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Red Dress Over Red Pants

February 23, 2017


Veda red leather dress
Vintage fur coat
Seafarer red suede pants
ASKA leather mules
Staud bag

My newfound infatuation with red continues, taking on a new form of red on red which involves a dress and pants. This combination is better than spicy Asian chili sauce over white rice. 

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Reds and Pinks to Carry Me Along

February 20, 2017


Moon River shearling coat
MSGM top
Ulla Johnson pants
YSL shoes
Bally leather purse
American Apparel socks

There was something about red lately that kept me incorporating in many of my fashion week outfits. A color that I have usually been most fearful of because of its drama factor (I’m known to be a very non dramatic person). Maybe I’ve just been in more of a bold mood lately. A mood that makes taking chances feels more second nature and effortless. A mood that makes me not care whether the decisions I make make turn heads or not. A mood that makes stepping through life in pursuit of something great, and that something can be something you don’t exactly have your fingertip on. And boy you can be sure that something is meant to be special, whatever the heck it is. That’s how I stepped into this NYFW. I felt unstoppable. Not guarded. Just overflowing with energy. And just simply making the most of it as much as I could. Even with blisters on my feet, and my nose nearly frozen off, and the mud marks on my barely worn YSL pumps. There was something there that kept me going. A something that was maybe lacking in seasons before. Maybe that something was confidence. A gradual bump up from last year; gradual but the difference was substantially felt. Here’s to making changes, and feeling bold and recognizing all these sort of things. And maybe not recognizing them all exactly, but at least a note of them, a hint of them. Those little notes and hints can be the drive behind it all. And so I’ll let these red shoes kept carrying me along. 


An Unpredictable Weather Report

February 16, 2017


Novella Royale dress
Kurt Lyle coat
Cinq à Sept beanie
Vintage Chanel purse
By Far boots

Lately, the weather has been as unpredictable as my travel schedule. But without that crazy travel schedule, life wouldn’t be as exciting. So I guess I can’t really complain. The best thing about this city is that nothing ever really stops it even when the weather begs to make things differ. When it rains out, I don’t like to go hiding into the depths of my apartment. Instead, I work hard to make my day go on like any other normal day. Or at least, as much as I can make it go on like any other normal day. Yes, things get splashed and a bit stained, but that doesn’t mean the world has to stop. Instead, black, grey and brown are the answer. Layer them up. When the city looks like a puddle, I say dress like a puddle. A fashionable one. And go on with your day. Lots of other important things to do I say. 

Off to Tulum, Mexico today. NYFW updates coming soon . . . 


Red Ruffles Rule

February 13, 2017


Chelsea & Walker blouse
Cinq à Sept dress
Bally leather purse
ASKA boots

Hello Monday 🙂 It’s been a hectic past days into New York Fashion Week, full of sore feet, cold ankles and over packed schedules. I’ve been heavily collapsing into my bed before midnight each night, starting mornings early with my friend Beatrice who is in town from Los Angeles. Without her, I probably wouldn’t still be up and running. Her energy is so recharging. This past week has been the biggest laugh fest out of all of my 12 seasons of fashion week so far. And wait . . . back up . . . this is my 12th season of fashion week? What a crazy thought. This shy girl from the valley has come a long way it seems. Fashion week in this city has become a sort of second nature act now. It’s like a marathon . . . you have to practice and work up a tolerance built from love even when there is pain. Because that is what fashion week is all about. Love and pain, but it’s worth every bit. And even though I enter each week feeling maybe a little bit lacking in the mental and physical preparation department, as the days go on like the whirlwind they are meant to be, I am overtaken by a swept up feeling that carries me relentlessly throughout the early mornings and extended evenings (that even the blisters on my feet seem to have disappeared for a moment). So that when I look back on these days of dashing around, shooting, editing, writing, it feels something like a dream as real life settles back down like dust. 

There have been a lot of things I’ve learned from attending fashion week. But I’ll share just one. I’ve learned to practice gratitude. The years of hard work it’s taken to move from standing to the third row to the first as each season comes . . . those well earned beads of sweat should always act as a reminder to never take anything for granted when it comes to this industry, that can sometimes rip you up and spit you out (a saying that you all can relate to, I am sure). I sure know the feeling from working behind and in front of the scenes for many years. It’s not as easy or as pristine as it seems from all the photos and videos posted on every fashion goer’s social media. But the energy . . . that always feels the same. And that first beat of the runway show gets me every single time. And it feels good to be there. 

A lot has changed since my first runway show. These past few years have really seen the growth of the fashion blogger’s influence. It’s been amazing to watch, especially as someone who has been in this space since the very beginning. It can also be easy to feel like one is lost in a sea of influencers with numbers through the roofs. But then I remember, that doesn’t matter at all. Everyone is here for different reasons inspiring to others. And I am still here for a reason, and you readers remind me of that every single day. I find that my fashion taste becomes more refined and pinpointed with each fashion week, and I am grateful to be able to share this growth with you all, alongside other things more personal to me. I’ll continue on for the next few days unfazed by the numbers or the so-called glitz of scene. I’d rather be stressed after five outfit changes than falling into the digital trap that can keep one discouraged, when really there is no reason to be discouraged at all. We are all here for the appreciation of fashion and to celebrate with our friends. Remember when I was discouraged to where red for a reason that I couldn’t really figure out? Well, I ended up wearing red (lots of it) for the first three days of fashion week. I think I needed its boldness to keep me going . . . and right in the nick of time. 

Photos by Beatrice Balaj

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