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Blue Skies

December 24, 2013

Just finished packing for my early morning flight back home to California. I can already feel the sunshine on my skin. Ha. It’s been warmer in NYC, but rainy and quite dreary. So ready for some much needed downtime with family. In that sort of mood where even the littlest things in life make me smile. Let’s soak it all up while we can. California palm trees here I come. And because I’m in an inspired mood, I want to of course share what’s been catching my eyes recently.
rusty orange and fur | baby kisses | everything american | luscious lips for peak kissing action | bike rides with friends (preferably in amsterdam) | little black dresses with interestingly modest necklines | rock and roll babies | bread and cheese and unlimited food with good people | black lips | morning sunshine through the bedroom window | pink tapestry bedsheets made for a princess | red roses and daydreamy expressions | audrey hepburn expressionist poses | eccentric pillow displays | summertime skies
**Pictures found on Pinterest

Twinkle Toes

December 16, 2013

Holidays parties are already happening all around me, and it looks like it’s time to get all fancy and sparkly and stuff. I’m down. I’m a laid back kind of girl. Worn in black boots with everything! But this year I think I’m trying to go a little bit more pristine (or should I say funky??). At least on my feet. What other time of the year can you get away with gold sparkle dusted sneakers??? Come on. Let’s take advantage of this people! Gold and red. Two colors that bring a punch to all the chic black cocktail dresses that will be in heavy rotation this month. These little red Seychelles pumps remind me of Dorothy and dreams. I’d pair them with some quirky patterned socks and go dance to Mariah Carey Christmas tunes like it’s nobody’s business. These gold sparkly sneakers are part of Kate Spade’s collaboration with Keds this season. There is no denying how spunky they are! Every black cocktail dress needs a friend like this pair 🙂 What shoes will you be wearing this holiday party hopping season? Spill! xo
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Let Her Go

December 14, 2013

Feeling a little sick and achey in bed this Saturday morning, but trying to rest up for a day out around the hood. Found these leftover pictures that I took of autumn in NYC. Fall went by in a flash. A blink of an eye. Bitter Sweet Symphony vibes for sure. Not sure what I prefer more. Crackly golden leaves or white, white snow. Whatever state the city is in, it is always beautiful and so ever changing that you just learn to embrace all the different sides of it. Listening to Jasmine Thompson’s gorgeous cover of Wrecking Ball by Miley and Let Her Go by Passenger. I think I’m going to make myself a cup of tea. And then I’ll see what I’ll do next today. xo
**Pictures by me
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