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F21 Runway to Real Way | Sporty Spice

May 28, 2014

Forever 21 jersey top, beaded mini skirt, sneakers, bracelets
Sporty Spice was always my favorite Spice Girl. She represented that female muscle strength (backflips and all) that blew everyone in the room out of the water. She was the ultimate icon of girl power and a blatant expression of self confidence with her own body. Who says we have to only wear tight dresses and heels to get what we want? A girl aware of the way her inner/outer strength rather than the way she bats her lashes . . . now that’s a girl who’s got groove. And it seems like the fashion industry is finally playing Sporty Spice back up in a fresh new way for spring/summer 2014, adding some sparkle to the already glowing team spirit.

Sacai and Rag & Bone’s current spring/summer 2014 collections each interpret the new sport trend in different ways. Sacai being more straightforward, extreme shape minded, and almost extraterrestrial in a sense. They collection takes perforated jersey material and polyester windbreakers to a whole new level.

Rag & Bone went more in the direction of east coast tennis loving prep, with a sharp attention to menswear tailoring that the brand has always been known for. Low cut necklines and belly baring crops turn what would otherwise be full on sportswear into something ready for a night out in the city.

Decadently layered jersey knits. High top sneakers with mid-length skirts. A backwards baseball cap updated with neon highlights. Striped socks pulled high and tight. Jersey tees with sequined trimming. Sporty meets spice, literally. A toughness sweetened up with an airiness that only comes out to play in the summertime. Stilettos with sweatpants. Preppy polo shirts with beaded harem pants. Sneakers with cocktails dresses. Bring it on. 
 Girls play games just as good as the boys, and we easily can look a thousand times better doing it. Why not keep this an ongoing statement? Forever 21 keeps the duality of this trend on point with their mix-and-match aesthetic that doesn’t say you have to choose to go down one style route or stick yourself into a corner forever. Kick a ball around while you drink champagne. That’s how we want to do it nowadays. And nobody can judge us for it.

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Sky High

May 25, 2014

Datura velvet dress, Stella & Jamie jacket, MISSGUIDED coat, Modern Vice boots, Vintage sunnies and bag
Just wanted to throw another post at ya’ll before I dive back into more Memorial Day weekend festivities. One of my best friends from Philly, Brigette, was in town yesterday, and we literally WENT TO TOWN. I’ve missed that girl SO MUCH! She always makes me laugh. I had such a blast with new and old friends at my favorite spots in Williamsburg. Not to mention, we spotted Josh Hartnett at a bar we were at, and all turned 16 again for a few minutes. We be freaking out. HA. Girls. 
Anyways, I’m all about bringing back the velvet for spring. It’s usually a texture I love to sport mostly in the fall and winter because it’s so rich feeling, but in lighter tones it works pretty effortlessly in the warmer weather. This little baby doll velvet dress from Datura is a bit more feminine than the usual dresses I sport, but layering it up well tones it down just the must needed amount. And it makes me feel flirty just enough 🙂 And in the springtime, that’s exactly how we all should be.

Black Out Days

May 23, 2014
For Love & Lemons maxi dress, True Religion leather jacket, Free People scarf, Vanessa Mooney necklace
Happy Friday ya’ll! I’m all ready for this Memorial Day weekend to start. Been working day and night trying to round up older photo shoot images I’ve taken to update my portfolio. Check out my work HERE, and expect lots more to come! I’ve been really inspired lately to keep creating and telling visual stories, and to really work on growing as a photographer and a stylist. Plus, it allows me to give you all fresh, new content on a more regular basis. Inspired to love, and love to inspire. That’s how I see things now. 
A when life gets busy, go with the black. Head-to-toe black that is. Feeling goth can make life so much more productive sometimes. This For Love & Lemons dress is my teenage gothic dream. It can be either utterly romantic or utterly moody. I’ll take it both ways. 

Spring Denim

May 22, 2014
Line & Dot checkered dress, Vintage Wrangler denim jacket, Vintage leather boots from Beacon’s Closet
Was out and about running errands one day with my sister and we ran into street style photographer Scott Brasher. He then went forward to shoot our looks on the hot city streets of Nolita. My light blue denim jacket is my number one cover up during that transition period from spring to summer. Gotta get as much wear out of it as I can before it gets too hot to even think about throwing an extra layer on. 
I’ve been busy this week prepping for a few photo shoots I’m styling, so bare with me as I catch up on posts for you guys! 
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