that much more bearable. And now I can continue the story here in NYC on the subway, when I’m waiting in long lines at Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s, or just went I want to chill in the park when the summer evenings start to cool down. My stories can go with me anywhere nowadays.

It’s quite relaxing having a lovely voice speak the story to me and I can close me eyes and imagine it coming to life. No more lines are missed, or re-read over and over because my mind is wandering. Listening on Audible actually makes me less distracted so I can focus much better. And for someone who is also a true multi-tasker, the benefits of using Audible really are a dream come true. I can get things done and get my reading done the same time. And now I’m getting into Audible Channels, as well, which is something totally new for me. Basically, Channels is an organized collection of original programming and exclusive content including episodic programs, distinctive comedy, lectures and the best of audio periodicals. It’s fun browsing through the list on the app and seeing what catches my eye (or actually should I say ear). So many topics . . . the range is so wide. This section is definitely made for the curious person who likes to get adventurous with what they listen to, or who is open to learning new things. By the way, Channels is a free benefit for Audible Premium members.

Are you curious now about Audible now? Well perfect timing, because the app is offering a 30-day free trial for new users. Plus one free audible book download. Click the link HERE to come check it out. It might actually change your life.








This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Audible. The opinions and text are all mine.


#PeriodProjects with U by Kotex

May 20, 2016


I love the concept behind U by Kotex‘s very first #PeriodProject, The Period Shop. The Period Shop was a pop-up shop on 138 5th Avenue aimed towards fulfilling your every “time of the month” needs such as an unlimited stock of pads and tampons, chocolate for those with sweet cravings, and lots and lots of pain reliever (can’t even get enough of that). The necessities, of course. But there were also lots of fun stuff . . . stuff that reminds us that being a girl is probably the best thing ever . . . even though we get periods. The Period Shop was filled with all things frivolous and pink and outrageously feminine, like undies, pins in the shapes of tampons and pads (yes, this is real), tote bags, as well as mugs and phone cases that with attitude. Everything with a sense of humor, which in my opinion is the best way to go about dealing with our periods, just like life in general. What’s better at curing cramps than a good laugh, yeah?! Oh yeah, and lots and lots of ice cream with rainbow sprinkles on top.

The Period Shop was inspired by a Tumblr post from a young woman named Sara Michelson that called for a change in the negative way women’s periods are talked about not just publicly but even just amongst women! She wanted periods to be something positive and empowering, not something women must feel the need to hide and be ashamed of. U by Kotex worked with Sarah to make her vision a reality with a new series of Period Projects in line with the brand’s passion for creating change. Sarah’s tumblr post is the start of a movement to celebrate.

The Period Shop is U by Kotex‘s way of saying loud and clear that talking about our period is NOT A BAD THING AT ALL. In fact, it should be something that is strongly embraced. A topic that requires no blushing, just honesty and openness about everything . . . from the pains and the cravings to the mood swings and the stains. It happens to all of us, it’s real and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. It’s natural, and natural is beautiful! Why waste a whole week complaining about the downs of it all, when we could be celebrating our bodies and the fact that being a woman rocks. I love sharing my period stories with my girlfriends and sister. Funny ones and ones that are meant to give a little motivation during a rough patch. TLC and a little time spent with myself is my favorite way to kick away the period blues. Chocolate, tea and a good book is everything I need.

100% of the proceeds from The Period Shop went to Susan’s Place charity, which provides clothing, food, shelter and support for women in need in NYC. A beautiful shop with a beautiful cause celebrating a beautiful thing that happens once a month. I don’t think there could be a better reason for a pop up shop 🙂

Craving something from The Period Shop right now? You can shop it digitally right HERE.

Plus, check out the Period Projects website HERE to learn more about what was going down in The Period Shop.


















Focus on the Good!

July 28, 2015

“Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed. Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace, and gratitude.” – Denis Waitley

I found this quote online somewhere, and it really stuck with me. It’s quite fitting since I’m always thinking about happiness and the amount of times it fluctuates in my life. Throughout the month. Throughout the week. Throughout the day. I have come to realize that just because one can feel a whole lot of other emotions that are a far cry from anything remotely close to being called happy, that doesn’t mean that the pursuit of happiness has to be put on the back burner. Society has molded us into a type of people that far too easily allows the negative in our lives to overwhelm and hinder our overall wellbeing. The news. Expectations from our parents and our career goals. We allow stress and anxiety to conquer us in a swift second. Our jobs. Our rent. Our commutes. Our relationships that have gone sour. New relationships that make us walk on eggshells. Just choosing a damn place for dinner. Yes, all these things get the best of me sometimes, but not as often as they used to. And it wasn’t a mindset that changed overnight. It was actually something I worked towards. I worked to regularly remind myself to stay conscious of my feelings, and I forced myself to keep tabs on the positive side of things for a change instead. Slowly over time, it got easier to see things on the brighter side. And I always try to remind my friends and family the same thing. I want to enjoy and experience the best parts of the people in my life, as I hope they are able to enjoy and experience the best parts of me. It just makes sense. But it isn’t always an easy task. So now allow me to make some lists.

Things that make me unhappy:

Crowded subways
Unkind actions
Hurtful words
Children crying
Shoes that make my feet hurt
Horrible bosses
Stray animals
Douchebag guys
Single-minded people
People who never smile
War and death
Paper cuts
Low self-confidence

Things that make my happy:

My family and friends
A really spectacular hamburger
The Manhattan skyline
Live music
Dance parties on rooftops
Skype sessions with Mom and Dad
Peach nail polish
Choker necklaces
Cheap Chinatown massages
Belgian beer
Colorful flowers
Pictures of Cuba
Sheer cotton peasant blouses
Music Festivals
Bike riding
The feeling of sand beneath my feet

Now that I look back on this list, I can see that a lot of these things on the lists are tangible and material. This quote is a reminder that despite the things we literally have in our hands (or don’t), it can never measure up to the experiences that are impressionable on us for far longer than a quick moment, or a trip to the shopping mall for that matter. I have a place to live. I have pretty clothes to put on my body. I have money to fill my belly with wonderful things. I have access to a lot of THINGS. Which is nice, but it’s not what is the source of my happiness and inspirations. Especially since I didn’t always have some of these things. The true source of happiness I have come to find, comes from the people who have made an impression on my soul and life decisions. The people I love unconditionally and have gotten to know personally. Who have gone through the ups and downs with me, and have reflected on them with me. Those who I will be paving my future with and looking back on where we came from with fond feelings of both heartache and joy. Those who have joined me on travels to wonderful places and have made memories to laugh and cry about forever and ever. Those who make me want to smile more, follow my heart, do better and go above and beyond the ordinary. 

When something has me feeling down, irritated, annoyed, unhappy, nervous, lacking in confidence, bored, like I’m missing out or just completely off balance, I just think of these people and these experiences and the feeling of love that I get from them on a daily basis, and everything else fades. Even on my shittiest days full of long subway rides and obnoxious people and heavy air. Only the good remains, and the good is what keeps me going. The literal things don’t matter. It’s spiritual connections and the gratefulness for the strength if these connections. I hope these are the types of good things that keep you going, too. 

In the words of my favorite girl band, First Aid Kit, “And it’s one life, and it’s this life, and it’s beautiful.” 


Let’s Talk Dating

June 19, 2015

Oh . . . dating. In NYC. In your twenties. It all kind of makes me cringe, and blush, and smile, and cry, and scream, and then cringe some more. It’s a topic that I haven’t really ever touched upon on this blog before! Why? Probably because everyone I’ve dated knows I blog, and . . . well, you know how that goes. But hey, I promised to be more honest on here, and all my friends have been telling me to start blogging about this topic more. And I’m not going to lie, I have some pretty rad/funny/sad/outrageous stories to tell. I probably can’t give all the details. But let me throw one known fact back out there . . . dating in NYC is whack. But without the whack, there is no fun, and no good stores to share and grow from. So here we go. Dating. ugh. ha. Where to start?
Once I entered the real working world and made all these goals for myself and put my career before anything else, I made a promise to myself to never be the type of girl who would ever really NEED a boyfriend. I’ve always prided myself on being independent, driven and fully self-supportive. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE GUYS. Good guys. Someone who can make me laugh with a smile so beautiful that it makes me feel like my best self. And I have a lot of fun on dates (most of the time). But being in a relationship was never the END ALL, THIS IS IT for me. My world of work, friends, travel, creativity . . . as long as I had that, a guy not fitting in with the situation was just fine with me. There would always be a boy on the back burner when I needed one, but anyone who verged close on serious . . . I’d always end up finding something to make him less and less perfect. And a lot of times my friends would tell me, that that was my problem. This guy would be perfect, but I’m not giving him the attention he needed or wanted. It just flew over my head. And then done, the relationship was over. Maybe because I was selfish. Maybe because I was scared. Maybe because I wasn’t ready to sacrifice my space and parts of my life that have always been taken my full dedication and focus and passion. No matter how great the guy was, how thoughtful, how wonderful, how giving . . . he could never be as great as whatever else I had going on. Or he didn’t really get or understand the other things I held high in my life. Or it’s the other way around from how it usually is . . . where I’m really into someone, but I’m not high enough on their priority list to feel like pursuing any sort of actual commitment. So I just give up and let it die. I’ve been in many a situation where I gave up a lot for a person, and in the end received nothing back. Just unfulfilled hope and promise. And I would grind into my head the idea that it wasn’t worth it to fully put myself in that position again. But then, when will I ever really know if it’s worth it? Will I ever allow anyone to be THE ONE? I’m still trying to figure that one out.
But still, the idea of TRUE LOVE ignites me. Always will. I’ve always been very open to it when it flat out presented it to me. And despite the independent woman chant that I stick by on the regular and with much vigor, I do (often) at times fall under it’s spell, fully taken and gone. A whirlwind of days or weeks or months of being starry-eyed and so much less focused on myself but only on the other person. But so far, from my experience living and falling in and out of love in NYC, I have yet to come out unscathed. One of us steps back, one of us gets hurt, or we both are fearful of losing ourselves and our time to what we are giving to each other. Or I just come out feeling like I’m lacking in something and that’s why it doesn’t work out. Maybe I wasn’t prettier than his ex. Maybe I was too introverted. Maybe I was too outgoing. Maybe I wasn’t smart enough. Maybe I wasn’t so, so many things. So as of right now, I love LOVE, but I’m also fearful of LOVE and allowing myself to say that I probably do actually need and want it. Maybe not right now, but hopefully someday. “Someday sooner than later!!!”, my mom will always say (A single daughter is every Chinese mother’s greatest fear). So now let’s back away from the topic of love, because so far that has just been going to shit for me. Not that dating hasn’t been a shit show either, but it’s so much more fun to talk about. So let’s start with online dating. The horror. The embarrassment. The eye-rolling. The OMFG how am I going to get through another beer with this dude. I didn’t even attempt the world of Internet dating until I quit my full-time job just about exactly a year ago. I finally was free of the chains of corporate desk life, I was tired of meeting Midtown dudes in suits during happy hour near my office, and I was able to accept that fact that trying online dating wasn’t the freakiest idea out there. I was ready to start fresh and see what the Internet boys of New York City had to offer! And then it goes . . .
I was just trying to figure out what I was doing last Memorial Day weekend, and I just remembered that I went on my very first Tinder date in the Rockaways. He was smart. Taller than me. He had hair past his broad shoulders. He liked to plant and cook and travel and make his own tea. We had a mutual friend from Philly. He spoke fluent Spanish and wanted to teach me to speak it better after he found out I was a quarter Mexican. He liked all the same Williamsburg places I did. He was a little hippie but not so much. We spent 24 hours together. That last hour was the last I saw of him. But that was okay, because I got what I needed out of that 24 hours. I was at a turning point in my life career-wise. I had no attachments to anyone really at the moment of my life. I just went with it. I had fun. And I was ready to see what else was out there. Maybe if we didn’t do so much in those 24 hours, the relationship would have continued, and I always thought about that for a few weeks after our rendezvous on the beach and in his part of Williamsburg, but I was totally (and weirdly okay) with it ending just like that. Thanks for the salty memories dude.
Then there was the guy who played the mandolin. He was really cool but liked his mandolin more than he liked me. That is a fact. Then there was the guitarist who was at the same Haerts concert as I was just the week before we chatted online. He ended up still being into his ex-girlfriend. Ummm, then there were a handful of more musicians (yeah, I have a problem I know).
There was the cute Australian who had the nerve to wait a month to tell me that he had a girlfriend back in Los Angeles and that their situation was sticky, so that whatever we had going on currently was actually kind of okay. How does that make me feel? Asshole.
Oh shit. Almost forgot about the Swedish guy who worked at Spotify. He had really blonde hair and always wore a baseball cap. His glasses were really thick. He was such a nice dude and funny little accent. And we had the same taste in music which was cool. But I never had even an urge to kiss him! Not even once. So that didn’t last very long. LOL.
Damn, then there was that time I got asked out via Instagram direct message. And well, that was awkward. He still likes my pictures on Instagram. I wish he wouldn’t.
There was the smiley 33 year old, half-Asian in Converse sneakers who did sound for reality TV. He said his favorite part of his job was the fact that he could sleep for the majority of the time on the job and get paid for it. That kind of bothered me. He modeled for Terry Richardson once, which I should have taken as a sign to boot it the heck out of there asap. But I liked his side-swept hipster hair and free-spirit and that he kind of reminded me of a half-Asian Jim Carey (weird I know). We laughed a lot on that date and he wanted to take shots. I stupidly took two and ended up throwing up as soon as I got home and first thing in the morning. Who takes shots on a first date?!? Apparently I do (idiot). I’m also pretty sure he did coke when he used the bathroom, but I didn’t ask. That was the first time I semi-blacked out on a date. That was also my very last Tinder date. Ever. He wanted to take me to a concert three days later. I never replied. Sorry man.
The 35 year old filmmaker who juggled odd jobs. He believed in his “art” but wasn’t too happy about his situation. He was so good looking that I nearly died upon laying eyes on him, but that still wasn’t enough for me to look past his insecurity about his calling in the world. I told him he’d find his way, he’d just have to really commit to it. And then I told him that he should jump in his car ASAP and get the hell out of Brooklyn. Men are such lost little puppies sometimes.
And I can never forget the Dutch art snob and then the Australian marketing man who loved to meditate in his spare time (the most recent of them all). Both made me come to realize that I’m a little more worthy of being at least on the top 2 (or 3, but come on) of someone’s priority list if they want to pursue anything with me. That’s not really asking for that much is it? I don’t know why I allow myself to get into these situations in the first place and allow myself to stay in them for so long. Thank goodness for friends who tell me that “he wasn’t the one” so I can officially move on.
Then there’s the guy in a different state that I’ve been talking to on and off for I think just a little over a year. We have yet to meet and were meaning to meet. It should have already happened, it might happen soon, or it might never happen. It’s hard to explain, but I like talking to him so I’m trying to think of it as more of a modern pen pal sort of situation more than anything else before I get swallowed up once again in something that probably never existed in the first place. Does that even make sense? None if it makes sense.
Love makes no sense. Love. Like. Sometimes it feels like there is nothing to distinguish the two, and that’s why it’s so hard to pinpoint down when one or the other is really there. What is real. What is not.
I have quite a few more stories up my sleeve, but I think I’ll save those for another time.
Basically online dating in NYC has pretty much scarred me for life. But I also must say, that I learned a whole lot about what I like and don’t like when it comes to relationships from each and every single one of them. I still believe in love a whole hell of a lot. And hope keeps me going. But I also sometimes feel like I should book the next flight to Barcelona, Spain (a one-way ticket), find myself a sexy Spaniard to take as a lover and never look back.
As for now I’m just going to keep living and loving life, whether there is a man in my life or not. That’s the least I can do. I do believe that looking for a significant other is nice, but it’s not what drives my life. And I do believe that he’ll show up most unexpectedly and my world will change for the better.
Now tell me some of your crazy, wild, stupid, sappy dating stories!
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