Saturday Sweetness

May 14, 2011
One of the coolest things about being a stylist is that looking for inspiration online is just part of the job. Here are some fashion-forward pictures that are catching my eye right this second. A mix of edgy, bohemian, and romantic. Why not throw it all together and make it your own? Inspiration for your Saturday thoughts . . .

My sister Natalie is here in Philly with me . . . helping me apartment hunt along with doing all that other touristy fun stuff. I promise a new outfit post soon 🙂


Blushing Ballerina

May 11, 2011
Lace top – Leyendecker, Skirt – YesStyle, Bag – Banana Republic, Sandals – Wanted, Rings – H&M, Bracelet – Forever 21

I am having an amazing time In Philly so far. It’s been 4 full days already! Crazy! More pics from the city to come, I promise . . . but since I still have a bunch of outfit pics from my pre-Philly days in California, I thought I would sprinkle one in every now and then. Makes me miss home so badly, but I couldn’t be happy to be on the east coast right now! As you all know, I am freakishly obsessed with midi skirts right now, in every color, texture, and print imaginable. My collection keeps growing and has no intention on stopping anytime soon. This one is so soft and delicious and pretty. Makes me feel like a ballerina. There I go twirling in my skirt again. What’s new?

Anyways, my new job at Free People is amazing. I’m up on my feet 24/7 playing around with the clothes, styling looks for the web, and dressing up pretty models . . . trying to bring to life that Free People aesthetic. Being a stylist is hard work, let me tell you that. But it is so much fun! I can’t wait for day 3 on the job! Someday soon, I plan on taking my camera to work to give you all a a visual of what it looks like in the stunning Free People offices. Your jaws will literally drop!


Pretty in Pink in Philly

May 9, 2011
Dress – Bluebird, Jacket – True Religion, Boots – vintage, Bag – Melie Bianco, Ring – Threadsense

I put this this post together late last night when really I should have be prepping for my first day at work at Free People . . . which is today! Thankfully, I kind of had an idea yesterday of what I wanted to wear for my first day on the job. No biggie. I’ve been in Philly for two days so far and already have been having a blast getting to know the area I am staying in right now (Rittenhouse) and all the surrounding neighborhoods, as well as getting to make new friends in the city! My first real night here I went out with some Free People girls for a big British dinner and drinks afterwards. Yesterday was a day of lunch and shopping with Veronika of Tick Tock Vintage and her friend Bernadette (pics to come). Life has really has been amazing so far! I couldn’t have asked for a better welcome to the city!

Now, let me first introduce you to my new friend (and basically best east coast bud so far) . . . Kim from eat.sleep.wear. This girl is just darling and so much fun!!! Beautiful inside and out. I feel so lucky to have met this girl. We took some pizza to go eat at Rittenhouse Park right as the sun was going down last night. It was a beautiful . . . perfect! I am looking forward to many more adventures with this doll in the city!
Here is Kim and I acting all crazy in my bathroom at my studio. Being cheesy is the best! Gosh, I love this girl!


The Last Goodbye

May 6, 2011
Last Sunday night was a night to remember with all of my beloved friends that I have been so lucky to meet through blogging. I wanted to get everyone in one place so I could say my last goodbyes before I leave for Philadelphia. We giggled and laughed over sushi and sake in Santa Monica. It was an amazing time. And I am so happy that I finally got to really meet Aimee from Song of Style, as well as her boyfriend. They are the sweetest couple ever. In just a few hours, I will be boarding a one-way flight to Philadelphia to start my new adventure as a stylist for Free People. Leaving my friends and family behind for this wonderful opportunity is bittersweet, but I am also in one of the most overly excited states that one can ever be in. I couldn’t be happier right now. Thanks Mckenzie, Shea, Rachel, Eunice, Beatrice, Jules, Jade, Melanie, Rebecca, and Aimee for coming out Sunday! I felt so sad leaving these faces behind that night, but I know I will be seeing them all very very soon again! And congrats to Mckenzie from The Fitting for getting an internship at Free People’s showroom in LA! Hopefully I get to see this girl in Philly someday soon 🙂 Even though we met not too long ago, I feel like I’ve known her forever! Love all these girls! They are all the reason why I love blogging! Natalie will be in NYC next week to host a MANGO event, and she will be joining me in Philly for a weekend of fun and apartment-hunting! Can’t wait! Going to miss you so much Nat, it’s not even funny!

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