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Soho Snow

January 11, 2014
NYC winter has been quite unbearably arctic recently. Can’t feel my toes, my face and other parts of my body I never thought I wouldn’t be able to feel. ha. But there’s something undeniably dreamlike about the city with its soft layer of white. Even the muddy spots in the heart of tourist trodden Soho. Sunset in Nolita is like stopping still the time on your watch. Looking up at the red brick stone buildings through a hazy vision of your winter frosted breath makes a winter stroll through the city worth the possibility of frost bite. That’s why I love this city so much. An inspiring source of energy never stops being produced no matter what the temperature is outside. 
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Kenzo Fair Isle

January 9, 2014

Vintage Kenzo sweater, Forever 21 skirt, Free People socks, Dr. Martens boots, H&M Beanie, Aimee Kestenberg leather backpack

Just wanted to post something quick for ya’lls until I catch back up to speed on everything. I couldn’t help but revive this vintage Kenzo sweater while I was back home in California for Christmas. It’s one of those precious pieces that you never, ever give up on. I always find myself wearing it with a mostly all black look. Maybe to tone down the loud Fair Isle pattern, which actually comes across as more boho than full on Scottish to me. What do you think?


Team Pink Baby

January 8, 2014

Free People tee and slip (worn underneath), vintage skirt from Wasteland, Shashi necklace and bracelets
Missing bright and warm Southern California mornings. Running errands feel so much more worthwhile in a mystical combination of ballerina-esque ruffles and tomboyishly slouchy graphic tees. When the sun is shining, anything goes.

Current song I’m obsessed with again. An oldie but a goodie.

Making Gestures by The Pack A.D.

I’m making a coat out of all the youth in the parking lot 
They’re so cool, they look chic 
With their hair in their eyes, hair in their eye 
Somebody gotta be reckoned with, reasons out the window 
And everyone’s writing letters to ex-lovers, I don’t know 
There are animals in my head, in my head 
There are objects falling from the sky 
And it’s not rain, no it’s not rain, oh it’s not rain
The children on the playground are laughing 
’cause everything around them is so brand new 
Yeah it’s so brand new, so brand new 
Now they’re passing notes in the classroom about their feelings 
 Now they’re passing notes but their teacher knows 

Adelaide Street

January 6, 2014

Trunk Ltd. tank, True Religion leather varsity jacket, American Apparel high-waisted jeans, Rag & Bone hat, Berry Brown bag, borrowed sneakers

Finally, a photo diary from California. Pictures taken from the most beautiful part about California . . . the epic to the max sunsets along the Pacific coast. Nothing beats the feeling of time slowing down between 5-6pm on the west coast in the winter. It’s like summer never left. Adelaide Street in particular is my favorite place to catch the view. This highly visited street is lined by some of the most architecturally interesting homes high up on the side of a hill overlooking the the Santa Monica beach and boardwalk, and just everything that represents what California is at its core. I grew up with this view that radiates the everlasting feeling of warmth and meditation. Cheesy I know, but it’s so true. There’s a certain feeling I get whenever I visit home. It’s hard to describe. It’s like there is no such thing as tension and let me tell you, it’s awesome. Adelaide Street is also where the famous Santa Monica Stairs are, a set of two foliage hidden steps (one wooden and one concrete) at Adelaide Street where hundreds come on a daily basis to get their outdoor workout up and down, up and down, up and down as many times as they feel. Sounds torturous right? I know this feeling of hitting the pavement and it’s actually quite exhilarating. Imagine it in December in shorts and this rad Mediterranean view to reward yourself with at the end. I can watch the sky turn colors like this for hours. No doubt about it.

Also, I was wearing my ROCKER Trunk Ltd. tank this day, another piece from the latest collection from the brand that just relaunched. I’m hosting a press event for the brand today actually at their showroom where I’ll be showcasing some looks I’ve styled with the collection, and I’ll be showing you guys more from that very soon! So stay tuned 😉

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