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Brooklyn Prairie // #GetYourBootsDirty

November 7, 2013
SOREL Slimpack Riding Tall boots, Free People maxi dress, Rebecca Minkoff bag, Rag & Bone hat, A Tiny Touch necklace (15% of proceeds will go to the LUCKY PUPPY rescue foundation)
My second look as part of my collaboration with SOREL boots. You know, just a casual stroll around my East Williamsburg neighborhood. And on one of my favorite streets in town. I’m always down to bop around a block lined with legit stoops and shady trees. More of an uptown feel that always feels so romantic to me. I never really was one for weather proof boots before, but these SORELS changed everything. Comfortable, durable and effortless. I mean, look at how they work with this extravagant Free People plaid dress that just happens to feed into my bohemian, punk, and even prairie mentalities. Everyone I was with when I snagged this one off the rack told me to put it back down; that it was too frilly, too extreme, too blah blah. But in one ear and out the other it all went and here it is. A decorative piece I can’t seem to live without. A lesson to be learned:  go with your gut

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Night Watcher

November 6, 2013

G-Star Raw cargo jacket, Cheap Monday tee, Free People scarf, Paige jeans, Miisto x Urban Outfitters shoes

Nights in NYC mean endless possibilities. Ever since I was a little girl, I was drawn to what I imagined NYC to be like far into the night. The restaurants, the stores, the street lights, the cabs. Everything. Always restless. Always going. My heart skips a beat still every time I walk around this city. I can’t help it! 



November 3, 2013

Obviously you guys all know her blog, Natalie Off Duty. Like who doesn’t? She’s a babe x 1,000 and has a personality to match. I thought that today would be the most spectacular time to debut this photo shoot session with the sweetheart photographer Emma Kepley. Shot around our favorite graffiti and art spots around the Lower East Side, Natalie and I felt totally in our element. These spots were our favorite spots to check out when we both first moved to the east coast. The city is a lot like both of our styles:  a mix of grungy with feminine and classic. We always like to take our own spin on things. In this shoot I am wearing a Free People top, Forever 21 skirt, vintage printed blouse, Natalie & Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice vintage Jett boots, Rag & Bone hat.
Natalie thank you so much for being my best friend since day one. I always laugh and cry over the memories we’ve shared together. The time we got chased by that dog and jumped over the fence. The time we babysat our family friend’s toddler and he accidentally ran straight through the screen door when we chased him. The times we used to play “Mission Impossible” and spy on the neighbors. The times we used to pretend we were ice skaters in our garage but really we were just wearing big old clunky roller blades and were super awkward. That time I choreographed your talent competition dance to “It’s A Hard Knock Life” in the 3rd grade and you put on the best show. I’ll never remember those days when I had to pick you up from school, so we could walk home together everyday, and each time we’d encounter a random adventure to make us late for dinner. Thanks so much Natalie for always having my back. Can’t believe you are all grown up!
I love you so much and I hope you have the most amazing 23rd year ever! And thank you so much Emma for the beautiful pictures 🙂 
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