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August 7, 2014

On August 25, Natalie and I are heading to Stockholm to cover Stockholm Fashion Week with the video editing app Videofyme. After that, we are visiting Berlin for a few days to take that city in. We are head-over-our-heels stoked for this trip. Neither of us have been to Stockholm or Berlin, so we’d appreciate any tips you guys have for us! What are the cool places to eat, drink, shop and hangout in these cities. The best parks, natural sights, art galleries, highlights in general? We want to know!

Our last big trip together was to London and Paris in 2012. We are getting that travel bug again, and we hope it stays this year 🙂
In the meantime, check out a few of the Videofyme videos I’ve made the past few months.


Nicole Miller | MLB All Star Game

August 4, 2014
Nicole Miller floral top (SHOP SIMILAR TOP HERE)
Nicole Miller printed dress
Paige Denim overalls
Seychelles sandals
Had a grand less than 24 hours in the city of Minneapolis a few weeks back to rep Nicole Miller during the MLB All Star Game. This definitely wasn’t enough time to really get to know the city, but it was just enough to get a taste of it. I can only imagine how psyched the city gets during hockey season. Kiara and I brought the livelihood of Nicole Miller prints to a city better know for red, white and blue. I must say, for my first baseball gave EVER (can you believe it??), I now have a sweet spot for the sport, and the city. Enjoy the photos in retrospect. 
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