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F21 | The Berlin Wall

September 11, 2014
Forever 21 tank and trench coat
H&M skirt
Vintage boots
Leatherology backpack
The Berlin Wall hasn’t always been one of the top spots to hit up while in Europe for the longest time, and I’m so grateful that I finally got the chance to check it off my to-do list. To be able to see this major part of world history in real life was mind blowing. Today, decorated by the art and creative imaginations of Berlin’s youth, the Berlin Wall physically expresses what Berlin has come to be as a city full of liberal minds in action. A place where the freedom to express yourself in whatever way that speaks true to you is stood up for with vigor, and is allowed to peacefully co-exist alongside each other. It was fantastic to walk the entire length of what is still left of the wall that was originally meant to divide West and East Germany in the 1960s due to differing political stands, with East Berlin using the wall as protection from the spilling over of capitalism into East Germany from the west. Still, a huge majority of the people of Berlin would take none of this. A divided Germany, or more so, an entirely divided eastern and western Europe, could not flourish. Despite the fact of how hard it was to cross the wall, many still attempted to and some died because of it. Weeks of civil unrest called for a cease of anti-emmigration over the wall. East Berlin and West Berlin could once again be united, and slowly the wall was chipped down to what it is today.  Representing the strength of unification of the people who stand for a country that goes beyond the politics of the governments that ruled them. Instead they chose to rule themselves. The story is amazing. And here’s a little piece of history (general history at least ha) for you. 
The beautiful and unrested street art and graffiti found all over Berlin, and mostly in the east side of Berlin, is a reflection of its struggles and the widespread cultural influences of the city that the people of Berlin fully embrace with open arms. I felt the magic as I walked the streets. 
Suarez Sister’s Guide to Berlin with Forever 21 coming later this month!!!

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Baby Blue in Stockholm

September 3, 2014

Vintage gingham pants from Antoinette Vintage
H&M faux leather jacket
Sabrina SL necklace
The streets of Stockholm reminded me of something out of the 2006 Marie Antoinette movie with Kirsten Dunst. Pastel candies and Easter eggs. But in the most chic way possible, of course. To conquer the first day of Stockholm Fashion Week, I decided to go with the full retro route in these cropped wide leg pants that were made for walking with a purpose, as well as for the sake of blending in with Stockholm’s generously color-infused streets. I picked them up from Antoinette Vintage, a local Williamsburg gem on Grand Street (one of my favorite streets in the Burg!) that carries a superior collection of vintage and creations from local designers. Make sure to hit the shop up if you are ever in the neighborhood. The owner is such a sweetheart. These pants are so unlike any other pants I have in my closet right now, and I just want to keep on collecting more in a similar style. I find them so flattering, especially when you want to show a little more belly than normal. They almost feel a little nerdy (high waters anyone???), but the belly makes up for that. I know for a fact that my mom rocked tons of this sort of style in different prints back in the 70s. She was and is still such a babe. Channeling vintage mom here on the pastel streets of Stockholm. Legit.

Check out my Videofyme video from this day, as well. Make sure to download the Videofyme app and start using it!

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F21: Hello From Berlin!

September 1, 2014

Forever 21 tank and embroidered jacket
Sabrina SL choker
Hello from Berlin, Germany! Natalie and I arrived here Friday morning, and have already seen so much of the city in just the 3 days we’ve been here so far. Today is our last day here, and we’re making the most of it by exploring the last few neighborhoods we haven’t hit up yet, and hopefully checking out the Anne Frank exhibit I’ve been dying to check off my list. The past few days have been one huge blur of food, wine, beer, German, Google Maps, public transportation (we’re always on that S or U train), art/graffiti, electro and eccentric interior and exterior design. Berlin was everything I’ve dreamed it to be and more. The city is bursting at the seems with creativity and youth everywhere you go, even in the more gentrified areas (Berlin Mitte or Prenzlauer Berg for example). Berlin is food heaven, with a heavy Turkish influence and an all around preference for exotic tastes. You’ll most likely find more Vietnamese and Thai restaurants wherever you go than German food, surprisingly. But that’s what is the best thing about big cities like Berlin. The melting pot nature and cultural diversity is so distinct here. It’s really marvelous. It gives NYC a run for it’s money. You walk around with beers like its nobody’s business. You’ll find a library in a techno club in case you feel like reading some classics. You pay whatever you want for wine at the local wine bar because they still have trust in the honor system. The same goes for public transportation here, where there are no ticket takers or turn-styles, but users of public transportation are trusted to purchase their tickets according to use. Berlin so far feels like such a free-minded city that embraces so much of a well-rounded focus on the human spirit. Endless beer and wine makes the city feel less drunk on alcohol and more high on social interaction. It’s just wonderful! 
This is just a quick glimpse from our first night in Berlin and some other moments so far. Our first night we stumbled across Haus-Schwarzenberg in Berlin Mitte, a grungy, artistic building made up of artistic work spaces, an independent cinema, a cafe/bar, and a few museums. It was such a standout spot from the rest of the Berlin Mitte neighborhood, which is more ritzy and polished than the rest of Berlin. Haus-Schwarzenberg was right up our alley and we ended up drinking some beers with the locals at the off beat bar at the back of the alley, ESCHSCHLORAQUE, as the DJ spinned everything from old school rock and metal to 90s rap and Cuban music. So down with everything about this place.  
Natalie and I have been sporting Forever 21 our entire trip, so make sure to check out the #F21xMe hashtag on our Instagrams to check out our fashion adventure in this amazing city! 

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