Hammered to Perfection

December 22, 2017


LIZZIE FORTUNATO JEWELS Triple Disc Goldsworthy Earrings from Farfetch
SUISTUDIO corduroy suit
Skagen hybrid smartwatch

Sometimes throwing on a suit feels like the easiest option. I’ve been loving the effortlessness that comes with wearing a suit. I love it almost as much as how much I’ve been loving the effortlessness of a pair of bold, gold earrings, like this pair by Lizzie Fortunato​ ​Jewels​ from Farfetch​. They feel playful and elegant on my ears. Not too flashy, but just flashy enough. Hammered down to pure perfection, they feel hand touched. Earthy yet regal at the same time. My favorite aspect about jewelry is the duality of it. They can change personalities with a glance. Hair up or hair down; a pair of earrings can feel completely different. This pair in particular goes with just about anything, but right now I love them with my coral pink suit by Suistudio. It’s a sweet and complete look for weeknight work dinner. A late morning meeting. A happy drink with a friend. Hey, I’ll even rock this at a party! Farfetch is my go-to for accessories, especially from new and up and coming designers like Lizzie Fortunato. She just happens to be one of my current favorites. Her earthy aesthetic (fit for a goddess) gives a special air to a full suit look (a goddess who means business, in this case). I love when two particular styles I love contrast just as artfully as they complement. 


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