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May 2015 Playlist

May 12, 2015
Oh what a wonderful surprise! A new playlist for you guys. It’s been awhile for sure. Music festival season happened and things got crazy, but that actually should not have given me a reason at all to forget to create a playlist last month to post here. But oh well. Better late than never right?
The playlist is a little longer than normal to make up for lost time. A mix of basically all kinds of music! 
Listen to it on Spotify HERE
Enjoy and let me know what you think! 

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March Playlist

March 9, 2015
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Hey guys! Another playlist for you guys this month 🙂 Just some jams I’ve been having on repeat a lot lately! Old and new songs. They have all gotten me through the long plane flights to and from Paris, and will probably keep me from getting too restless on my other travel adventures this month. Music inspires so much in my life. No matter what I’m doing, there is most likely a tune playing in the background or repeating over and over in my head. It really drives me! As well as the clothes I decide to wear.
Give my latest Spotify playlist a listen HERE.

February 2015 Playlist

February 3, 2015

Hey ya’ll! Another playlist for you guys to kick off the new month with. A little bit more upbeat than last month’s I think? Not so sure and it doesn’t matter anyways. But this is what I’ve been listening to like crazy these past few days. Please make sure to include Sam Smith’s entire album in this, as well, just FYI. I can’t get enough of his silky golden voice. Now find a time to zone out and tune in. It’s times like these when I wish I still had a car and could go cruise somewhere far and not look back for a few hours. 
LISTEN HERE via Spotify 🙂
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