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7FAM Mix Masters x Who What Wear x #SuarezSisters

May 16, 2017
Natalie and I are excited about this story we shot for 7 For All Mankind in partnership with Who What Wear. Trend to be discussed? Summer’s beloved denim short. We all had phases where the denim short came and went. I remember the years I lived in my denim shorts all winter long with my opaque black tights. You can do that during the winter in Southern California. But of course, like any born and raised California girl, denim shorts have a long lived place on our hips during the summer months. Summer shorts tell the stories of unpredictable adventure. Summer romance. Road trips. And all the other things that come along with the idea of summer. 7 For All Mankind brought back these sort of feelings for me out in the desert. But I’m no longer a teenager in her denim shorts and Converse. I’ve found new ways to wear my favorite summer staple. Together, Natalie and I focused on three ways to refresh the classic denim short. Shake it up a bit. Add some sophistication. A subtle twist. The denim shorts of our past feel all grown up today, and there are a million ways to wear them that way. Here we show you three: Retro, All Americana, and Western. 

First Look: Retro ft.
7FAM Cut Off Short with Step Hem (in Black Ocean Broken) // SHOP HERE
7 FAM Denim Playsuit // SHOP HERE

Denim for me always has to be a blast to the past. With my look here I incorporated colors and patterns reminiscent of the past that still complemented my denim. I wore this 7 For All Mankind dark blue denim romper, with a sheer pink blouse underneath, and some retro pink sunglasses. Together, the colors mixed very well, but still the standout pieces was the denim. I love dark blue denim with pink. It’s a classic! 


Second Look: All Americana ft.

7 For All Mankind Denim Bustier (in Coastal Blue) // SHOP HERE
7 For All Mankind Cropped Trucker Jacket (in Coastal Blue) // SHOP HERE
7 For All Mankind High Waist Short with Step Hem (in Ocean Breeze) // SHOP HERE
Cut Off Short with Aggressive Destroy (in Seratoga Bay) // SHOP HERE

This look is all about appreciating our American roots, with a focus on blue denim shorts because Nat and I are California natives. Denim is literally in our DNA. We can’t live without it! No better way to go All Americana that to focus on rugged blue denim. I wanted to go all out in a more playful way with red, white and blue. A white lace top, a red bandeau, and classic sneakers turned out to be the perfect pairing for denim shorts. All that was missing was a milkshake. Maybe some fries. 

 Third Look: Western ft. 

7 For All Mankind Off The Shoulder Denim Ruffle Top (In Pacific Blue Sky) // SHOP HERE
7 For All Mankind Cut Off Short with Aggressive Destroy (in Seratoga) // SHOP HERE
7 For All Mankind Classic Denim Jacket (in Eden Port) // SHOP HERE
7 For All Mankind Cut Off Short in Peony // SHOP HERE

I define this style as being a little more rugged than usual, heavier with layering, and always throw a hat on and wear a good boot! My shorts were pink (not your typical western color, but that’s why I love it!!) so I wanted to play with that. My blouse was playful and was used to amplify my pink shorts, but the denim jacket gave it a more western, tomboy flare. Boots were the finishing touch. I bet you have never seen a cowgirl wear pink before. I’ll start the trend then πŸ™‚

It was a fun process for Nat and I to watch each other’s style direction get into action with each trend category. For each group, we came up with totally different looks, but in some peculiar way we complemented each other very well. Maybe it’s just a sister thing. I mean, we do start and end each other’s sentences. By the end of the shoot, we both agreed on the same thing . . . that our retro looks were our absolute favorites. We grew up with a fashionable mom. I used to play dress up with her wardrobe, and her style inspired me to vintage shop. Second hand shopping was how I came to find my personal style, and my way to stand out from the crowd as a teenager. 7 For All Mankind‘s latest collection was nostalgia all over again for me . . . styles that jumped out at me from old pictures of my mom when she was my age. The denim romper was something my mom totally would have worn and rocked with confidence back then, and now I get the chance to wear the style in my own way today. What goes around, comes around, as they like to say. But all that I really want to say right now, is how much I am embracing my bare legs this summer. The new wave of denim shorts of getting me excited. 

This post is in partnership with 7 For All Mankind and Who What Wear
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Chasing Golden, and A Bit on Selflessness

May 14, 2017


7FAM denim romper // SHOP HERE
AGL leather shoes // SHOP SIMILAR
Furla purse

Here I am, going backwards in time towards an evening in Palm Springs. The sunset was approaching in the distance of a long and straight road. Palm trees in every direction. The yellow of my blouse and the gold leather of my boots, both at the same time challenging the sunset in a competition of who shines the most. I think it eventually broke even. And I just ran away into the desert sunset. And that was my last evening in Palm Springs. A one that involved “chasing golden.” But really the golden stayed with me the entire time, right there on my feet. My still, I continue to chase. That’s how I like to feel about the desert. It’s where you can be alone with the sun. It’s not loneliness, it’s being content with being alone. 

Today is Mother’s Day, and how I wish I could be with my mom right now. So, so much. These past few months, after sometime at home and then coming back to NYC, I’ve been missing the simplicity of life in California far too much. It’s been sort of hard to explain where this feeling came from. A sort of need to escape to somewhere familiar. I find myself calling my parents more often when I find myself with free time. But not only that, I carve more time out of my day specifically for these sort of things. Before I used to think I was too busy to be in touch as often, but now I feel a deep need for this daily connection of words, especially from my mom. Growing up isn’t easy, and I appreciate all the more now what she has taught me since I was a naughty little kid always trying to go against her rules. What I look up to the most in a mother, and especially my mother, is the act of selflessness. It’s something I’ve been working really hard on lately to commit myself to. No matter what, no matter how much trouble I made, no matter my ideas or thoughts, no matter where I was in the world, my mother was always there for me. And I know she always will be. It’s the safest feeling in the world to know these things. Sometimes I feel I don’t do that great of a job showing her how I feel, and how much I love her, but I remind myself more often now to make the time to tell her every single day how much she means to me. Her acts of selflessness when it comes to my father and my sister and I are truly amazing. And I want to learn from her, so I can be an amazing mother someday, too. So I can have that raw feeling of loving someone else so much that I would do anything and everything for them. I think I’m almost there. I’m getting better. I’m becoming more mature. Yes, I have my faults, but I know that they exist and I try to work on them every day. For now, I’m going to start with patience, which is the foundation of the love. I’ll always wait for what is good and promising. And when sometimes something is testing my patience, instead of running out the door, I’ll sit and take a breather and see how I can work it out. My mother had a whole lot of patience with me growing up. She probably deserved more time off than she should. But she stuck around for me through and through. And look where I’m at ma, because of you πŸ™‚ Happy Mother’s Day. I hope you all are catching golden with those you love today. 

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Love Goes Round and Round

May 8, 2017


OAK + FORT jacket
AG Jeans white denim jeans
Sabrina Tach shoes
Topshop earrings

Stuck in an airport in South Carolina because our plane to the Cayman Islands was running low on gas. It looks like our day at the beach is going to be delayed a bit, but that’s okay. At least I now have a few hours to catch up on my book, and get this post up (and troll the Instagram like every other person LOL). I spent my weekend being really social outside of my phone, so my time online was on standby these past few days. A very much needed standby, of course. Been thinking a lot about where I want the direction of my blog to go in the near future, and it’s a goal of mine to add more wellness to this space. It’s become a passion of mine, especially now that I’m heading into my 30’s soon. And I want to share all that I have been learning and teaching myself about feeling good inside and out with you all. Eating the junk food here at the airport terminal isn’t really a good start (not many options at the moment), but hey nothing can be perfect. At the end of the day, just trying to fill my days with LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. This street art that I accidentally stumbled across by Tara Dixon in Dumbo was the perfect reminder to infuse my daily ritual with that of LOVE. Even when it seems hard sometimes. Recently, I’ve been feeling a whole lot more of it from myself, my family, my friends, and all of you reading here and visiting my social outlets. And I love hearing from those of you who have been here since day one and have seen it all grow. It’s easy to be lost and pulled in too many directions with the state of how social media is right now . . . where too much seems possible . . . like too much is already out there. What is next?! It’s amazing but scary at the same time. But all I can say that I really do know is that I love creating and learning and loving, while staying true to the roots of where my blog stemmed from. I don’t want to ever lose that unconditional love for expressing and sharing the parts of myself that I feel are worth putting out there in the world in the small way that I do. Today, I just want to remind myself, and you all, to LOVE LOVE LOVE in whichever ways you can. That is all πŸ™‚ xx

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