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Stockholm | Day 1

August 27, 2014


VEDA coat
Paige tank
Siwy boyfriend jeans
Modern Vice boots
Quay sunglasses

Natalie and I have finally arrived in the beautiful Stockholm, Sweden! Our first day here was absolutely fantastic. We arrived at around 8:30AM Monday morning, and hit the streets after a quick freshening up at our hotel in the center of the city. I didn’t sleep on the plane, so by the end of the first day I was wiped. Swedish coffee did the trick when it came to keeping me going throughout the day. Thanks so much to the wonderful Videofyme team who is hosting our stay here as we cover the shows during Stockholm Fashion Week, as well as show you guys Stockholm through our eyes with the Videofyme app. The city is so open and bright with gorgeous, old-fashion architecture to complement the city’s well-known appreciation for modern and minimalist design. Food of all kinds is everywhere, and Natalie and I especially fell in love with the indoor food markets, where we indulged in some of the best Turkish fare. By nighttime, the city turns a little sleepy and the skies more rainy, with things closing around midnight on weekdays (something so different from NYC’s around-the-clock lifestyle that we’ve gotten so used to), but it was a perfect excuse to call it a day earlier and rest up from our endless trekking adventures around the city by foot and subway (tunnelbana). The subways here are each completely decorated with art. I think the last terminal we went through was a rainbow cave or something of that sort. Kind of cheesy, but heartwarming at the same time. Despite the difficulty Natalie and I had navigating the city’s confusing subway system (we’re getting used to it now), we still got around quite well for our very first day, hitting up the places around our hotel (this area is called Norrmalm), the magical narrow streets of Gamla Stan (Old Town Stockholm), and getting an amazing view of Central Stockholm from a park in Sodermalm, an area we want to go back to and explore more later this week. Not to mention, I’d say around 95% of the Swedish population is painstakingly beautiful. So many perfect looking boys, it hurts!! More on that later. And more to come on the shows we will be covering!

In the meantime check out my latest Videofyme video from our first day in Stockholm!

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Miami Moments

August 10, 2014

A frenzy of bikini madness brought me to Miami this year, for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Miami, to be exact. It was my first time ever in a city that I’ve heard so much about and have built up in my head for such a long time. It was just about everything I’ve been told it was going to be. Everyone was extremely tan, buff and covered in bright colors that showed as much skin as possible. Collins Avenue was a tourist attraction of ritzy hotels with beach access and endless pool water. Everywhere you turned, a fist pumping soundtrack would be playing on full blast. Every day is a excuse to get more sun and be on vacation. Every night you’d go home with leftover sand in hilarious places. Miami is a party. 
The humidity stuck to us like honey, and we found ourselves jumping into the pools more than we found ourselves on land. People watching is quite a distinct hobby here. There’s always a character to keep you entertained. Swim Week brought a more fashion-forward crowd to the city, but everyone still mixed in well with the locals. 
I think people’s states of mind change as soon as they step foot in Miami. It’s obviously not home, but definitely the escape they’ve all been waiting for. A dirty pleasure. A week of bikinis, bronzer, indulgent dinners and too strong cocktails. What people wore to the Swim Week shows was less about getting their picture taken and more about suiting the environment, expressing the vibe, bringing to life the idea of a colorful Miami. In between all the work, it didn’t seem like work at all. And that’s what made Miami feel so different and so distinct. A funny place I’ll never forget.
Bikini and headband by Forever 21

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NYC > Stockholm > Berlin

August 7, 2014

On August 25, Natalie and I are heading to Stockholm to cover Stockholm Fashion Week with the video editing app Videofyme. After that, we are visiting Berlin for a few days to take that city in. We are head-over-our-heels stoked for this trip. Neither of us have been to Stockholm or Berlin, so we’d appreciate any tips you guys have for us! What are the cool places to eat, drink, shop and hangout in these cities. The best parks, natural sights, art galleries, highlights in general? We want to know!

Our last big trip together was to London and Paris in 2012. We are getting that travel bug again, and we hope it stays this year 🙂
In the meantime, check out a few of the Videofyme videos I’ve made the past few months.


Nicole Miller | MLB All Star Game

August 4, 2014
Nicole Miller floral top (SHOP SIMILAR TOP HERE)
Nicole Miller printed dress
Paige Denim overalls
Seychelles sandals
Had a grand less than 24 hours in the city of Minneapolis a few weeks back to rep Nicole Miller during the MLB All Star Game. This definitely wasn’t enough time to really get to know the city, but it was just enough to get a taste of it. I can only imagine how psyched the city gets during hockey season. Kiara and I brought the livelihood of Nicole Miller prints to a city better know for red, white and blue. I must say, for my first baseball gave EVER (can you believe it??), I now have a sweet spot for the sport, and the city. Enjoy the photos in retrospect. 
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