The Benefits of Matcha

July 6, 2017

I’ve been drinking matcha regularly for over a year now, not because it’s trendy (although I love how easily I can find it now in the city) but because the taste to me is phenomenal, and it has many extremely healthy benefits for the body. In college, I would drink a hot cup of green tea (soaked from tea bags) to calm my skin whenever I broke out. I read about it in a magazine, and I felt it really did help. And growing up with an Asian mom, I’ve tried lots of different kinds of Asian desserts, and matcha flavor (on top of taro) was always my favorite. But I never had matcha in it’s raw form until my boyfriend made me a cup of it unsweetened near the beginning of our relationship. I was addicted ever since. Matcha is basically the more raw, concentrated version of your basic green tea. You are consuming the entire tea leaf as opposed to a brew, which gives you 10 to 15 times more nutrient per cup. Now, I replace my normal morning cup of coffee with a cup of matcha, and it has been life changing. No more stomach aches. Clearer skin. Less bloat. It kick starts my appetite. And I feel like my general well being has shifted because of this daily change in my routine and diet. 

Here is all the reasons why I love matcha:

1. It’s an antioxidant boost, which in turn strengthens your immune system. I’ve noticed that I have gotten sick far less since adding matcha to my mornings every day. Less colds, less coughing, less sinus infections. It even eases digestion. I feel great! 

2. It acts as a cleanser because it contains high levels of Chlorophyll, which helps detox the blood and throughout the body. The more toxins that are flushed out of your body, the better of course. Matcha is a great step in the right direction when it comes to clean eating. 

3. It helps keep you slim because it helps increase your body’s rate at burning calories. Mixing matcha with a healthy diet and a regular workout routine is the best way to get in shape. 

4. It’s energizing because it contains a healthy form of caffeine. it’s not the same kind of caffeine found in regular coffee. Matcha’s caffeine is a slow-release of energy. Starting your morning with a cup will ease you into your day at a much healthier pace, rather than shocking your system awake. And you’re energy will last much longer throughout the day. 

5. It’s so pretty! Probably one of the main reason’s it’s so popular today, especially on Instagram. It’s light green emerald color is easy on the eyes, and so complementary to Millennial Pink (like the tone of my mugs at home). For someone into aesthetics, matcha is the winner as opposed to that dark and aggressive cup of joe. I like mine with a spoonful of agave and a splash of low-fat vanilla soy creamer. Perfection in a cup.

Hope this post inspires you to jump on the matcha bandwagon. I always make my own matcha, unless I’m out early for the day and don’t have time to make my own, craving it right after the gym, or traveling. The one I get is from Whole Foods, but Asian supermarkets sell them, too, and probably for a much better price. Make sure your matcha is from Japan. That stuff is the real deal 🙂


Monochrome in Secret Places

July 5, 2017


Donni Charm wrap top
Ulla Johnson pants (used to be a jumpsuit)
Sezane sandals

Back from one of the longest Fourth of July weekends that I have ever experienced. That’s a good thing, because in this city weekends usually go by at fire speed. It was an extension of my Hawaii trip, and very much needed because time away from the computer is always a good thing. What did I do this past weekend? I went to Smorgasburg, met with friends at the beer garden, watched Beguiled, had vegan Matcha ice cream at Van Leeuwen, jammed, had brunch at a favorite French spot, did a cover to Britney’s Toxic with friends, explored Brooklyn Heights, had a picnic in the park in Dumbo, watched the most epic sunset and a fireworks show from the Williamsburg waterfront, and last but not least created a new obsession with spinning the fidget spinner on my nose and everyone else’s nose. haha. Oh, and most importantly, I watched the entire first season of The Handmaiden’s Tale in three days. One of my biggest newfound addictions ever. High recommended.

Now it’s back to work. No more up too late watching shows, and more up early writing and editing blog posts. I am back in that focused mode. Luckily, for me, work is therapeutic. It is a daily nostalgic excursion back in time, to days of good outfits, exciting explorations by foot and stumbles upon aesthetically inclined views. I always hope to show you guys places off the beaten path as much as I can, because those are the places I most often want to go. Like this hidden path that curved outside and around the edges of our resort, to a local cliff jumping spot into one of the most beautiful spots of ocean I have ever laid eyes in. A body of water fluxing in blue and green and even gold during sunset. Oh wow it is such a delight just thinking back on it. We found these high layers of grass on our walk that were homes to nesting birds, so we were very careful about where we stepped. Our walk was slow and calm. The sun was still high, so we were in no rush at all. It felt different, being in Hawaii and seeing this large area of what seemed like countryside land, but surrounded by ocean. Less palm trees that I expected right here, but dreamy, to say the least. Windy and serene. It was like walking on untouched land. We were going to stop for a little longer to sip our  Veuve Clicquot rose, but we were already late for a group meeting, so we brought it back to enjoy at our room while we got ready. At least we had some time in a place that made us feel like we were the first discoverers. What a refreshing feeling coming from a place where sparse street corners are hard to come by. That’s what Hawaii is for. 

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Veuve Clicquot during Sunset

July 3, 2017


Rebecca Taylor dress
& Other Stories shoes
Argento Vivo earrings

What a wonderful time for champagne. We’re in the midst of a Fourth of July weekend, my fifth Fourth of July in NYC. It feels deep into summer already, with my sunburnt shoulders, heavy tan lines on my feet and the air con blasting every moment it can in my apartment. Really, it was just two weekends ago that I was in Maui celebrating the launch of Champagne Hale at the Montage Kapalya Bay with Veuve Clicquot and other really awesome people. The sunsets on the west side of Maui are probably some of the most dramatic and long lasting that I have ever been lucky enough witness. And they were appreciated even more thanks to a little evening champagne buzz. It was like floating on a tropical cloud 9. Time slows, and the glow effect spreads so that nothing else matters but that moment of watercolor canvas on the sky. By coincidence, I wore this metallic dotted dress, which only maximized the effect of what I saw before my eyes. I made plans to go to the tip of the rocks, as close to that sunset as I could, but in my sandals it would be near impossible. I will save that for another trip, but this little edge overlooking the bay will do for now. Maui is magic in its simplicity, openness and blue, blue sea, a reminder of life beyond where only our feet can take us. Thanks Veuve Clicquot for kickstarting my week in Hawaii. It was pretty unforgettable. A celebration of summer and nature and relaxation. I little champagne always adds that extra something special. 

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