Paint Me Red

January 9, 2011

Leather Jacket – Zara, Sweater – courtesy of, Scarf – courtesy of ModCloth, Shorts – Zara, Bag – vintage Chanel, Shoes – Anthropologie
Yes, I am wearing shorts. No, I am not crazy. Winter in Southern California is actually very kind to bare legs. I don’t even know why I wanted to wear shorts this day. I just did. I did happen to do all sorts of crazy layering on my upper half (my arms get cold much more easier than my legs). I love to wear red, but only in small bursts, so I layered this red cardigan under my leather jacket for a fun peak of color. Red is an awesome way to add some kick and spunk to a look. I picked up these boots on sale at Anthropologie after Christmas. My sister and I spotted them at the same time on the shelf, but since they were too big for her they ended up mine! Haha. One can never have enough black boots in my opinion. You can wear them with everything, so they are a very practical investment.

Going to head out for a little walk/hike and then enjoy the rest of my lazy Sunday before I start work tomorrow morning!

Just a Tad Chilly

January 7, 2011

Jacket – GAP, Knit Scarf – Deen + Gray, Sweater – Forever 21, Jeans – James Jeans, Shoes – 80%20 from 80’s Purple

If I ever decide that I want to play in the snow, I can always just take a drive up to Frazier Park, where there are long stretches of desolate grassy areas, pretty little horses grazing, and quaint log cabin homes. These pictures were taken last week, but at the time there really wasn’t any snow left (darn it!). I had fun anyways, even though the freezing cold air was biting at my fingertips and nose. My heavy knitwear and a warm coat came in handy to fight the chill.
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