Love Goes Round and Round

May 8, 2017


OAK + FORT jacket
AG Jeans white denim jeans
Sabrina Tach shoes
Topshop earrings

Stuck in an airport in South Carolina because our plane to the Cayman Islands was running low on gas. It looks like our day at the beach is going to be delayed a bit, but that’s okay. At least I now have a few hours to catch up on my book, and get this post up (and troll the Instagram like every other person LOL). I spent my weekend being really social outside of my phone, so my time online was on standby these past few days. A very much needed standby, of course. Been thinking a lot about where I want the direction of my blog to go in the near future, and it’s a goal of mine to add more wellness to this space. It’s become a passion of mine, especially now that I’m heading into my 30’s soon. And I want to share all that I have been learning and teaching myself about feeling good inside and out with you all. Eating the junk food here at the airport terminal isn’t really a good start (not many options at the moment), but hey nothing can be perfect. At the end of the day, just trying to fill my days with LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. This street art that I accidentally stumbled across by Tara Dixon in Dumbo was the perfect reminder to infuse my daily ritual with that of LOVE. Even when it seems hard sometimes. Recently, I’ve been feeling a whole lot more of it from myself, my family, my friends, and all of you reading here and visiting my social outlets. And I love hearing from those of you who have been here since day one and have seen it all grow. It’s easy to be lost and pulled in too many directions with the state of how social media is right now . . . where too much seems possible . . . like too much is already out there. What is next?! It’s amazing but scary at the same time. But all I can say that I really do know is that I love creating and learning and loving, while staying true to the roots of where my blog stemmed from. I don’t want to ever lose that unconditional love for expressing and sharing the parts of myself that I feel are worth putting out there in the world in the small way that I do. Today, I just want to remind myself, and you all, to LOVE LOVE LOVE in whichever ways you can. That is all 🙂 xx

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Decluttering Mind and Space

May 5, 2017


AG Jeans dress
Sezane blouse
Tarin Thomas earrings from Tictail
Salvatore Ferragamo purse

Decluttering mind and space. What a great topic for a rainy day in NYC. Sounds simple . . . like taking out the trash, but in fact it is not a simple act at all. That being said, taking out the trash is actually a struggle when I’m rushing out the door and it happens to be one of the five things I forget to do before leaving house. And so what happens once I’m out the front door and down the steps to the sidewalk? I remember it. But what do I do? Nothing. I leave the trash in my apartment. Saving it for later. For next time. And on my way I go. Only to possible forget the next time. And that’s the worst thing. Trash lingering around for far too long of a time. A goal of mine this year is to not let trash linger. And when I speak of trash, I don’t mean just in a literal sense, but mentally, as well. The smell of rotten bananas is just as bad as overly cluttered thoughts that leave us stressed and lacking of sleep. The physical trash can be blamed on laziness. But what can we blame for the clutter in our heads? Of course, everyone is different . . . our personalities, our experiences, the people that we cross paths with and who influence us. They all play a role in what goes on in our minds. And they play a very beautiful, fulfilling role. But then there are things that do the opposite.

Single out those things that keep your mind spinning on the regular, but not in a good way. These things can change on the daily. It can be a bad day at work. A fight with your partner. Stress on your back from sitting or standing too long. Broken pipes your landlord never gets around to fixing. A friendship that seems one sided. An encounter that left you a bit unsettled. A financial bust from the past that you seem to not be able to fully get over or recover from. Write them down along with a few words on how they make you feel and why. Keep doing this daily, and soon you will see a pattern. Which things keep occurring the most? And there you go, you have a target. Basically, that target is the trash bin outside, where you dump the trash from your apartment in. haha. Ok, I guess that makes it seem simple. Just kidding. Really, it takes time to get rid of these things (people and memories) that bring you a negative sort of energy that trickles into your sleep cycles and ups your stress levels. The first thing is to realize it, pinpoint it and take action. And most of all, don’t be afraid to let go of the rotten bananas. Love my comparisons?? Don’t worry, that action can be a slow process, just as long as it keeps you moving forward and away from the energy that keeps you down, tossing and turning at night, and over analyzing your every interaction. I mean, come on, look how long it takes for me to remember to take my trash out. Slow and steady. For me, writing helps me clear my mind, put things into perspective and gives me time to myself to reflect on the things that bother me. And it’s funny, as soon as my mind seems more clear and refreshed, my trash keeps getting taken out on time. Then all of a sudden, I go on a purging spree in my home. Out with the things that don’t bring me joy, or that have no meaning or use. The tangible, and the untangible . . . they can be treated in the same way many times. Give it a try, you’ll see what I mean 🙂

So, to stay on topic, I present this all white ensemble featuring my new favorite dress of the season by AG Jeans . . . the white denim dress. Clear mind, clean space, clean dress. 

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My Bedroom Trimmings

May 4, 2017


Home Sweet Home 🙂

Hello friends. A special post coming at you today featuring a few changes made to my bedroom to freshen up the vibes for spring (and my last few months in this apartment . . . I’m currently home hunting in a new neighborhood in Brooklyn). I was feeling in a bit of a rut with the old formation of my furniture. I basically swapped the placement of my dresser and bed. It’s a bit funky with my bed right up against the second entrance to my apartment, but I never used that door ever anyways, so it doesn’t matter. It’s only temporary anyways. This slight change was just what I needed to be inspired again by my living space. Feeling creative in my bedroom is super important since I spend so much time in this room. I sleep here, and I do work from my desk by the window. When I look around, I like to feel enlightened and happy. And now with my bed facing the window, I wake up to lots of light. It’s an energetic kick starter to my day. 

The Mattress

Now . . . onto my brand spanking new mattress by HELIX. I’ve been sleeping on it for about a month now, and it has been life changing. It was made to be suited just for me. The process that HELIX gives is customers is a personalized shopping experience. Just answer some questions in their sleep quiz about your sleeping preferences, body type and sleeping style, and they will customize the best mattress option for you. If you want, you can split the bed in two, so that each side is individually customized for you and your partner 🙂 How rad is that?! Now everyone can sleep happy. haha. My mattress is perfectly medium firm, exactly the way I like it, and I’ve been sleeping like a baby ever since. No going back after this one, that’s for sure. Thanks, HELIX. 

The Comforter

Now, onto the bed dressings! Out with the old, in with the new! I got a new comforter by Laura Ashley. It’s one of the best comforters I’ve had in a while. Keeps me warm when its cold, and cool when it’s too hot! It’s a keeper. And the quality is excellent, which is so important. I don’t know about you, but I like my comforter filled with real down feathers. The weight and feel makes all the difference. 

The Bed Sheets

And it’s a known fact that nothing feels better than a new set of sheets and comforter cover. My bed sheets, comforter cover, pillow cases and grey throw blanket are all by Snowe Home. I first discovered this brand at a press dinner late last year. I love the minimalism of their designs. I wanted to keep my bed all white, sharp and crisp, so I could add accents wherever I wanted here and there. This sheet set is the best. And it feels good against my skin. My mom gave me these real fur accent pillows. The tone of grey-ish blue, verging on turquoise, is so beautiful! I couldn’t resist throwing these on top of all the white. 

The Rug

Speaking of accents . . . say hello to my new vintage-inspired rug from This one specifically is the Silky Road Antique Brick Medallion AS19 Rug in blush. This was actually exactly what my room needed. It makes me room look even bigger in a way. For some reason, the placement of my bed needed a sort of frame to make it pop. This rug was just the thing to do that. It’s soft tones of pink, white and orange are a melody of sunset goodness all together. Love how my furry pillows complement the tones of pink on my rug, as well. The combination was unexpectedly perfect. When I move, I’m definitely going to pick up another rug from for the living room!

The Wall Hanging

I moved a framed print I have to the wall at the foot of my bed, alongside my vintage guitar that is in need of desperate tuning. That I will get done soon, I promise. haha. Oh, and hanging on the handle of the door is a cute little woven baby cactus wall hanging from The Little Avocado. It fits right in with my bedside table full of candles and my plant that is still alive and kicking (thankfully). 

Well, that’s it for now. A few minor changes, and my living space feels refreshed again. It makes me the happiest to light my candles at the end of the day, hiding underneath the covers. Then feeling my rug beneath my feet first thing in the morning. Right before the first sip of matcha tea. Life is feeling good right now 🙂 


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I Dream of Desert

May 2, 2017


Cleobella crochet top
Novella Royale skirt
Brother Vellies sandals
Salvatore Ferragamo purse

Hello Tuesday! Wanted to share this look with you all from this past Coachella. A retro print that is right in tune with Palm Spring’s color themes. So many orange doors in Palm Springs!! We literally played the game “Count the Orange Doors in Palm Springs” during our drives through the desert. The funniest thing ever. In this case, I found a turquoise door, which to me is the perfect complement to most tones of orange. After this desert trip, I left feeling so inspired by my surroundings. Now that the weather is nice in NYC, I want to take my camera out and about with me to capture the city in action. Find more doors in NYC that will be sure to inspire future blog posts. I’m also in the process of finding a new lens to play around with. My current 50mm has been in heavy use for a few years and is in need of a major upgrade. Perfect timing, because it’s spring. The city is beautiful. And there are more travel adventures on the calendar. Like I said before, I’m inspired to create more this season and try some new things. Here it goes 🙂  

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