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Sezane Denim

March 27, 2017


Stylestalker top
Sezane jeans and boots

Nothing more easy than a good pair of blue jeans and white menswear-style blouse. I like my blouse crispy white, a bit oversized and able to be tied or wrapped.

My mind and bones have been warmed as a result of a day free to frolic in Los Angeles. As soon as I step foot back home, I start to feel a little bit more relieved from the stresses of delayed subways, long commutes from north Brooklyn to South Brooklyn, overcrowded sidewalks, overpriced vegan food and french fries, overly sceney Soho restaurants that make me feel like I have to do my hair before entering, endless apartment hunting that is endless because nothing is exactly how I want it to be, winters that slap you in the face and heavy Whole Food bags that break on the walk home. Then there is the fact that there is never enough time to read a book at the end of the day, let alone on my long and sleepy commute. Time to get everything on my to-do list done in one weekend? Impossible. Man, if life could really be as simple as blue jeans and a white button down shirt. Los Angeles, thank you for being that simple combination for me. A little denim escape that encapsulates my mind for the few days at a time that I am home. 

Don’t get me wrong, all the annoying little things about New York City will never overshadow all the beautiful, amazing, substantial parts of it. But right now, I’m feeling very much like a L.A. Woman in her blue jeans and white blouse. 

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Sun Drenched Denim

March 24, 2017


Sezane jacket, jeans and purse
Elizabeth and James top
Topshop mules
Argento Vivo earrings
Cluse watch

This weekend is going to officially feel like spring. We get a warmer Saturday here, and I get to relax with my boo doing fun things to celebrate one year of our relationship. And then I’m off to Los Angeles for a few days for a little family and friend time, but also for an exciting launch that my sister and I will be a part of. I’m so, so ready for that west coast sunshine . . .  I’ve been craving it so much these past few days. 

Make sure to watch out for the relaunch of Sezane denim on March 29. It’s so fab! And one can never get enough denim, right?

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Cool Runnings

January 30, 2017


Kristinit blouse
AG The Yvette jeans // SHOP HERE
Ouigal boots

I seem to be on the run far often than not nowadays. Not from things, but to things. But I guess that is the better way to do things. Going after the things you want (while taking into mind what you also need), now that’s a really special thing. The top of the list of emotional priorities for many of us. Or at least, it should be. But sometimes the running never seems to stop. Isn’t the whole point of running after these things one after another supposed to conclude with one last major run towards that end goal, whatever that may be? Some people live their entire existence based on the fact that they have pinpointed down that one major goal, and that’s it. That’s when they’ve made it. That’s when they can stop running. Me? I don’t know what the heck that is. Maybe I’m just running in circles around it, I wouldn’t even have an idea. But for some reason, it doesn’t scare me to know that. It doesn’t scare me that my future may be up in the air, meant to be dealt with in the spur of the moment. The little goals, the little runs along the way, are the most meaningful part of the entire process as a matter of fact. Do any of you guys feel this way? It makes me feel free in a sense . . . not stuck to a plan . . . not trapped by an idea of what my entire life is meant to be way far ahead of myself. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in plans truly, but I also believe that they shouldn’t be the end all, say all driving the motivational force behind our existence. 

This denim on my legs, it has no idea where my legs will be taking it next. Sometimes I have no idea where’ll be in the next week, or the next two days. But no matter what, I always feel calm and fulfilled whichever outcome I find myself in. Making the most of current moments is something I’ve learned a lot about these past few years working for myself and on this blog, and living on my own as an adult in a city that is actually built on spontaneity. I’ve learned that nothing can ever be predetermined down to the tiniest dot of detail. Even though there have been many situations where I found myself thinking too hard of what the future will look like (even today I do this). But then I remind myself that the future can’t be, and shouldn’t be, so fixed in our minds. If it was, we would be puppets in a way, but we wouldn’t be our own masters. I just decided to be a master to the moments. Right here, right now, is unbelievably promising if you really stop to look at it. 

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Perfect Raw Denim by Frame

December 19, 2016


Kurt Lyle coat
H&M blouse
Frame raw denim jeans
By Far leather boots
Vintage stole
Vintage belt
Proenza Schouler bag // SHOP SIMILAR

It’s not that easy to find a pair of baby blue jeans that feel vintage but fit modern. It’s SO HARD!! That is, until I came across Frame’s new Rigid Re-Release Collection of raw denim. It’s a limited collection of 11 archival pieces brought back to life in a new denim fabric inspired by the aesthetic of the past. 100% made in Los Angeles, and in collaboration with the oldest fabric mill in the U.S., Cone in North Carolina. Now that’s All American. But with a London touch. This sun-kissed light blue is a favorite tone of mine for my raw denim styles. It allows me to bring that feel of spring and summer with me far into the cold winter months. And I love the way that raw denim molds to my body throughout the day. It just gets better with age. Every crinkle softens to each unique curve. This is an aspect of denim that is very important to me. It may be cold out here, but at least I feel sexy in my jeans.

These first few days of winter have been flying by so fast. It’s exciting and scary at the same time. I’ll be on my way back home to California on Tuesday, warmed by the ideas of my mother’s cooking, my father’s hilarious jokes, that west coast sunshine, and all the other comforts that stem from where we are from. So many new people have entered my life this past year and it has been the most beautiful thing. I feel like so much has come together in a way that I never imagined this year. Missing puzzle pieces at last found and placed in position. Pieces that don’t fit at all thrown to the side lines. But nothing beats family and the places that we are rooted from. These people and places are the foundation of our modern being. They linger in the stream of our consciousness kind of like a protector. When we feel our weakest, they are there to give more strength to our backbones. Every few months I’m homesick. Every day I miss my boyfriend while he is away. Many nights I feel the need to unload thoughts and feeling off of my chest, but afraid to do so and so I keep them sheltered. Some days I question my pursuits and paths. But every morning when I wake up, refreshed and unwound, I remember what the bigger pictures is of what I am working for, and I feel better about everything. Or at least I try to. And I remember that nothing can ever be perfect. Nor should it ever be. And my day goes on. In my blue jeans. And I keep on going until I rest my head again. The next day repeat.

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