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Take a Bite Out of Life

April 24, 2017
I’m so proud to be the DKNY Be Delicious fragrance ambassador for the United States, and super excited to give you all a peek into my life through this partnership. The fragrance’s name, Be Delicious, is refreshing and motivating, bold and energetic. That mindset, and work approach is something that I try to incorporate into my daily routine. It’s all the things that I try to get across with this blog, and have been trying to do since the day I started it way back in 2009. Of course, it’s not always possible to keep this sort of Be Delicious mindset up 24/7. I know that I am a human being, and I know you readers are, too. I know that you guys have come to really like the rawness I throw into this blog; the more personal aspects. So I want to say that being delicious doesn’t mean being perfect. It means being present in the moment, and positively so. Be Delicious is a reminder for me to do that, and that is why I share my process with you all. Going forward, I make a vow to TAKE A BITE OUT OF LIFE, meaning facing whatever life throws at me and turning it into something substantially worthwhile. It’s these sort of unexpected moments that test us the most, and resonate with us the most. I encourage you all to do the same, no matter what your path in life may be. 
Many of you have followed my adventure from starting my blog to working full time jobs in different parts of the industry to finally making the dedicated decision to pursue my blog full time. It’s been an invigorating experience, full of ups and downs, but so well worth the challenge. And I’m so happy with where my path has brought me to be. I know many of you are career ladies because I get a lot of questions about how to get started in the right direction when it comes to finding a career path, or even more importantly, finding a balance between career and passion. This balance is such an important aspect for us City Girls in the word. Being a girl boss is a true state of mind that just happens to align with the Be Delicious fragrance. No matter what you may be in your career. Maybe you are creative, or maybe you are completely technological and numbers driven instead. Maybe you are just a student or working an odd job until you find something that is your true calling. Being aware of your path, your goals for the future, and being open to the possible changes that will in the long term take you strides ahead, is true dedication in my eyes. Even making sure you get downtime from work is an important part of being a City Girl. A City Girl is healthy in her mind, body and soul. Her environment is a strong component of who she is, and she makes sure to build it from scratch so that she can be in the zone and on top of her game as much as she can. 
And so, this brings me to the main topic of this post . . . my work space! It’s always changing, mostly because I am inspired by different things at different times. And I like my work space to reflect that. A mood board in constant rotation of collages and personal photos is the foundation of my desk, surrounding the screen of my laptop with colors and textures and environments that showcase my biggest inspirations. In actuality, I work from a lot of places . . . makeshift desks during my travels, in my living room, at my sister’s apartment, sporadically out of a coffee shop and hey, even from the comforts of my own bed. But out of all of them, there’s no place that gives me the most motivational setting than at my desk, basking in the late morning light coming through the windows of my bedroom nook. My work space is full of candles, some flowers in a color scheme that reflects my mood and a lamp that I like lit up during my evening days at work as Cat Power plays in the background. This is usually the time when I write the most and at my best. Today, alongside my camera gear, external hard drive, and vase full of fresh cut flowers, is my Be Delicious fragrance. It allows for an easy mid-work pick me up . . . a whiff of it from behind my ears or on the pulse point of my wrists is even known to cure the annoyingly curious event of writer’s block, which hits at the most inconvenient of times I must say! And like the flickering candles, magazine tears and nostalgic snaps of my childhood and friends, it’s scent not only inspires me creatively when it comes to storytelling, but helps me unwind for a few moments. I’m trying to put breaks to destress and relax higher up on the list of City Girl guidelines, obviously. Be Delicious is the ultimate reminder that stopping to pay attention to one’s senses is just as important to one’s success as answering all the unread emails in your inbox by 10:30am.  
This post is made in partnership with DKNY Fragrances for DKNY Be Delicious
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Packing for SXSW with Cafe Bustelo

March 16, 2017

Getting ready to hit the road again this month, but this time Natalie and I aren’t going too far. Just back to one of our favorite American cities, Austin, Texas. We will be there to support Cafe Bustelo, who is one of the sponsors of the Outdoor Stage at Lady Bird Lake from March 16-18th. This stage is one of the biggest stages at SXSW.

Cafe Bustelo activation hours:
 Thursday, March 16th: 4-10pm
Friday, March 17th: 4-10pm
Saturday, March 18th: 11am-7pm

For access to this stage, you just have to sign-up for a wrist band HERE.

Natalie and I will be hanging out at the Cafe Bustelo tent during SXSW on Friday, the 17th in the evening. Make sure to stop by during the above times March 16-18th to take advantage of the charging stations, free Cafe Bustelo samples, photo booth and tons of other games and giveaways. Nat and I will also be showing you our favorites from the bands performing that day at the Outdoor Stage. We’ll also be giving you a peek into our favorite things to do when we are in Austin, Texas. The food, the music, the people . . . SXSW is one of the most crazy and fun weeks in Austin, so get ready! 

SXSW is probably the easiest music festival to pack for. Mostly because Austin is so chill, and the scene is much more laid back than Coachella. Not to mention, the weather is always reliably warm. It’s always sunny in Austin. Denim and lots more of denim. Easy little dresses under denim jackets. Western hats, why not?! Boots. Sunglasses are always key, of course. My trusty camera. Natalie and I are also packing our Cafe Bustelo for the road because we are always up early and to bed late during SXSW. There’s so much to see and do, it nearly seems impossible to fit everything in . . . but somehow we always manage to do so. 

Hope to see some of you in Austin. Once again, sign-up HERE to get access to the SXSW Outdoor Stage. It’s going to be a good time, ya’ll.  

Thank you to Cafe Bustelo for sponsoring this post.


On Mexico Time with Cluse

March 4, 2017


All watches featured in this post are by CLUSE

When you have a whole lot of time to not worry about time . . . then you know that you are in Mexico. But that was exactly the best part of our trip . . . the fact that we had all the time in the world. And no perfect time than when time itself seems to magically become endless, to put on a CLUSE watch and keep track of how slow the days really pass by . . . and how much you want it to keep staying that way. We officially found out how much of a perfect beach side accessory the watch really is. Cluse watches, minimal and practical in design, yet bold and bright (if one desires) in colors, fit right in with the aesthetics of Mexico (and our bikinis). I brought two colors to Mexico to mix and match under the Tulum sun. My CLUSE Minuit Gold in White/Mustard was playful and gave me that summer feeling to take around with me on my wrist. It added exactly the kind of pop of color and sensibility one expects to have in a place as laid back and fun loving as Tulum. My CLUSE La Roche Gold in Black Marble/Black style is sophisticated and sleek, with just a slight touch of masculinity. It streamlined the golds and heavy patterns that I sometimes like to wear to the beach. My CLUSE watches balanced one another out, just like how Tulum balanced out my racing mind leftover from NYC with the peaceful tides of the current situation. My watch was a reminder that I had no need to rush. Anytime was the best sort of time. 

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Feminine Meets Sporty with Timberland

March 2, 2017


Look 1 – Black & metallic dotted dress with the Timberland Mayliss 6″ sneaker in black 

Look 2 – Denim mini dress with the Timberland Killington chukka in white


Sneakers are a part of my DNA. I’ve always been the tallest one in the room, so flat shoes, and especially sneakers, kept me feeling more like I fit in. Today, I have no issues with being tall at all, but sneakers are still on my feet. The thing is that I wear them differently more often than not nowadays, leaning more towards the feminine side with skirts and dresses, as opposed to something paired with pants. I love to feel feminine, even more so today in my late twenties. I think it’s a part of growing up . . . growing into oneself in a way. But never do I want to look or feel too done up (or should I say prissy). You’ll find maybe one or two pairs of heels higher than 3 or 4 inches on my shoe shelf . . . and my feet have been thanking me greatly for it. Sneakers are my best friend through and through. During the days of the past when I wanted to feel not so tall, to the present days when I want to be comfortable, but without sacrificing looking feminine. Timberland lets me be a comfortable girl, and that’s the best thing. Here are two ways that I wear sporty shoes by Timberland in a feminine way. What’s better than having the best of both worlds? I hope they inspire you to do the same. 

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