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Ready For Spring

February 1, 2014

Hey ya’ll! It’s 43 degrees right now. Not that much improvement, but enough to twist and shout. I don’t need that extra layer of knit underneath my two coats 🙂 Already flash forwarding to what I’ll be doing and wearing once spring arrives. I’m so excited, I can’t keep still! Been dying to bust out this vintage dress again, but just waiting for the perfect sunny day. Here’s a throwback to when I wore this dress back in London in September 2012. I can’t believe it was that long ago. Most amazing trip ever! 
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F21 // The Williamsburg Treatment

January 30, 2014

Forever 21 sweatshirt, pants and shoes, Vintage coat, H&M hat, Fabiola Pedrazzini red leather purse

Part two of my Forever 21 local Brooklyn tour! I reside in the eastern part of Williamsburg, but I like to explore outside of just what’s most convenient for me. You can find me around Bedford Avenue most weekends running errands after the gym, thrift shopping or just checking out a coffee spot I haven’t tried before. Southside, northside . . . give me all sides of Williamsburg. I love it all! Even just walking a few blocks from my apartment is a treat, with a gorgeous park that is perfect for chowing down on bagels in during the summertime. There’s so much to see and do in Williamsburg, it’s hard to hit everything, but here are a few of my top spots that I recommend you all check out if you ever make it over to this side of the bridge. They give Manhattan a run for its money for sure!

Beacon’s Closet
88 N 11th St.

Shop. Shop. Shop. One of the biggest thrift stores in all of Brooklyn, and with I must say the best collection of randomly dispersed vintage ever. This place is huge, and overwhelms most, but it’s color coded which makes things easier for browsing. I always come out with a beautiful designer gem every time I hit this place up, and at a super reasonable price. Just snagged a gorgeous silk Elizabeth & James blouse for $20!

The Bagel Store
349 Bedford Ave.

You all know how much of a bagel lover I am. Carbohydrates keep me going most days. But the bagels from The Bagel Store really are the best in Brooklyn (there are two locations). I’ve been trying to keep my bagel eating tendencies to a minimum recently with the whole New Year’s health kick situation, but indulging every once in a weekend never hurt anyone. Worth every bite. I love their whole wheat everything bagel with egg whites, avocado, tomato and spinach cream cheese. They just came out with a “cragel” (bagel/croissant) and it’s the talk of the town. I haven’t tried it yet, but I think it’s what I’m going to reach for next time.

Blue Bottle Coffee
160 Berry St.

I discovered this place randomly when I took a different route home from my gym, which is just a block away. Their specialty is their drip coffee, which is made to wire you up like no other. Especially after an adrenaline filled early morning workout. I leave this place happy as can be after my weekend morning workouts. In the summertime, their New Orleans iced coffee is what dreams are made of. Always go expecting a wait though. This place get crazy on the weekends. But it’s just so good.

Ramen Yebisu
126 N 6th St.

I’m still the most die hard fan of Vietnamese pho, but I’m always down to go a little outside of my comfort zone when it comes to the noodle soup variety. I’ve been to a few ramen places in Manhattan and have always left totally unsatisfied. Either the soup wasn’t flavorful enough, or there wasn’t enough extra flourishes in it to be friends with my noodles. This place gave me everything I wanted, and a whole lot of it. The veggie ramen is to-die for, filled with just about every vegetable in the book and a soup base that almost beats that of the best pho I’ve ever had. The last night I went there a live band was playing in the corner, which set a nice vibe. The place is quite small and has an intimate feel. Great for dates!

The Levee
212 Berry St.

My favorite metal bar. Best of all is that it reminds me of Philly because the drinks are cheap, the music is head banging good, and their is always a good mix of people. Be sure to find a cute group of skater boys hanging out by the pool table. I learned the basics of pool at this place! Super chill. That’s what I like. Oh, and did I mention the cute skater boys?

The Counting Room
44 Berry St.

This place is quite the charmer. Beautiful wooden tables, tall chairs and dim lighting. This place has two floors. The bottom is nice and spacious, with ethnic looking rugs dispersed throughout. It’s known to eventually turns into an epic dance room with great indie DJ spins. The top floor is an amazing selection of draft beers and super friendly bartenders. Always sure to have a nice, chill time at this place 🙂

House of Small Wonder
77 N 6th St.

My roommate took me to this place and it was love at first sight. It really is a little house of wonders! Painted all blue inside and with a tree growing straight through the middle of it, I felt like I was in a treehouse overgrown with foliage. I was looking for little elves and fairies to pop out around all corners. Super cute little sit down vibe with delicious drip coffee and a vast sandwich menu that is far from the classic sandwich fare. The Japanese/French style fusion made for an eclectic menu! Oh, and make sure you bring cash!

112 Berry St.

BYOB. Need I say more? I came here for a fun girls dinner with my co-workers. Grabbed my favorite beer from the deli down the street and ordered a delicious portobello sandwich. The side of fries here is HUGE, perfect to share for a table of four. The environment is super simple and casual, and the service is awesome. Did I mention BYOB??

Artists & Fleas
70 N 7th St.

Vintage, vintage and vintage. This indoor market is full of independent vintage, jewelry and craft vendors. The vendor at the front right of the market as soon as you enter is my favorite, with one of the best collections of vintage 60s/70s style bohemian gear. I always like to stop by for a quick stint of inspiration. The prices are always a bit pricier here but isn’t everything in Brooklyn? But if you look hard enough, you will be sure to snag a deal here and there. But browsing is always fun enough.

Walter Foods
253 Grand St.

A little fancier but man do they make good fries here! When you go in the fall, they’ll have the most savory pumpkin fries you’ve ever been lucky to eat. Unbelievable. And the waitress always makes awesome recommendations from the menu. I can never say no to a good and fancy burger joint, and this place fits the bill. Plus, the burger was nearly the size of my head (okay, I’m exaggerating a bit), but this place doesn’t skimp, which is nice. Perfect to take a friend visiting from out of town.

Vanessa’s Dumplings

310 Bedford Ave.

Williamsburg is sort of lacking in the asian food department, but hopefully that changes soon. But we do have a few good options! This place is cheap and delicious! Perfect for those long days after work when you don’t want to cook or spend a lot of money, and you want to get your food quick and be totally full afterwards. Dumplings for days at this place! My favorite dish is the veggie dumpling noodle soup. It’s huge and so delectable with chili on top. It’s a fun late night spot with friends after a day of drinking and you want something quick before parting ways. Cool hipster crowd in search of a dumpling fix always filling this place up. 

 La Esquina 
225 Wythe Ave.

Not exactly authentic, but if you’re looking for good Mexican food with an American twist, then this is your spot! The backyard is awesome in the summertime for sipping on margaritas. And the main part of the restaurant has a diner-style set up that is super cute!

Luna Bean

797 Grand St.

This place is my local coffee shop, literally two blocks away from where I live. It’s pretty small, but the tables are super cute and always have flowers at each one. The coffee isn’t extremely expensive and larger in size than most other coffee places, and their avocado on toast is superb! It’s a fun place to catch up with a friend on the weekends, or just chill and read a book.

More to come from my a few other of my favorite Williamsburg spots 🙂 

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I’m Howling For You

January 28, 2014

Vintage Nanette Lepore top, Hudson moto skinny jeans, vintage wool cardigan, vintage Brahmin bag, Alexandra Beth necklace, Natalie & Dylana Suarez x Modern Vice studded Jett boots, Dylana hat by Worth & Worth

So much catching up to do still with posts. Okay guys, time travel back to California with me ONCE AGAIN. I mean, not that this is a bad thing at all. Downtown Los Angeles. Summer in winter vibes. Can’t deny that it’s pretty spectacular. Right now, back in NYC, I’ve just been focusing on work and more work, and editing too many photos for you guys, prepping for NYFW and throwing myself into the madness leading up to it AND trying to find time to make it to the gym and do my laundry. Life is kind of insane right now, but I did manage to finish season 1 of Game of Thrones. And I’m all caught up with GIRLS. Wahoo! Making progress. haha.

Now let me tell you a little something about this blouse. It was originally a vintage Nanette Lepore babydoll dress that I hemmed up into a tunic-style blouse. Worthy of either Keith Richards or Jimi Hendrix, or both. It reminds me a pirate witch princess, and that means that it has Dylana written all over it. My friends know how much of a freak show I can be when it comes to my I make certain clothing choices. This is one is subtle. Easily one of my most beloved items in my closet right now. The ruffle trimmed neckline and sleeve hems are one-of-a-kind. I don’t want to wear anything on top to cover all this detail up! You don’t find masterpieces like this in your everyday shop anymore.


Disco Ball Dream Come True

January 27, 2014

Vintage sequin top, Paige destroyed skinnies
My mom knows me so well. She found this gorgeous vintage sequin top out and about in Los Angeles and saved it for me when I went home for Christmas. It’s the disco ball dream that revolves in my head every night. The juxtaposition of its all around glam level with the overly distressed, acid-splashed denim is like a chemical reaction that was meant to be. Give me some afternoon sunlight and my disco ball dream has officially come true. Thank you so much ma. I think you’ve saved me a lifetime of sequin searching with this one. 
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