Island Time, Courtesy of Maui

July 2, 2017


Vitamin A swimsuit
Argento Vivo earrings

Hello, everyone. I’m back from Maui, which was part work trip with Veuve Clicquot and part family vacation with the parents. The entire trip struck a balance that was just right, and by the end of it all of my city stresses seemed to escape me. What a difference family time makes. I miss my parents already, and really do wish they lived closer than all the way across the country. But that just makes reunions like this so much more amazing. I’m already looking forward to the next one. The plane ride back home was the only thing to bring me back some aches and pains, but a massage is always a quick fix. I’m glad to be back home and at it again at the content creation routine. But just be warned, there will be a lot of Hawaii photos coming your way this week. It’s a slower week for me, thanks to the Fourth of July holiday and Natalie out of town, but that just means more time for me to focus on writing and coming up with more passion projects that I will be able to share with you all soon. I feel like I’ve put quite a few things on the back burner lately because of too much travel, fatique here and there and making more time than usual for my social life. But hey, summer is here, and I’m officially allowed to be easy on myself when it comes to work. But there is still so much I want to share with you all. I think I see another diary post coming soon. But right now, let’s talk about this Vitamin A swimsuit. It made it’s debut on my Instagram earlier this year when I was in Rio de Janeiro with my boyfriend. I still bring it out every warm weather travel opportunity. And I will continue to do so after this one. There’s something so retro and classic about this one. It’s one of my most flattering suits. Vitamin A’s collections have been on point recently. I’ve come to realize that a life isn’t worth living, if it cannot partially be experienced in a bikini. hehe. Happy Sunday guys! 

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Period Talk: Always My Fit

June 29, 2017

I am speaking to all you ladies today on a topic that we are very familiar with . . . our periods. Or shall I say, the discomfort that comes along with being a woman for at least 4 days out of the month. You know me, I’m not one to be hush, hush about this topic. I’m a woman who likes to be comfortable in my clothing every single day out of the year, and that includes the days that I’m on my period. It’s always a struggle finding ways to not sacrifice my style on days when I need to be conscious of what is going on down there, if you know what I mean. There’s nothing worse than walking around in your favorite white jeans with the idea of a period stain haunting the back of your mind when you are on the subway. Many of us have strayed away from using pads because leaks are a scary thought, or, number one on the list, they just don’t seem to fit correctly.

Always has been doing research on the reasons for pad leaks to try to fix the problem, and they have found out that the majority of the women are wearing the wrong pad size, in relation to their body, flow level and underwear fit. Now that’s a lot to think about it seems like when it comes to period protection on a monthly basis. But Always just made it easy with a newly developed Always My Fit guide that informs us on how focusing on pad size from front to back is the key to all our period problems. The guide breaks down Always pads by size, from 1 to 5. Using the wrong size pad very much affects period leaks, so finding the right one for you is super important. And our flows change on the daily.

Besides all that, us women come in a very widespread variety of body sizes and shapes, and we all choose to wear different kinds of underwear during different parts of the day. It doesn’t make sense at all that we should all wear the size pad size. Our coverage should be as unique as we are as physical beings. And that is the magic behind the Always My Fit guide, which is the only one of its kind in the world of period protection.

On the top of every Always packaging is the Always My Fit guide, easy to read and find your perfect fit. Or, there is the option of taking a quick online quiz to land on the right Always pad size for the situations you find yourself in the most. The guide is basically life changing, especially for someone like me who doesn’t like to change her wardrobe or sleep routine because her period gets in the way.

Like I always say, I love very much being a woman. Every single part of it. Even my periods. It makes me feel healthy knowing my body is working the way it should. Always My Fit just makes being a woman so much more seamless, and stain free. Now I can wear my favorite white miniskirt out this summer whenever I want. 

Make sure to try the sizing quiz and figure out which Always size is right for you!

* Sponsored by Always My Fit. All stories, opinions and experiences are of course my own.


Summer Sweetness

June 27, 2017


Kenneth Cole swimsuit
Sezane velvet pants and shoes
Zimmermann hair wrap

The end of June is quickly approaching. I don’t know why, but I have this sad feeling like summer is already slipping away, even though it actually just started. Which is why I’ve been trying to work in a bathing suit into my everyday as often as I can. To keep that sparkling, lethargically stunning, endless summer feeling there as long as I can. It’s a trick that works. I’m currently in Hawaii (working remotely at 6am in the morning when I wake up, and after 9:30pm when I’m already in bed). I can get used to this slow yet productive life I’ve been living these past few days. Last weekend in Montauk felt the same, but without the summer sun. I still wore the swimsuit though, as you can see. With velvet pants to balance everything all out. Our stay at the Surf Lodge was short and sweet, thanks to Grey Goose who hosted my friends and I for the weekend. A sleepy weekend that felt just right. A sleepy weekend that I wish could extend into infinity and beyond. A sleep weekend that makes me feel both young and old at the same time. That summer sweetness. I’ve been capturing more and more on my Instax these past few travels. They are little reminders to live in the moment and keep the act of overthinking on the back burner. It relaxes me more to know that pre-planning really is not needed as much as we thought it is. It gives me a sense of ease about my actions. It keeps me from pondering too much about the next thing, or what has happened before. Summer should be exactly like an Instax photo. Or a roll of film to be developed later. It should be a surprise. Something unexpected but in its own way just right. Summer should be only that feeling of here and now. From the top of your head, to the tips of your toes. Happy summer lovelies. Talk soon. 

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Valentino Details

June 22, 2017


Valentino dress and purse
AG jeans

A thrown together look for the Valentino resort show a little while back. A menswear blouse up top, an elegant wash of lace down bottom. It felt right cinched at the waist and layered over a rugged pair of two-tone jeans. BOY GIRL has always been my favorite way to mix styles. And look at me! A pair of heels! The highest pair I have actually. Forgot the brand at the moment, but the length of the lace and cut of the jeans . . . they required a lot of height to feel pulled together. I was definitely the tallest girl in the room. But I like being tall. And I had to change my shoes right after taking these pictures. But hey, at least I got to wear what’s my dream look in my head in the real world for a little while. hehe. This week has been a busy one . . . but Hawaii awaits tomorrow. Get ready for the blog to get into full on summer mode. It’s about time! Happy Thursday!

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