Airwalkers by Sharon Gong

February 21, 2011

airwalkers from Sharon Gong on Vimeo.

My sister Natalie and I feel so lucky to be shot by the incredibly talented Sharon Gong for the March/April 2011 issue of ATOMICA MAGAZINE. I really cannot believe that this girl behind the lens is only 16 years old. I cannot wait to see what she does in the future! She’s so amazing! We shot these in the Pacific Palisades on the beach and at a random park we found. It was so easy to work with Sharon, and so much fun! I am so in love with these pictures. Definitely showcasing some sister love here. My favorite is the last one. I am for sure going to get that one blown up and framed. A picture truly says a thousand words. There’s also a little video to go along with this editorial.

ATOMICA MAGAZINE is the brain child of another talent. Her name is Kelsea Kosko. She’s only 17 and I’ve been a fan of her blog Let’s Be Threads for quite a while. Can I say future fashion editor?? This girl gives Anna Wintour a run for her money. What’s up with all this young creative talent bubbling all around us? The future is in their hands and it’s so exciting!


WWDMAGIC and Teen Vogue Blogger Lounge

February 18, 2011
I love being a Teen Vogue girl!

I finally got the chance to look through my pictures from the WWDMAGIC trade show and Teen Vogue Blogger Lounge. I learned so much about the industry from a brand new perspective in just three days! The trade show was a perfect example of what really goes on behind the scenes in the fashion industry. Where do those clothes you see at the mall or the boutique down the street come from? It all starts with the relationship between the brands, the products, and the buyers. But there is so much more to this cycle than just that. How about us . . . the consumer? The girls who love fashion and who are the ones that make the biggest impact on the success or downfall of a brand. Hello . . . fashion bloggers!

We ran into the lovely Diana Kang from the blog Diana Kang! Such a nice surprise since I love her blog!
The amazing Hayley from Kensie! She was so outgoing and fun to talk to. She was so welcoming to all of us bloggers!
The two coolest ladies ever, twins Rebecca from Style With Benefits and Melanie from Wrecked Stellar.
Blogger love! My sister and I can’t wait to hang with these girls again here in L.A.!
The beautiful and fabulous Canadian blogger Elim Chu from The Style Seen.
The amazing dresses at the Kensie booth.
Stacks and stacks of Teen Vogue issues. This is where my love for fashion really started
Getting our pink bubbly on at the Kensie party.
Rebecca is my girl! Peace.

At one of my favorite booths . . . the Blue Bird booth. Natalie modeled for the brand not too long ago and her face was all over the place!
Can I just have everything from Blue Bird? This booth was packed with buyers! Everyone wanted Blue Bird for their shop!
One of the most good-looking couples at the trade show. They were so sweet, too. That suit is dapper.
Melanie doing what bloggers do best.
With the amazing and super funny Vu from Threadsense. He was documenting the whole event while his team was going on buying meetings with all the brands.
A snapshot of just one view of the Las Vegas convention center. The place was HUGE!
The Free People booth was one of my favorites. I lusted over every single item!
Morgan from Free People gave Natalie and I a personal tour of the collections. Who wants some fringe?
The blogger panels featuring one of fashion’s most influential bloggers, Jane from Sea of Shoes. It was so lovely meeting her and her mom at the event.
Us bloggers having fun with sour watermelons.
Natalie and I with the amazing Jazzy McGilbert from the blog Jazzi McG.
Starting off the second day of the trade show with some very strong coffee.
Bloggers uniting for one of many photo ops. That’s Taisa from Amahzing Blog in the cream blazer and headband.
The beautiful and oh so chic Elisa and Francesca from Italian brand P. & T. Furs. They were so lovely.
More rad outfits from the coolest girls ever Rebecca and Melanie.
Me posing in front of the Jessica Simpson booth right by the Teen Vogue Blogger Lounge. The coffee still hasn’t kicked in just yet.
Right after the Rebecca Minkoff dinner at Aria hotel. Right before heading to The Cosmopolitan hotel for the Hudson Jeans part at Marquee nightclub. It was an AMAZING night!
I wore a Queen’s Wardrobe dress and True Religion leather jacket for the party. I danced the night away and it felt so good!


Leopard Satchel

February 17, 2011

ModCloth top, True Religion leather jacket, Hudson wide leg jeans, Melie Bianco leopard satchel, Seychelles wedges

I just got back from Vegas this evening and all I can say is WOW. My time at the WWDMAGIC Trade Show and Teen Vogue Blogger Lounge was an AAAAH-MAZING experience! I didn’t have a spare minute the entire time to sit down and blog between visiting brands at the trade show, meeting bloggers and other fashionable people, and making new friends. I am totally exhausted, but it was well worth it. Lots and lots of pictures and a video to come!

I feel bad that I haven’t blogged since Sunday, so here is an outfit post of what I wore last Friday, the day before I left for Vegas. I was testing out my new HD Slide Flip cam and decided to document what I was wearing in a new way. It was a lot of fun! But all I know is that I touch my hair a lot when I know I am being videotaped. Maybe it is an insecurity thing? Well, I love making videos and this is something I need to get used to since I plan on doing this more regularly on the blog. I’ve gotten a lot less awkward over the span of my blogging life in front of the camera, but video is a whole new world for me. Let’s see how this goes. Enjoy and let me know what you think! I always laugh at myself when I watch myself in this video! haha

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