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How I “Xtend” My Day with Secret

April 18, 2016


Way back in 2009, when I posted my very first blog post ever in my college apartment, I never in a million years dreamed that it would have blossomed into what it has become today. My blog was for sure a natural progression, slow and steady, and I prefer that it grew in that way, and I got to take the time to see how much the blogging world and the presence of social media channels has changed and progressed over the past few years.

For me, being a blogger means prepping for a full day on the go. In NYC, that means lots of walking, lots of subway transfers, maybe an Uber, and most likely lots of things to carry around in a big bag. Sometimes I feel like the term “blogger” can be used synonymously with the term “bag lady”! To maintain my “feeling fresh” status as I run from one thing to the next, I rely on Secret Outlast Xtend.



It’s hard to keep myself feeling on point for what feel like endless days of work, many that end of up spontaneously leading into late nights, but it’s crazy what a difference feeling fresh and dry and sweet-smelling can make with your state of mind, well-being and even energy throughout the day. I feel like I can conquer anything and everything! And when it comes to the competitive world of blogging, feeling like you can accomplish anything is a great trait to have. Hard work is key, but so is natural confidence and that confidence is amplified even more when you don’t have to worry about a deo fail. Secret Outlast Xtend promises 48-hour odor protection in two popular forms: Clear Gel and Invisible Solid. I prefer both for similar and different reasons:

  • The Invisible Solid has a patented active ingredient enhancer that adheres directly to the skin to help stop odor before it starts.
  • I opt for the Clear Gel on days where I’m wearing darker colors because no white marks or residue will be left behind.
  • Both are great options to keep me smelling and feeling fresh for 48 hours.

Today, now that my blog actually is a full-time job for me (but also a whole lot of play on the side) my day-to-day is very much different from when blogging was just a hobby. My day-to-day doesn’t require me to be at a desk all day long (except when I’m editing and writing up a blog post, of course). No, my day-to-day is sporadic and spontaneous and takes me to many different places . . . whether it’s a meeting in midtown NYC or all the way across the Atlantic to Paris for Fashion Week. The main driving force is the endless amount of inspiration I find in my life, from the city I live in and the new places I get to explore on my travels to visit my friends and the brands that I work with. Being able to creatively collaborate is by far the best part of my job. I love it so much, but sometimes things can get hectic and a bit overwhelming. I think that every blogger is a multi-tasker day in and day out. Sometimes I feel like I am never NOT working, because every day is a new excuse for new ideas and fresh content. I love to document EVERYTHING and take beautiful photos EVERY DAY, for work and not for work. Many of my ideas come up last second and unplanned, so working on new projects on the spot is the normal routine. But when deadlines get involved and there are meetings spread out throughout the day, more organizational tactics have to come into place. So figuring out a good method of keeping my work load steady and effortless is my number one priority.

I work closely with my sister Natalie of Natalie off Duty, and we try to put aside two days a week to work on shooting content that have set in stone deadlines. And then two days a week (or sometimes nights if our meetings and appointments are heavier that week) are focused straight up on writing text to complement our images and to jotting down ideas for future posts and shoots. Some days are more photo editing heavy, some are more catching up on emails heavy, and some are just straight up focused on writing (these days are my favorite). Writing for my blog is my biggest therapy and I always make sure to dedicate my spare time to write thoughtful ideas to go along with my imagery. I never want my blog to lose its poetic spirit, and I always want to encourage my readers to look beyond the pictures and to read the words. It’s good for the soul I think. This way, blogging never feels like work to me and more of like a personal diary . . .  just another extension of myself that I can share with others whenever I feel. It’s such a freedom.

And sticking out from the pack in a world where nearly everyone is some sort of blogger? Not the easiest feat and I’ve thought about this a lot. I’ve been blogging since 2009, that’s nearly 7 years! Strategy has never been my strongest trait, but there was always one strategy that I strongly held onto – embracing my uniqueness. We all are unique; we have one-of-a-kind ideas, personal styles, and ways that we feel comfortable expressing ourselves. We each pull from different things and places that inspire us. I never tried to be anyone else on my blog and I’ve never had a copycat nature nor have I ever given in to being something I’m not for the sake of more likes on my Instagram photo. What is true is that I’ve always had a passion to share my personal stories and even my imperfections on the blog, and I think that has helped me stick out from the pack. Do you and stay true to that. That’s how you start a real trend. And really in the end, trends don’t matter at all. There is no categorization to the personal characterizations of yourself that make you unique. And that should always be embraced. I may not have a million followers, but the ones who do follow my blog can easily relate to my words and imagery that I capture, which has always been my main goal. There is no stronger strength than individuality. Just like there is no easier way to stay fresh and dry than Secret Outlast Xtend deodorant. And that goes with me everywhere.

To see what the magic is all about, head over to and use the code PL76XS to get a FREE sample of Secret Outlast Xtend!







Itch to Travel

January 11, 2015
It ain’t no lieeeee. The itch to travel is getting well . . . itchier. I was cleaning out my laptop and stumbled upon these old pictures I took during a trip to London back in September 2012 with my sister. One of the best trips ever. To a city that I felt so inspired by and that I feel like I’d love to live in for at least a year someday. My time in California is winding down. I have no big trips planned yet, but hopefully something will be put into the books very, very soon. A second London trip is much overdue. 
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