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A Blank Slate

March 20, 2017


Alpha & Omega top
The Seafarer jeans
Senreve purse
Sabrina SL metal cuff bracelet
Morgenthal Frederics sunglasses
Argento Vivo earrings
By Far sandals

The first day of spring has abruptly hit our calendars. Although, to be honest . . .  physically it’s still winter where I’m at. Which is why I’m flash backing to my weekend in Miami for the Veuve Clicquot Carnaval, where I wore an outfit of mostly white whilst getting lost in a sea of palm trees. This sort of setting can make one forget that they just came from somewhere of quite the opposite environment. The idea of spring break, the way I have interpreted it to be as an adult, is something very special. It has become a continuous clean out of things and thoughts throughout the season. My wardrobe gets bared down as I pick through pieces to give to friends, donate or sell to Crossroads. My routine involves a lot more mindful thinking and reflection over my daily actions, the people of my life, and how I can make it all simply better. Like how my wardrobe begins to dwindle during this time of the year, the time that I put aside for personal creative projects, reading and even giving some rest to my endlessly spinning mind, increases dramatically. The first hint of spring is a sudden recharge for me. All of a sudden I am looking for ways to clean house, to bare down my rituals, to give my mind and body some time to reset. I hit the gym more regularly, taking my sweet time through my movements . . . focusing on every single one of them while at the same time feeling extremely at ease. Even the food that I put into my body gradually becomes more clean and simple. I begin to crave bright and green food because I like the idea of fueling my body as opposed to weighing it down. I begin to want to feel light and energetic at all times, like the clothes I am able to wear when the weather gets warmer. The layers are gone, and the thoughts in my mind seem less heavy, as well. Maybe it’s all the years I’ve spent talking myself into behaving and thinking this way when spring begins its process of sprung-ness, but whatever I have done, it has worked in my favor. My looser ends leftover from winter seem to find themselves tying up tight and resolved. And I feel nurtured by the simplicity of what is around me. Organized and uncluttered. There is no more room for what is unnecessary. I prefer the company of just a few people who I am closest with . . . the one’s that mean the most to me are the ones I want to share the warm days and complementing conversation with. I’m less social in the spring than I am in the summer, but I feel even less alone this way. It’s interesting now saying. Even just the act of sitting on my yellow velvet couch that I love and writing this blog post is enough to fill my heart with joy. When spring starts, it’s like starting over after dipping in extremely cold water and then lying in a room at perfect body temperature and having it lullaby me to sleep. Work feels less of an effort, and more passion infused all over again. Passionate but without the rush of time. These are just my little thoughts on how I’m feeling right now, on this first day of spring. I’m trying hard to keep track of them all, but at the same time I want to just let them run their course without endless observation. I guess what I was trying to get with this blog post is that what I want the most out of a spring is the accomplishment of balance. Keeping just the important things, just a few, and giving each full attention and focus. And the fact that wearing mostly all white feels just right at this time, well that’s reason enough to be content. 

Happy first day of spring lovelies. I hope this post inspires you to dress like that slate you want to fill in the upcoming months. And to find some time to declutter the places in your life that need some rethinking and refreshing. 

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Disregard the Headlines

March 14, 2017


Vintage blazer
H&M tee
AG jeans
Vintage belt
AGL boots

With social media surrounding us on all sides, it’s hard not to keep from comparing oneself to an endless stream of what’s trending and what’s not. And sometimes (maybe a lot of times) we find ourselves sacrificing our individualities for the sake of fitting into what is “cool” or “in.” Or maybe we find ourselves purposefully trying to stick out just to be original. But then we stop and question . . . well, is that even being original at all? Especially when the act is made consciously? OMG, so many questions! Originality in today’s day and age, when millions of people are using the same platforms to show off their “individualities,” it seems to have taken on a different definition than it used to. And so we ask, is it even possible to be original at all? But wait, another question . . . are we overthinking the whole thing just by raising these questions in the first place? 

How about this. Let’s stop asking ourselves so many questions, and just do what we feel. Even though that’s much harder than we think, and especially with people and magazine/digital headlines telling us and showing us all the 100 ways to wear or 250 ways not to wear something on a basically 24/7 basis. How do we stay honest to ourselves, while being open to thinking outside of our own boxes, but at the same time without having to sacrifice our individualities in the process? Answer: Disregard the headlines and popular Instagram photos as the one and only guidelines to your personal style and perspective on life. Don’t post a photo of you and your best friend holding hands in front of a pink sanded beach looking dreamily out into the distance just because that’s what’s trending on social media. Remember that the entire goal is to NOT be a copy cat for the sake of extra likes. But don’t flat out stop looking at other’s for guidance or inspiration in places that we feel we are lacking or in need a little bit more emphasis or experimentation. Isn’t that the whole entire point of what we do as influencers? We are influencing at the same time that we are being influenced. Putting out into the world what is our own, and taking in a version of something that is soon to become a subtly different version of its original form. This process of passing along information and inspiration is the most magical part of it all. The personal twists we put on the idea already out there makes fashion, well, FASHION. We make fashion special by contributing to the storytelling, and the fact that as individuals we are all important parts to the grander story of what drives our outfit choices. That the ones after us will look back on us to be inspired by again and again. Just at the same time we look forward at them currently, recycling our own old ideas and their new ones together in a way that is indescribably our own. That right there, is the whole point. 

This old wool plaid blazer, was taking out from my closet after about a year of being on sleep mode, for the one and only reason that I felt like my college semi-punk days needed a little reliving. Many of my clothing choices are based on nostalgic factors. Little hints here and there act as reminders of where I started from. And I take comfort in these things.

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A Form of Glitter

March 13, 2017


Leah Shlaer bodysuit
Haute Hippie kimono

It’s supposed to snow here in NYC tomorrow, so I thought I’d hit you all up with something on a more tropical sort of level. The front yard of our Airbnb in Tulum was inspiring to the max, full of lush green and tall bamboo. A little plunge pool that kept calling our names. An environment made for the professional lounger I must say. This lingerie-esque bodysuit also seemed fitting for an afternoon cat nap by the pool. My most extravagant of kimonos in tones of gold and black felt right, as well. In a place with a pace as casual as that of Tulum, it stills seemed right to throw on something that sparkles and shines. It’s just another form of TLC when I’m on a vacation. 

This is pretty much my last post from Tulum. Another quick warm-weathered trip is coming up next weekend! Guess where? It involves a lot of music 🙂 

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