A Cayman Islands Roundup

May 24, 2017

Hello lovely, lovely people. Writing to you from a rainy NYC once again (nothing has changed. haha). I felt like it was worth it to dedicate a blog post to the Kimpton Seafire Resort + Spa in The Cayman Islands. With a huge thanks to Donni Charm for making the trip happen. More Donni charm spring and summer styling to hit the blog very soon. Right now, I want to focus on the time we had at the resort. Literally just a few months old, the Seafire is exactly what the model of future of what the island is striving to be. Caribbean-inspired at its heart, yet minimal and futuristic around its edges. I loved the mix of both worlds. The room were large and cozy, with a very luxurious shower and bath tub (which I fully made use of my first night there). Mine had a view of the pool and beach, which was one of the biggest delights for me. The first thing I did in the morning was sit out in the balcony, bare legged and bare foot. My skin fresh and dewy, not a spot of makeup. My hair up without a care in the world. A coffee in my hand. The blue reflection of the sea quite harsh on my eyes, but I didn’t even bother with sunglasses. I just closed my eyes, leaned my head back, felt my legs tingle with humid warmth, and melted in the cushions of my balcony’s couch. I wish all my mornings could start that way. Waking up without stress and forgetting the existence of emails and deadlines and documenting moments via social media (even though I felt like I was on vacation, it was still a work trip!). It’s crazy to think that this could actually be everyday life, if I really wanted it to be. Oh, so, so tempting. Quite dangerous in fact! I’ve never loved a sunburn more on the tip of my nose more than I did at this place.

Oh, and the food! How well we ate. And how full our tummies felt before our sleep each night. The main restaurant just a quick walk outside the lobby kept our taste buds interested and alert each evening. It changed between two different restaurants . . . Ave and Avecita. Ave being more well-rounded and casual, serving more Mediterranean-style meals all throughout the day. Avecita is open for dinner only with a special Spanish-style tapas menu that is made for the experimental and taste enthusiastic. Outside, closer to the beach, is Coccoloba, the bar and grille made for those in the mood for a margarita and ceviche. The menu is a mix of coastal Mexico and Caribbean, and everything on it is absolutely delicious. Caribbean tacos and the sound of crashing waves? YES! Our group laughed continuously over the fact that we had to be in bikinis most of the day, despite the amount of food we were consuming on this trip. Hey, you only live once. And especially in The Cayman Islands. 

Even thought I was indulging in food and more than one drink a night during our trip, I did have time to focus on my wellness and fitness. Paddle boarding for even just an hour during the day left my entire body, and especially arms, sore in the best way possible. I’m addicted to that feeling actually. Paddle board yoga was quite another story, but at least I got a tan out of it, and I’m sure it kick started my metabolism that day. One morning I started off with yoga on the grass, which mostly ended in a bunch of mosquito bites, but I felt ready for the day of activities ahead because of it. Kissing stingrays, holding starfish, snorkeling in blue, blue sea. This trip was full of firsts for me. And I left feeling more adventurous than ever. 


Happy National Swimsuit Day!

May 23, 2017


Lands’ End Tugless One Piece Swimsuit in Deep Sea Paisley Floral

Hey, hey babes! Well look what we have here. Another swimsuit post, but for a very special reason. Lands’ End is saying that today, May 23rd, is National Swimsuit Day. It’s official now. To celebrate, they are offering 50% off all women’s swimwear and free two day shipping so they will receive their swimsuit in time for Memorial Day Weekend. I was just making plans with my girlfriends this past weekend for the upcoming Memorial Day weekend, and it looks like there is a beach day in the works. It’s crazy to think that last summer I didn’t have one day at the local New York City beaches. Yes, it’s overly crowded with city dwellers in search of sun, and the taco joint takes two hours to get a table for you and your friends, but that’s really the vibrancy of it all. Shoulder to shoulder deep in sand, ice cold michaeladas and hopefully lots of sunscreen. NYC weather hasn’t been proving to be very great recently, but everyone is trying to get their hopes up that things will change in time for the upcoming weekend. NYC deserves sunshine and summer finally! Either way, I’m ready. I took a browse through Lands’ End‘s super lovely swimsuit options, and landed on this retro feeling, flower burst Tugless One Piece Swimsuit (the print is called Deep Sea Paisley Floral). It feels seventies in its color pops, yet at the same time sleek with its shape. I’ve always been tall and straight, I love the way that one-pieces flatter my body. It makes me seem even longer than I already am, and accentuate the waistline in the sexiest of ways. And the biggest bonus with this one-piece in particular is the built in soft cup bra. I’m pretty flat chested, so I’ll take any help I can get in the curve accentuation department.

I’ve come to really love my body in a swimsuit recently. It’s beyond just the gym, fitness classes, matcha every morning and midday juices. It’s also a mind thing. My body is not perfect. I have a scar running down the length of my spine that haunted a few years of my early 20’s. It made it hard to feel free in a bikini. I’ve come a long way since then, and learned to shake off the feelings of being scared of my imperfections. With time, I came to accept my body the way it was meant to be by giving it love and care. Wearing a swimsuit is just another way that I like to thank my body . . . by showing it off! And that’s why I went for the boldest print this time around. I no longer feel self conscious or the need to hide parts of myself when I’m at the pool or the beach surrounded by friends and a bunch of strangers. Instead, I feel empowered. And I’m still a bit tan from the Cayman Islands . . . that always helps with the confidence level. 

So remember. Your next swimsuit is 50% off today at Land’s End. And while you are at it, enter the Land’s End Beach Sweeps for the chance to win a 7 night stay for two at The British Virgin Islands. CLICK HERE to get more info on entering.

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7FAM Mix Masters x Who What Wear x #SuarezSisters

May 16, 2017
Natalie and I are excited about this story we shot for 7 For All Mankind in partnership with Who What Wear. Trend to be discussed? Summer’s beloved denim short. We all had phases where the denim short came and went. I remember the years I lived in my denim shorts all winter long with my opaque black tights. You can do that during the winter in Southern California. But of course, like any born and raised California girl, denim shorts have a long lived place on our hips during the summer months. Summer shorts tell the stories of unpredictable adventure. Summer romance. Road trips. And all the other things that come along with the idea of summer. 7 For All Mankind brought back these sort of feelings for me out in the desert. But I’m no longer a teenager in her denim shorts and Converse. I’ve found new ways to wear my favorite summer staple. Together, Natalie and I focused on three ways to refresh the classic denim short. Shake it up a bit. Add some sophistication. A subtle twist. The denim shorts of our past feel all grown up today, and there are a million ways to wear them that way. Here we show you three: Retro, All Americana, and Western. 

First Look: Retro ft.
7FAM Cut Off Short with Step Hem (in Black Ocean Broken) // SHOP HERE
7 FAM Denim Playsuit // SHOP HERE

Denim for me always has to be a blast to the past. With my look here I incorporated colors and patterns reminiscent of the past that still complemented my denim. I wore this 7 For All Mankind dark blue denim romper, with a sheer pink blouse underneath, and some retro pink sunglasses. Together, the colors mixed very well, but still the standout pieces was the denim. I love dark blue denim with pink. It’s a classic! 


Second Look: All Americana ft.

7 For All Mankind Denim Bustier (in Coastal Blue) // SHOP HERE
7 For All Mankind Cropped Trucker Jacket (in Coastal Blue) // SHOP HERE
7 For All Mankind High Waist Short with Step Hem (in Ocean Breeze) // SHOP HERE
Cut Off Short with Aggressive Destroy (in Seratoga Bay) // SHOP HERE

This look is all about appreciating our American roots, with a focus on blue denim shorts because Nat and I are California natives. Denim is literally in our DNA. We can’t live without it! No better way to go All Americana that to focus on rugged blue denim. I wanted to go all out in a more playful way with red, white and blue. A white lace top, a red bandeau, and classic sneakers turned out to be the perfect pairing for denim shorts. All that was missing was a milkshake. Maybe some fries. 

 Third Look: Western ft. 

7 For All Mankind Off The Shoulder Denim Ruffle Top (In Pacific Blue Sky) // SHOP HERE
7 For All Mankind Cut Off Short with Aggressive Destroy (in Seratoga) // SHOP HERE
7 For All Mankind Classic Denim Jacket (in Eden Port) // SHOP HERE
7 For All Mankind Cut Off Short in Peony // SHOP HERE

I define this style as being a little more rugged than usual, heavier with layering, and always throw a hat on and wear a good boot! My shorts were pink (not your typical western color, but that’s why I love it!!) so I wanted to play with that. My blouse was playful and was used to amplify my pink shorts, but the denim jacket gave it a more western, tomboy flare. Boots were the finishing touch. I bet you have never seen a cowgirl wear pink before. I’ll start the trend then 🙂

It was a fun process for Nat and I to watch each other’s style direction get into action with each trend category. For each group, we came up with totally different looks, but in some peculiar way we complemented each other very well. Maybe it’s just a sister thing. I mean, we do start and end each other’s sentences. By the end of the shoot, we both agreed on the same thing . . . that our retro looks were our absolute favorites. We grew up with a fashionable mom. I used to play dress up with her wardrobe, and her style inspired me to vintage shop. Second hand shopping was how I came to find my personal style, and my way to stand out from the crowd as a teenager. 7 For All Mankind‘s latest collection was nostalgia all over again for me . . . styles that jumped out at me from old pictures of my mom when she was my age. The denim romper was something my mom totally would have worn and rocked with confidence back then, and now I get the chance to wear the style in my own way today. What goes around, comes around, as they like to say. But all that I really want to say right now, is how much I am embracing my bare legs this summer. The new wave of denim shorts of getting me excited. 

This post is in partnership with 7 For All Mankind and Who What Wear
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