Take Me To Tuscany

January 28, 2011

This is one of those editorials that really took my breath away. Shot by Zoltan Tombor for Grazia Italy. Styling – a raw and easy mix of All-American, Ralph Lauren-esque outdoors-iness with an effortless European flair. Shot in Tuscany, a place with endless skies, miles of green around you on every side, and horses to ride upon and take you anywhere you please. It paints a portrait of the lustful thrill of being in nature and the freedom to explore it all. This is the epitome of autumn, and has me fast-forwarding to September. Even with spring just around the corner, nothing feels fresher than fall.
Pictures from Fashion Gone Rogue

Ditsy Bloomage

January 26, 2011

Dress – vintage courtesy of CALICO, Leather Jacket – True Religion, Shoes – ModCloth, Bag – vintage Salvatore Ferragamo, Belt – vintage Sonia Rykiel

I’ve already worn this dress from the vintage shop CALICO twice since I got it a little over a week ago. Thanks CALICO, you are amazing! This was the third time I wore it, and I finally got the chance to capture it in motion. I really love fashion’s new obsession with mid-length skirts and dresses. They make me feel so pretty, feminine, and whimsical. I could just twirl in them all day. With just a few of my favorite vintage accessories added, I am a girl good to go.

This motorcycle leather jacket is one of my latest major purchases. Major meaning I’m kind of scurred to look at my credit card bill next month. I wear my leather jacket A LOT, and my old Zara one (which is a little big on me), is starting to feel and look quite drab. I wanted something that was better quality, more structured, and that would reassure me that I would want to wear it years and years from now. This one was on sale at the outlet, drastically reduced from its original price, but still quite expensive indeed (well, for me, at least). My mom is such a bad influence on me. She said I HAD to have it because it was too amazing. So I got it, but now I promise myself that I’m not going to shop at all for a month. Let’s see how that works. I still love you mom.

Easy Rider

January 25, 2011

I’ve been feeling very inspired by casual and easy going looks that mix romance with an edgy boyishness. If I could stir together all the elements of each of these pictures, I think I would conjure up exactly what I am looking for when it comes to what I want to wear right now. It feels like spring here in Southern California even though we are smack dab in the middle of winter. In-between season dressing is always the norm where I’m from, so an effortlessly thrown together look that is not too hot or too cold, but a perfect balance of two extremes, is ideal. I’m talking lace and leather. Heels and studs. Crochet and boyfriend blazers. Pretty yet hard, but overall extremely sexy.


Wildly Striped

January 23, 2011

Faux Fur Jacket – vintage, Top – Madewell, Jeans – Hudson, Bag – Givenchy, Belt – vintage, Shoes – Kate Spade

I’ve been looking for a cropped faux leopard jacket for ages that I could wear more casually, and this vintage one fit the bill perfectly. Also, its cropped sleeves ensure that I can wear it far into spring. Can’t wait! Stripes go with just about any print out there, so with leopard it went. Stripes, leopard print, and a wine-red pucker. Three things that never go out of style.

Unlike many of you, I’m one of those people who never watched Sex and the City when it was running on HBO. Now that it’s rerunning on E! Network every night, starting from the beginning, I’m finally jumping on the SATC bandwagon (although years late), and I am finally understanding what the obsession is all about. I cannot get enough of it! I totally want to be Carrie and I think Aiden is such a cutie 🙂

And check out my feature on The Los Angeles Examiner website here. It was written by Christina of Profesh Style! Thanks Christina!
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