The Weekend Dress

September 1, 2017


DKNY dress
Topshop sheer bodysuit
By Far leather boots
Kenneth Cole sunglasses
Bally purse
Argento Vivo earrings

What a crazy week. With next week looking even crazier. Heeeeyyyy New York Fashion Week. My nose has been to my computer screen for the past seven days straight. My fingers sore from editing. My eyes tired from lack of sleep. But I’ve been at the grind so much this week because I’m so excited about it all and what is to come. I really do think that fall is my season. It’s when I’m most productive and motivated. It’s like a brand new school year. Only this time, the tests that I take are the ones that I give myself. And one thing that I’ve learned to be most important is giving myself time to breathe on the weekends. Thank goodness for the one coming up. A long Labor Day weekend to be exact. Mondays off are the best aren’t I right? Although I’m sure I’ll be working on Monday, my spirits will still be high. But the next two days?! They are going to be divinely slow and lazily so. Sleeping in will be a rule of thumb. The museum is waiting for me because my boyfriend has yet to see the COMME des GARÇONS exhibit, and I’ll take up any excuse to go to the MET again and again and again. This artful weekend sport is part of an undying love affair for me. Brunch in my old neighborhood of Bushwick at the Aussie brunch spot that doesn’t allow you to take pictures inside (even though they know you totally do). Furniture hunting at the vintage store. Bold velvet chair I am going to find you! Each day my condo comes closer and closer to feeling like a real home. I am grateful for that feeling. And the weekends are committed to my home. My candle scented haven. My favorite excuse to call the weekend to come to me as fast as it can. This DKNY dress though. It’s my weekender dress. It’s got a boss’s attitude, but at the same time melts seamlessly into a more carefree mood. I like a dress that can play both sides, moldable and bendable to my state of mind, whatever that may be at any particular time. Now that’s what I call full functionality. Even if my functionality will be mostly on mute this weekend. 

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The Lady Wore Stripes

August 30, 2017


Vintage blazer
Rebecca Minkoff tee
Hudson Jeans flares
Kenneth Cole sunglasses
ASKA sandals
Salar bag
Cadette earrings

Masculine dressing has turned into my security blanket. Its as if all of a sudden, I felt like my vulnerability increased when my dressing felt too refined, too feminine. This has been a theme of mind since girlhood. One of my main fashion inspirations ever was Sally from When Harry Met Sally. Her strolls through the park in her boyish blazers and straight cut pants made me long for intellectual conversations in the streets of New York City. I longed for a wardrobe that was tough, but a mindset that was romantic AF. A fantastic duo. For as long as I had both, I could accomplish anything. That’s how I felt. That’s how I feel. I’ve been collecting blazers since middle school. Many didn’t make their way east coast with me when I moved here. A leave behind that I fully regret today, but has been made up by the fact that this vintage striped wool blazer exists. Basically the exact style that ACNE just came out with. Now I just need a matching pair of vintage pants. Give ACNE a little run for their money (I love you ACNE, but come on I paid $10 bucks for this blazer in mint condition, after the peer pressure of a friend). A blazer so studious in its stripes, it makes a patent leather skirt and bandeau top look smart. A blazer cut so perfectly box shaped, it brings a regality to a pair of verging on hippie flares. This blazer fits the mentality of NYC so much, and the idea that I had of NYC before I even moved here, that it seems like fate that it found its way into my hands. It’s moments like this when fashion seems to come full circle. A puzzle piece mostly put together, but with a whole lot more of the game left to play. I’m ready for fall, can’t you tell? 

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A Different Kind of Summer Dress from Farfetch

August 28, 2017

 I’ve been on the lookout for a particular type of summer dress. One less on the flowy side. I have far too many of those from summers past. Easy to throw on when one has no time for a second more of outfit contemplation. No, this time I’m looking for something different. Something less loud, more sophisticated . . . . mmmm . . . crisper seems like the correct word. Funny, coming from me, a women far from the meaning behind the world crisp. But I wouldn’t be lying if I said I have indeed become more refined. This Derek Lam 10 Crosby sleeveless fishtail dress that I found on Farfetch speaks along those refined lines. Simplistic in nature, but far from conservative or the word I hate most . . . boring. A cotton that feels sturdier and more structured that the usual pretty dresses known to summer, but that is what makes this dress feel special. It makes a far different statement. One physically, it plans to last much longer into the seasons and years to come. A belted waist, utilitarian in feeling, but cinching so well it could never be mistaken as too masculine. There is just the right amount of that you see. Stitch detailing adding a sense of sophisticated curves along the waistline and neckline, the two sexiest parts of a woman’s body. With my body shape being more straight up and down, I long dearly to these fine details that draw emphasize my more feminine parts. Giving shape to what might not originally be there.

Derek Lam, you always do those things the best. And Farfetch, you make things easier my curating the best of the best. Look no more, Farfetch knew before I knew what the perfect summer dress was made for.

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