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Beach Club Crew

July 28, 2014
O’Neill swim top
Forever 21 swim bottoms
I’m quite strapped for time as I finish up moving to my new apartment in Brooklyn, so I’ll let the photos do the talking this time around. A throwback to a few weeks back at a beach club in Connecticut. Living it up waspy east coast style for a weekend was pretty nice. These people have it good, let me tell you. Being around our friend’s kids was quite refreshing. I had to capture every moment. 
I can’t believe its nearly August. Summer still feels like it JUST began for me. Not an end in sight. Best east coast summer so far, I have to admit. Wouldn’t change a thang. Here’s to endless summers and being kids at heart forever. xo
Totally behind on posts, I know. So much has happened since these pictures were taken. Look forward to more updates on here soon! Trying my best to catch up amongst the craziness. 
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Pool Party

July 25, 2014
L*Space one-piece swimsuit (SHOP SIMILAR HERE)
Blackswan crochet shorts (SHOP HERE)
There ain’t nothing like a nice long dip in the pool on a hot summer day in the burbs. This one-piece from L*Space might have given me the funkiest tan lines, but I’m totally okay about it. I love how much it reminds me of a ballerina’s leotard. Brings me back to my dance team days as a kid. My friend Kiara’s cousin’s house made for the perfect suburban weekend getaway. Big backyard, something always grilling on the BBQ, a dog to always cuddle with, good conversation with good people, and an endless supply of beers to sip on while you float in the pool. Now this is why I love AMUUUURICA. 
As work has become busier and busier for me these past few weeks, these sort of weekends are what I try to indulge in the most. To keep my mind sane and regularly refreshed. It’s easy to get burnt out in the city, even as a freelancer who sometimes gets to work out of the comfort of her own bed. The daily grind finds us everywhere we may be. I’m officially moving to my new apartment next week, my parents will be back in town and more projects are piling up. All while constantly coming up with new things to add to the blog. All good things, but for me all good things usually means no sleep and too much coffee. But I’m loving every second of it and just taking it as it comes. 
So now, when’s my next day at the pool going to be?
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Beach Bums

July 17, 2014
L*Space bikini
Currently packing for my trip to Miami on Friday for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Miami with the brand 6 Shore Road. So I thought these pictures snapped from a random midweek beach trip to the Rockaways with Natalie and Kiara were suitable.  It was windy as heck, and we kept getting sand in our mouths and other funny places, but it was well worth it. And two words. ROCKAWAY TACO. Mmmmmmmm. I’m so happy that this summer has been full of indulgent beachy getaways whenever I’ve had the chance . . . far much more this summer than last. I don’t think I’ll ever truly get sick of it. 
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