Hanging Out On Sidewalks

December 16, 2010

Casual is what I have been feeling lately, especially since I have been running around at a moments notice with not much time to spare. But it’s so much fun! I always throw on some sort of ankle boot when I am not sure what to put on my feet on days like these. They are the quickest way to ensure looking chic on the go!


Seeing Stars Through Prada Frames

December 16, 2010
Felt the need to show you guys my new Prada frames. They are sharp, smart, sleek, and just a little bit glitzy. I hardly ever wear glasses out (probably because my old pair look totally drab), but maybe now I will have the confidence to give my eyes a rest from hardcore contact lenses wear when I am out and about. Being a tad shortsighted has never felt cooler. I am seeing stars at the moment because of the holidays and the fact that we are edging closer and closer to a very promising new year.

Sunny Side Up

December 12, 2010

Sweater – ASOS, Woodstock Jeans – Hudson, Shoes – ModCloth, Bag – Melie Bianco, Belt, Hat, and Bracelet – vintage

I have always been a die-hard skinny jeans girl, but I am always up for trying something new. These Woodstock Wide-leg Hudson jeans are . . . super wide, a style I haven’t sported since grade school, but I was attracted to the idea of testing them out once again. It was instant love as soon as I pulled these on. When you go wide, you most definitely never go back. hehe. They make me feel free-spirited and a little bit bohemian. Perfect for a lazy weekend stroll. I am happy to say that I have found a new way to change up my leg wear when skinnies feel too monotonous. Leave your legs room to breathe and roam, I say! Life is to short to get stuck in a rut. Who knew that a pair of wide-leg jeans could have such an impact on one’s outlook on life?!

I found this vintage hat a few weeks ago at the Salvation Army Boutique in Santa Monica, and it has been my go-to piece when I don’t know what else to do with my hair (which is most of the time). I just had to sew this brown ribbon around it to get it back into tip-top-shape. A hat always makes an outfit look that much better. I think I need more wide-brimmed ones in my life to get me through those oh too many bad hair / I don’t want to brush days. Thanks hat. You are a lifesaver. Kisses to you. Oh, and cable knit sweaters are basically da bomb. Can’t get enough of the cozy little suckers.



December 9, 2010

Aztec Sweater – Lalaland Vintage, Top – 80’s Purple, Cargo Jeans – Hudson, Booties – 80%20 from 80’s Purple, Bag – Melie Bianco, Rings – Forever 21

I’m really into knits with cool patterns nowadays. This one from Lalaland Vintage has an Aztec style design which I think is really neat and also quite pretty. It also keeps me really, really warm which is a double plus. Just like I have been living in knits lately, I have also been living in my Hudson skinny cargo jeans like a crazy person for the past week. They fit like a glove and are the most comfortable things my legs have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Don’t even think about asking me take them off because I will not. And here is a better look at the Melie Bianco handbag that you guys kind of got to see in my last outfit post. Isn’t it perfect? It fits everything, and I can wear it in so many ways. It can easily be mistaken for a super expensive designer handbag (but without the super expensive designer price). Totally rad.

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