Fall in Pink Velvet

September 26, 2017


Cinq à Sept bandeau and pants
Vintage blazer
Cafune bag
By Far boots
Cutler and Gross sunglasses

Good morning my loves! Here I am! Two days into my 30th year. A few days into the new autumn season. I am under the influence of a strong cup of joe.  I don’t feel different and I feel completely different at the exact same time. It’s the strangest thing, but also an exciting one, too. So this is what it’s like to get over that last year of my 20’s hump. All that waiting and wondering and pressure to be an adult, and here I am. Maybe I’m not feeling it exactly right, but all I can say is that it feels good to be here. I still feel eager about my work and where it will bring me in my future. This past year has been one of the busiest of my life, but I still found myself dedicating so much time to myself and my closest relationships. This dedication is what is going to be rolling over into this new chapter of my life the most. As I get older, all I want to do more and more is feed my soul, shake through my thoughts and keep deep down inside me a youthful spark that hopefully will never go out. There have been many ups and downs, of course, on the way to this new year. There always will be. Embracing this I think is what is going to help me conquer my 30’s. It’s what is going to give me focus. It’s what is going to re-inspire my words on this page. It’s what’s going to make me look forward to what is to come as an adult, and as a true decision maker. What I want to do more of going forward is doubt less. My self esteem, my goals, my loves, my motivation, the pathways I find myself falling on. All of these things and so much more, I want to have free of doubt. What I’ve noticed this past year is how successful it has been, but at the same time how many times I doubted what I did, feeling not as in the game as I should. But you know what? There is no game. There is no right or wrong. There is no set way to act and feel and speak and think. There is no number that needs to define me. Not even my age. Now that is a timeless way of thinking. hehe. I’m excited for the year to come. These pink velvet pants are, as well. I’ve been missing Milan and Europe in general, so hoping to have more trips planned to go there before the end of the year! I have the excitement of a child about all that. I’m 30 but the spirit of a 10 year old. How about that. 

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A Yellow Tease

September 21, 2017


(nude) sweater
(nude) velvet pants
Etro purse
Kate Spade shoes
Zero UV sunglasses

I see another dramatic color turn coming right now. Yellow. A color that I have strayed from ever since going darker with my hair, in fear of vibing too much with a bumblebee. However, on this day, the mustard and rusty orange felt wearable. But for such a casual look, I  surprisingly got a lot of compliments on the street on my monochromatic scheme. And even more so on the mustard yellow itself. It encouraged me to try a look like this again. And man, these velvet pants are so darn comfortable. I’ll take any other reason to put them back on for a spin around town. Maybe with yellow again?!

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NYFW Flashback

September 20, 2017


Cinq à Sept dress
Cutler & Gross sunglasses
By Far boots
Cafune purse

First Day of NYFW. What a blast of a day. Layered up a dainty floral midi dress to give it some edge. I’ve been super into this mesh bodysuit; I’ve been wearing it under just about everything these past few weeks. It’s has that on the dot amount of punk every floral dress needs. 


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Blue Diesel

September 18, 2017


AG Jeans jumpsuit
AG Jeans turtleneck
ASKA mules
Alexis Bittar earrings

Amping a casual, tomboy look is my favorite fashion statement at the moment. I’ve been looking for a reason to bring these red hot mules out again for the fall, and it looks like I found a match made in heaven. This jumpsuit is verges towards that of a car repairman, and that is all the reason why it feels so right. But I was looking to bring something more to it. Something that still felt daytime and casual, yet far from boring. The chillier weather has been calling for my turtlenecks. The layering on its own created a whole new dynamic. The only thing missing was some color. Instantly, the mules added some fire to the look. A boyish jumpsuit made sexy in a hot second. I’ve found so many ways to intensify a simpler look with these shoes. Maybe I’ll share more 🙂

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