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White Oleander

November 29, 2013

Free People blouse and maxi top, RD Style faux leather jacket, Rich and Skinny moto jeans, Fossil purse, Kenneth Cole boots

Happy Friday ya’ll. Back in the office today. Yup, working on Black Friday and although I’m kind of not fond of the idea of being in the office at 8AM for meetings about Black Friday sales, I am also kind of happy to escape the madness of shoppers that will be putting the city into a whirlwind of materialistic craziness. You will not find me at the stores, unless my co-worker talks me into visiting H&M with her on our lunch break for a hot second. But that doesn’t really count. Wore this look a while back during my parents visit to NYC. We trekked around Brooklyn Heights by foot for the day and I imagined what my life would be like 10 years from now. Ya know, married with kids and owning a fantastic brownstone in Brooklyn Heights with an equally fantastic stoop. It will have a room entirely devoted to books and inspirational boards on fashion and travel, with a free wall that doubles as a photo backdrop for impromptu shoots. The outer side of our building will be covered in green ivy and will be the envy of the neighbors down the street. In the fall, I’ll have pumpkins on our front porch and I’ll buy all my fruits and veggies from the farmer’s market down the street. Most likely, I’ll still be wearing Victorian-inspired high-necked tops with maxi blouses thrown on top and skinny jeans with moto stitching at the knees. And we’ll have roof access so that I can sip coffee up there while the sun rises before I start my day each morning. Sounds great right? A girl can always dream, dream, dream. Just like how I will always like to layer with white, white, white. 


A Nasty Gal Holiday

November 27, 2013

I’m celebrating the holidays this season in some Nasty Gal, of course! All black and a hot red lip. So NYC right? I spent the first half of my holiday in the warm California sunshine and am currently back in NYC for the rest of it because a girl’s gotta work. Always working, always twerking. Friendsgiving anyone? Really, I just want to sleep through the next few days after the red eye flight I just had coming back from Cali. Bi-coastal living is hard. I can’t imagine doing it more than once back and forth per month. But at the same time, why not? Going back to that California sunshine is such a treat, even if it’s just for a few days. It always feels like I never left each and every time I’m there after a few months. Back to the outfit . . . I love the idea of layering for a holiday get-up. I threw my own turtleneck underneath this velvet mini dress, maxi cardigan and faux leather moto vest. A play on proportion and shape always gets me excited, and keeps a generally all black and grey look from feeling too boring. A well known fact. Throw on some bad-ass Jeffrey Campbell boots, a killer backpack, some alien-esque accessories (check out dem gold rings and ear cuff) and a girl is good to go with her party hopping ways. Outfit by the peeps over at Nasty Gal. Brand does it good.

And make sure to check out their The Perfect 10 feature, 10 days of holiday-worth outfits!

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Patchwork Song

November 23, 2013

Vintage dress, H&M leather jacket and hat, Superga sneakers from Aeropostale, vintage bag, Vanessa Mooney necklace, Virgins, Saints & Angels cuff
Fixing up a granny dress to look less homely and a whole lot more metropolitan. Keep everything else black and don’t forget the leather on top. Ya dig? Currently back home in Los Angeles, sipping coffee in the comfort of my parents’ house. Ready to unwind and feeling pretty good about everything right now.

Shop leather and faux leather jackets here:


Lucky Mag & Fossil // Lucky Peach

November 20, 2013

Autumn just doesn’t feel right without a little grunge influence thrown in. It brings back that feeling of back-to-school camaraderie and distinguished teenage rebellion. And that’s when the plaid magically appears around my waist. And every color imaginable in the form of ribbed beanies magically appear on my head. I wanted a way to toughen up these pretty and preppy Fossil accessories in a way that would have made Kurt Cobain proud and maybe dedicate a song to me. How sweet is the tone of this coral-peach messenger bag? A pretty springtime hue that works during all seasons as a little color palette refresher, especially against darker, grungier hues. 
As for the earrings, I really can’t stop wearing them. To me, earrings are quite similar to lingerie. Not everyone can see them, since my hair is always down, but it’s nice to know that they are there. These little Fossil floral studs are kind of like my little secret. Hush hush.
What this outfit really comes down to is color play, which is basically my favorite thing about getting dressed each day. If you really think about it, there’s a lot of emotion that goes along with the colors you decide to put on each day. I’m drawn to all colors for so many different reasons. Memories. An emotional stir. Character role playing. Flashes of inspiration that has to do with a certain color flashing through my head is usually enough to make me where it in different ways for an entire week. I can be having the worst day ever, but throwing on this peach little satchel could be one thing that keeps me from going overboard at the end of the day. Every little details makes a difference.
Thank you to Lucky Magazine for having me a part of this Fossil collaboration 🙂 
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