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January 13, 2015
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One of my New Year resolutions is to unwind more. Take more down time. And most importantly write my thoughts down more often. Even if it’s just a tiny note, or a poem I made up in my head on the spot. Every thought process has a significance I believe, and a lot of times writing it down can put all the jumbled emotions and ideas in our heads far more into perspective, as well as turn then into more tangible possessions of the mind. 
The way that I write when I am writing just for myself is a pure steam of consciousness. I feel like a lot of you can say that about yourself. Thoughts spilling out with no real sense of order but that finally do come to find what they were trying to say somewhere a long the line. But another goal of mine is to be more streamlined with the way I put words and ideas down together on paper. This is why I have taken to making more lists! This new year is a year of big goals that I have set for myself, and with a bigger scope of things that need to be accomplished comes the inevitable fact that more attention needs to be paid to organization and timelines. The chaos and jaggedness of the early-20’s life is very enjoyable and inspirational, yes, but there is no more time left for procrastination. At least for me at the moment. A little maybe, but not a whole lot. Right now, writing for me is as free spirited just as much as it is conformed to the road I have set ahead for myself. 
Let’s just say this. Write more. Contemplate more. Think back on things more and grow from them. Take joy in the time you have alone with yourself to create something beautiful both inwardly and outwardly with just your mind, paper and a pencil. Or a colored marker if you’d like instead. Jumble it. Unjumble it. Repeat.

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Evening in Williamsburg

November 2, 2014
I’m a Bushwick baby, but I still love my beloved Williamsburg and Bedford Ave., despite the tourists and streets overridden by well dressed hipsters. It’s still my little Manhattan escape. It’s gritty charm brings out the best of me. As does the food and boutiques and all the good places to catch a beer at. The evening is my favorite time of day to walk around this neighborhood. The vibe is so chill and relaxing. The streets are lit up from the light bouncing off the water. Everything sparkle a little more than it does during the day. Every corner has hidden nooks that just might become your next main go-to spot. On the weekend, Williamsburg thrives just like Manhattan. But a Thursday early evening? It’s just the right amount of peaceful. 
Photos shot by me

Storm King

October 25, 2014
Had a super lovely visit to Storm King in upstate New York a few weeks ago with some friends on one of fall’s hotter days. Storm King is pretty magical. This open-air museum is made up of acres of land and space speckled with sculptures throughout, featuring a widespread list of artists. Walk, take a tram or bike the grounds to come across your favorites pieces of art. No two pieces are the same, as well. What’s really special about Storm King is that the expanse of hills covered with grass and tall trees may look natural, but was actually carefully molded to form the perfect setting for each work of art. So basically, the entire museum is a piece of art in itself. Amazing! Hope to go back again soon and explore other parts of the grounds that we didn’t get the chance to see last time.

Work Space

October 23, 2014
A peek at my little work space nook in my bedroom. I’ve been creating collages since elementary school, and the craft has stuck with me ever since. Although a far cry from the one’s I’ve made before featuring at least 5 cutouts of Josh Hartnett’s beautiful face on the front and back of my school binders, these new ones still do the trick of keeping me inspired every single day. Images that build dreams. Plus a crystal geode to keep the good energy flowing. Fresh flowers for a sweet scent. Lots of natural light to keep me calm and focused on the work I have to get done in front of me. I’m looking at images for a good portion of the day, so my work area has to be light and bright so every detail can be considered. My desk is currently covered with watercolor paints and fabric samples. I’m always working on something different, and a lot of times I like to get my hands dirty. With some folksy tunes or rock and roll playing in the background, I’m totally in my zen zone.

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