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The Mulberry Amberley Bag

November 9, 2017


Outfits by Mulberry

Super excited to share with you all my collaboration with Mulberry for the launch of the new Mulberry Amberley collection. The lock closure of the Amberley bags is a modern twist on a classic British design, and it’s the inspiration behind this video which takes a peek through the lock at my favorite parts of New York City. Can you tell by looking which parts these are? New York City is a whirlwind every single day, but I cannot stress more how much I adore certain parts of it more than others. These certain parts always feel brand new and nostalgic to me at the exact same time. They change with the time of day. They change depending on the light. They change with the types of people who pass through. They change depending on my mood. They change depending on whether I’m visiting them along or holding the hand of my man. This feeling of change is what makes NYC feel alive. And that energy is what I wanted to come across in this video that I worked on with my amazing boyfriend. He filmed it and edited it with my guidance on creative direction. Together we made 60 seconds of magic I think. I’m very proud of what our perspectives together created. It drives me to want to keep creating and telling stories! 

In other exciting new . . . next Tuesday, November 14th, I’ll be co-hosting an event at the Mulberry store in Soho with the lovely Krystal Bick from 6-8pm. We’d love for you all to join us at the store for a night of fashion and handbags that will include a cocktail mixology lesson, as well as a viewing of the special in-store installation featuring our #RidersLock videos. RSVP to: The first 30 RSVPs will receive a small special gift from Mulberry!! We are so excited for next Tuesday! Hope to see you there!


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Anna Sui Loves INC

September 5, 2017

When Natalie and I found out that we had the chance to be a part of Anna Sui’s upcoming collaboration with INC International Concepts, a brand created for Macy’s, we jumped at the opportunity! When I was in high school, I remember coming across a picture from an Anna Sui runway show. It was exactly in that moment that my adoration for the designer and the way she viewed the world through clothing began. I grew to love fashion purely because of Anna Sui. And even better yet, I learned so much about fashion and its musical went hand in hand because of her work. I learn to love one as much as the other because of Anna’s rock and roll heart. It beat through every single collection she creates. You feel it in the fringe, you see it in the print, you hear it in the metallic crush of fabric as it rubs against you on the dance floor. 

What I loved most about Anna, and what I felt the most inspired by, was how she always stayed so true to herself with her creations. Her brand definitely grew and reinvented with each collection, but always in the most subtle of ways. No matter what, it felt distinctly her. Her voice was in every fiber, and that was something so special. Her clothes are made for those who strive to hold onto their individuality, and express it to the world. To me, she was the greatest, but also for some reason I felt that she one of the most underrated of designers. Her name always rang a bell, but most didn’t know what exactly she was all about. With Anna, it’s always about the mood of the music influencing the way we tackle the art of dressing ourselves. It’s about time that Anna Sui be viewed by an even greater audience with her collection for INC International Concepts. She sparked my creativity in my younger years, and very much so today still. I look forward to seeing that same spark with a new set of Anna Sui fans with this new INC International Concepts collection.

This collection is a well-done mix of previous Anna Sui collections. The best thing about Anna Sui is how distinct her style and eye are. When I look at this collection, I feel her aesthetic in every way. No corners cut. They could basically be straight off the NYFW runway. The quality and design is exactly on point, which I applaud Macys for. Heavy patterns and her famous metallic sheen. Fringe for days that move and sway. Only Anna could make a sporty trouser work in the best way with a star-printed fringe blouse. Only Anna can come up with the concept in the first place! Natalie rocked the denim mules, I did the velvet heels. The heels in a color so warm and earthy, the idea of Anna’s flower child roots is inescapable. All I want to do is dance to the Velvet Underground and feel the world like Janis Joplin in this collection. Natalie wants to do the same. Basically, this collection was made for us. And we are so excited to show you guys a peek of it right now 🙂 #SuarezSister style. 


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Take a Bite Out of Life

April 24, 2017
I’m so proud to be the DKNY Be Delicious fragrance ambassador for the United States, and super excited to give you all a peek into my life through this partnership. The fragrance’s name, Be Delicious, is refreshing and motivating, bold and energetic. That mindset, and work approach is something that I try to incorporate into my daily routine. It’s all the things that I try to get across with this blog, and have been trying to do since the day I started it way back in 2009. Of course, it’s not always possible to keep this sort of Be Delicious mindset up 24/7. I know that I am a human being, and I know you readers are, too. I know that you guys have come to really like the rawness I throw into this blog; the more personal aspects. So I want to say that being delicious doesn’t mean being perfect. It means being present in the moment, and positively so. Be Delicious is a reminder for me to do that, and that is why I share my process with you all. Going forward, I make a vow to TAKE A BITE OUT OF LIFE, meaning facing whatever life throws at me and turning it into something substantially worthwhile. It’s these sort of unexpected moments that test us the most, and resonate with us the most. I encourage you all to do the same, no matter what your path in life may be. 
Many of you have followed my adventure from starting my blog to working full time jobs in different parts of the industry to finally making the dedicated decision to pursue my blog full time. It’s been an invigorating experience, full of ups and downs, but so well worth the challenge. And I’m so happy with where my path has brought me to be. I know many of you are career ladies because I get a lot of questions about how to get started in the right direction when it comes to finding a career path, or even more importantly, finding a balance between career and passion. This balance is such an important aspect for us City Girls in the word. Being a girl boss is a true state of mind that just happens to align with the Be Delicious fragrance. No matter what you may be in your career. Maybe you are creative, or maybe you are completely technological and numbers driven instead. Maybe you are just a student or working an odd job until you find something that is your true calling. Being aware of your path, your goals for the future, and being open to the possible changes that will in the long term take you strides ahead, is true dedication in my eyes. Even making sure you get downtime from work is an important part of being a City Girl. A City Girl is healthy in her mind, body and soul. Her environment is a strong component of who she is, and she makes sure to build it from scratch so that she can be in the zone and on top of her game as much as she can. 
And so, this brings me to the main topic of this post . . . my work space! It’s always changing, mostly because I am inspired by different things at different times. And I like my work space to reflect that. A mood board in constant rotation of collages and personal photos is the foundation of my desk, surrounding the screen of my laptop with colors and textures and environments that showcase my biggest inspirations. In actuality, I work from a lot of places . . . makeshift desks during my travels, in my living room, at my sister’s apartment, sporadically out of a coffee shop and hey, even from the comforts of my own bed. But out of all of them, there’s no place that gives me the most motivational setting than at my desk, basking in the late morning light coming through the windows of my bedroom nook. My work space is full of candles, some flowers in a color scheme that reflects my mood and a lamp that I like lit up during my evening days at work as Cat Power plays in the background. This is usually the time when I write the most and at my best. Today, alongside my camera gear, external hard drive, and vase full of fresh cut flowers, is my Be Delicious fragrance. It allows for an easy mid-work pick me up . . . a whiff of it from behind my ears or on the pulse point of my wrists is even known to cure the annoyingly curious event of writer’s block, which hits at the most inconvenient of times I must say! And like the flickering candles, magazine tears and nostalgic snaps of my childhood and friends, it’s scent not only inspires me creatively when it comes to storytelling, but helps me unwind for a few moments. I’m trying to put breaks to destress and relax higher up on the list of City Girl guidelines, obviously. Be Delicious is the ultimate reminder that stopping to pay attention to one’s senses is just as important to one’s success as answering all the unread emails in your inbox by 10:30am.  
This post is made in partnership with DKNY Fragrances for DKNY Be Delicious
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& Other Stories | Venice Romance

April 12, 2017


Outfit by & Other Stories

This was one of my favorite outfits from my shoot in Venice for the & Other Stories LA Collection. We were walking through the residential streets off of Abbot Kinney, and my eyes were glued to this baby pink building with sea foam trimming. Cacti spotted around its borders. It is quite possible that this is actually THE Venice Beach dream house. Romantic in the most retro of ways. And right around the corner from my favorite coffee sand matcha spots. I felt that its pastels were the perfect backdrop to contrast against the starkness of this shaggy knit jacket. I was laced up all the way to my neck, and I felt like I should have been carrying around a book of poetry. Or at least a blank notebook where I could write my own words down. Denim on my legs because it’s in the DNA of the city. And that DNA of Los Angeles, well, its burrowed deep down inside of me even though I am so committed to my east coast life for right now. Home is a huge part of me. I grew up exploring these streets, watching it develop and grow, change for both the good and the bad. I went to school here and spent my weekends taking a bus to spend my days by the beach. Home has inspired my style in endless amounts. You can always find a piece of California in the way I throw my looks together. Always a little disheveled. Verging on casual. Ready for anything. More and more, I start to think . . . now wouldn’t it be nice to have a little house in Venice, with a front yard, and a little dog, and a reliable hit of sunshine on my porch every single morning where I can sit coffee barefooted and inspired to live out my day slowly but passionately? Mmmm. Maybe someday again the pull will be strong enough to actually get me to stay for good. 

This post is in collaboration with & Other Stories 

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