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Costa Rica Video Is Here!

August 17, 2016

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I know . . . the wait has been real, but it’s finally here! The video from the Costa Rica trip that I took with my lovelies Natalie and Kiara a few months ago. All footage was filmed by Mike Bishop and it features where we stayed during our first half of the trip at the Four Seasons Costa Rica, located on the Peninsula Papagayo. I really do miss waking up early every morning to the sound of crashing waves outside my window, and smelling sea salt on my skin as soon I stuck my head out the door. I slept the most relaxing and therapeutic of sleeps in this place. A sleep that extended into a meditative-like trance throughout the day. Pure happiness. We felt light on our feet by starting our mornings off with local fruits and the classic Costa Rican breakfast of eggs, rice, black beans and fried plantains. Such a well rounded breakfast that we would have energy to last us far into the evening, when finally our appetites would roar from the exertion we put out to complete our daily activities, which included surfing, paddle boarding, jet skiing and zip lining. All these activities were booked through the hotel (and paddle boarding is completely complimentary!). For those who are more into a zen state of mind, the hotel offers yoga, hiking sessions and of course spa treatments. I took advantage of that one afternoon and got the full body massage that also included sound therapy. It was the most soothing process. I finished the treatment with some ginger root tea and felt brand new. In a place like Costa Rica, where nature is so plethoric, it’s hard not to get one with it and work to treat your body in good, natural ways. It deserves it! And Costa Rica is a reminder of that! Pura Vida!

Now watch the video we made featuring Natalie, Kiara and I. Shot by Mike Bishop. I love remembering all the fun times we had! And I hope to visit Costa Rica soon, soon again!

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Home Is Where the Jungle Is

June 27, 2016


Lulifama bikini
Teva sandals

Home really is where the heart is for me. Well, in the case of this blog post . . . home is where the jungle is. I haven’t lived in too many places, but I have traveled quite a bit, and I have learned a lot about what it takes to adjust to different situations, in different places, in different speeds of living life. Even for just a short period of time. I’ve made it a point to be aware of the act of broadening my verizons on my travels. To get outside my comfort zone. To think outside my box. To be open to things without setting up a standard sets of expectations for myself. To prep myself for being surprised rather than be underwhelmed. But not gonna lie, it isn’t always that easy. Adjusting doesn’t just happen at a snap of the fingers because you say that you want it to happen that quickly. It takes time, and sometimes a lot of work and patience, and maybe faking patience, and heartbreak, and good times overshadowed by bad times and vice versa. It takes support of those you love, and support from yourself, as well. And that support form yourself, that deepest trust in your gut and intuitive force . . . well, that might be the strongest tool of navigating this great big thing called life. Every new place I travel to, I make sure to take back home something refreshing and eye-opening. And I feel lucky to be able to travel with those who are some of my best friends. And that’s a feeling that one should never take for granted. My experiences are so much more grand and long-lived when they are shared experiences. Costa Rica was an awakening for my senses and acted as tender love and care for the parts of my mind that needed it the most. I think the jungle is where I was meant to explore the most. The way the light bounced through the ant chewed leaves and the pops of exotic flora in a tenderly lush array of green is like a soothing song for my soul. Even the poisonous snakes and frogs we came across on our jungle hike got me excited. A reminder that the world is full of beautiful miracles. Enjoy these pictures as much as I did taking them. Hope they inspire you to travel someplace exotic, and full of life and unfamiliar sounds.
































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Sustaining the Beach Lifestyle with Teva

June 6, 2016


Teva sandals
O’Neill bikini top
Lovers and Friends shorts
Vintage blouse around waist
American Eagle bandana around waist
Brixton hat
Ax + Apple bracelet

I sure am missing this after getting drenched from the rain at Governor’s Ball on Saturday night (and ended up missing The Killers). But that’s okay. Dancing in the rain is fun. But so is dancing under the sun in Costa Rica. I’ve been learning to make the best of all situations no matter what nowadays. Teva was a huge part of our Costa Rica trip. Our Teva sandals sticking to our feet in the most reliable of ways during our adventures. Not really sure how our feet would have sustained the burning hot sand, the hilly walk back to our villa, our zip lining tour through the forest . . . and can’t forget the magic hour light chasing we did every evening. They kept us steady on our feet throughout it all. And they even looked good while we were just lounging by the beach and not doing anything at all. Now that’s what I call versatility. More from Costa Rica coming soon.

Shop my favorite Teva sandals here:







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