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A Brooklyn Photo Diary

October 25, 2013

A little photo diary from the past few weeks about town, and especially Brooklyn. My part of the city always delights, and my weekends spent not making the trek all the way back into Manhattan still leaves me with a plethora of things to do, places to eat and people to see. From sidewalk sales and flea markets to cooking classes and my favorite cold brew cafe, everything and anything is over on this side.   
Oh and check out my lovely world wall decal from the wonderful people at Urbanwalls. Now I can wake up each morning to all the places I want to see. One can always dream. 

Brooklyn Brunch // Beco

October 18, 2013

45 Richardson Street 
Brooklyn NY 11211
This sweet little Brazilian brunch spot is one of my favorites in Williamsburg, especially when I’m in desperate need to fulfill some savory cravings. I had brunch there a few weekends ago with friends who were in town from Philly. It always feels like summer in this place! The Eggs Florentine here are absolutely phenomenal. The hollandaise sauce is the most delicious thing I have tasted in the world. Mmmm . . . those runny eggs on top of those English muffins. I’m still thinking about them and how they should be in my mouth right now. Ha. I love squeezing the lemon on top of the potato pancakes to get a little bit of that sour kick on top of the fried crispiness. Okay, I just need to stop talking about it all because I won’t be able to sleep tonight. Or I’ll just wake up overly hungry. Add this one to your list if you are planning on trying out a new brunch spot in the Burg. You won’t be disappointed. 

That NYC Sunset

October 2, 2013

There are some things you take for granted. And then there are some that you never will. A sunset is one of those things that I fully appreciate no matter what. It stops time for a little while and I can forget everything else. It makes my heart feel like it’s starting to beat a little bit fast. There’s nothing more of a natural mood booster than a good old sunset. And they are absolutely fantastic here in NYC. 
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