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Summer Sweetness

June 27, 2017


Kenneth Cole swimsuit
Sezane velvet pants and shoes
Zimmermann hair wrap

The end of June is quickly approaching. I don’t know why, but I have this sad feeling like summer is already slipping away, even though it actually just started. Which is why I’ve been trying to work in a bathing suit into my everyday as often as I can. To keep that sparkling, lethargically stunning, endless summer feeling there as long as I can. It’s a trick that works. I’m currently in Hawaii (working remotely at 6am in the morning when I wake up, and after 9:30pm when I’m already in bed). I can get used to this slow yet productive life I’ve been living these past few days. Last weekend in Montauk felt the same, but without the summer sun. I still wore the swimsuit though, as you can see. With velvet pants to balance everything all out. Our stay at the Surf Lodge was short and sweet, thanks to Grey Goose who hosted my friends and I for the weekend. A sleepy weekend that felt just right. A sleepy weekend that I wish could extend into infinity and beyond. A sleep weekend that makes me feel both young and old at the same time. That summer sweetness. I’ve been capturing more and more on my Instax these past few travels. They are little reminders to live in the moment and keep the act of overthinking on the back burner. It relaxes me more to know that pre-planning really is not needed as much as we thought it is. It gives me a sense of ease about my actions. It keeps me from pondering too much about the next thing, or what has happened before. Summer should be exactly like an Instax photo. Or a roll of film to be developed later. It should be a surprise. Something unexpected but in its own way just right. Summer should be only that feeling of here and now. From the top of your head, to the tips of your toes. Happy summer lovelies. Talk soon. 

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A Cayman Islands Roundup

May 24, 2017

Hello lovely, lovely people. Writing to you from a rainy NYC once again (nothing has changed. haha). I felt like it was worth it to dedicate a blog post to the Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa in The Cayman Islands. With a huge thanks to Donni Charm for making the trip happen. More Donni charm spring and summer styling to hit the blog very soon. Right now, I want to focus on the time we had at the resort. Literally just a few months old, the Seafire is exactly what the model of future of what the island is striving to be. Caribbean-inspired at its heart, yet minimal and futuristic around its edges. I loved the mix of both worlds. The room were large and cozy, with a very luxurious shower and bath tub (which I fully made use of my first night there). Mine had a view of the pool and beach, which was one of the biggest delights for me. The first thing I did in the morning was sit out in the balcony, bare legged and bare foot. My skin fresh and dewy, not a spot of makeup. My hair up without a care in the world. A coffee in my hand. The blue reflection of the sea quite harsh on my eyes, but I didn’t even bother with sunglasses. I just closed my eyes, leaned my head back, felt my legs tingle with humid warmth, and melted in the cushions of my balcony’s couch. I wish all my mornings could start that way. Waking up without stress and forgetting the existence of emails and deadlines and documenting moments via social media (even though I felt like I was on vacation, it was still a work trip!). It’s crazy to think that this could actually be everyday life, if I really wanted it to be. Oh, so, so tempting. Quite dangerous in fact! I’ve never loved a sunburn more on the tip of my nose more than I did at this place.

Oh, and the food! How well we ate. And how full our tummies felt before our sleep each night. The main restaurant just a quick walk outside the lobby kept our taste buds interested and alert each evening. It changed between two different restaurants . . . Ave and Avecita. Ave being more well-rounded and casual, serving more Mediterranean-style meals all throughout the day. Avecita is open for dinner only with a special Spanish-style tapas menu that is made for the experimental and taste enthusiastic. Outside, closer to the beach, is Coccoloba, the bar and grille made for those in the mood for a margarita and ceviche. The menu is a mix of coastal Mexico and Caribbean, and everything on it is absolutely delicious. Caribbean tacos and the sound of crashing waves? YES! Our group laughed continuously over the fact that we had to be in bikinis most of the day, despite the amount of food we were consuming on this trip. Hey, you only live once. And especially in The Cayman Islands. 

Even thought I was indulging in food and more than one drink a night during our trip, I did have time to focus on my wellness and fitness. Paddle boarding for even just an hour during the day left my entire body, and especially arms, sore in the best way possible. I’m addicted to that feeling actually. Paddle board yoga was quite another story, but at least I got a tan out of it, and I’m sure it kick started my metabolism that day. One morning I started off with yoga on the grass, which mostly ended in a bunch of mosquito bites, but I felt ready for the day of activities ahead because of it. Kissing stingrays, holding starfish, snorkeling in blue, blue sea. This trip was full of firsts for me. And I left feeling more adventurous than ever. 


When the Palm Trees Glow

April 25, 2017


Novella Royale kimono
Cleobella crochet top
Moon River pants
Quay sunglasses
Miista shoes
Les Neiredes earrings
Luiny rings

Hello Tuesday. My Monday was started off busily with emails and back to back content shoots that already I’m swept back into the groove of things. And thank goodness I’m back in the groove. There is A LOT to do this week. My calendar is bursting at the seems, but it leaves me feeling so accomplished to check things off my list throughout the day. Luckily, at the same time, I still have not at all lost my Palm Springs groove. So much reminiscing going on in the back of my mind from those much warmer desert days. It’s pretty dramatic how much my perspective of this hot, hot city has changed since I was a kid. My parents use to take Natalie and I on family road trips on the weekend to Palm Springs, and I always abhorred the idea. The drive was long, the ride was cramped, Nat was annoying the heck out of me in the backseat, and once we got there, all there was to see was open space, lots of tan colored buildings, fast food and elderly people walking around and sitting in the casinos. It didn’t excite me in the least. I just remember only complaining of the heat and wanting to go home every time we went. Oh man, did my parents have to put up with a whole heck of a lot with me during my childhood. Apparently back then, I didn’t have an appreciation for architectural design or the vividness that could be painted in ones mind because of an abundance of open space. I guess I didn’t notice how the palm trees glowed against the sunset peaking from behind the mountains. Or that many doors were orange or trimmed with turquoise. My childhood eyes must have missed those things. But someway, somehow, as I got older, they became things I lusted over and found beauty in. Maybe it just took a little time to grow to love the desert for the simpleness of what it is. It’s elements and tonal range all very compact. When you get older, simple starts to feel a whole lot suitable. And one finally recognizes the worth of things as time goes on . . . it all gets better with age. For me, Palm Springs got better with age. It’s a place that is old but today feel’s fresh. It’s a place where I feel the need to throw a kimono on that matches the sunsets. Where I can drive with the window down and be fine with just the sound of the wind. Dip my toes in the pool first thing in the morning even before a cup of coffee. Where the past feels modern, and I’m inspired to pull creativity from what came before. Palm Springs, you are the greatest escape. Be back soon again I hope 🙂

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