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Anna Sui Kicks Ass

March 6, 2017


Anna Sui dress
Nicole Miller jacket
ASKA leather boots
Vintage purse

When I wear Anna Sui, I feel absolutely invincible. In the way that the lead singer of a rock band feels when he or she performs on stage. Attending the Anna Sui show this past NYFW just reiterated my love for Anna’s aesthetics, which is grounded so deeply in music and rings so true of her passion for it. You feel the beat in the bones of her designs. The way they move down the runway. The way they shimmer in the light. They layer together in a way that gives light on what is beneath all the way to the bottom. Every single texture speaks boldly and confidently like a tune you can’t get out of your hair. The past is her muse . . . but so much of the future is felt when I see Anna’s designs float (or should I say sashay) down the runway. Every season is a literal transport to a story in time that existed once, but can be touched upon again through the threads put on one’s shoulders. That’s the beauty of Anna’s retelling. She doesn’t change the story in history . . . she sheds light with her own perspective. What I feel when I view her collections is that no matter how history rolls out, the idea of playing to the beat of one’s own drum should never be lost. And that perspective is the coolest thing ever. Long live Anna Sui, the woman who made me care about the clothes I put on my body when I was a pre-teen, and the feeling they gave me when I walked out the door.

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Bringing Elegance to 2017

December 5, 2016


Jocelyn jacket
Scotch & Soda dress // SHOP HERE

2017 is right around the corner. A few blog posts ago I talked about learning how to embrace changes and fear them less. To talk openly about them more and how they affect the paths we take in the future. But more importantly, how we view the present. Changes occur on the daily; tiny little changes over time that maybe in a year we only start to take notice. Some occur over years of development and self exploration. And even then, we still can’t completely figured out the process of it. Just seeing the physical and mental changes I have gone through in the lifespan of this blog is a perfect example of that. Just the other day I was thinking about how someone described my style and mannerisms as elegant. Funny, because I’ve always been kind of a klutz ever since I was a kid, despite being a dancer. I would never use the word elegant to describe myself. But there I was, with someone who thought that I was exactly that. Funny to think about how the perspective of ourselves change as soon as we hear the perspective of others. And it got me thinking, maybe I have been growing into that sort of a human being . . . one that is slightly verging on elegant. And I didn’t even realize it until now.

So here I am, in a dress that I probably wouldn’t have worn 4 years ago if someone tried to shove it down my throat. And a jacket that is fluffier than ever. A kind of fluffiness that I normally stray from. I never considered myself the overly girlish, princess type. I don’t care about tea parties. I’d rather drink a beer. And I normally have runs in my tights. Usually not on purpose. But today, the runs in my tights are scarce. For some reason, the adult part of me knows its smart to have more than one pair, and I pay more for my tights now. And I quite like the chic modesty of this dress and how it makes me feel put together even when I’m feeling borderline chaotic. The feathered jacket? A very impractical item of clothing that serves no purpose other than existing as a delicious indulgence (similar to that of eating an second slice of chocolate cake). But impractical as it is, it suits my state of mind right now. It makes me feel like a woman. It makes me feel sassy. It makes me feel like the life of the party. And I don’t even have to be at a party at all. I could be hanging at home butt naked with only this jacket on, and it would make me feel sexy and unconquerable AF. I don’t know how or why these feelings came about, they just did. It’s a normal part of growing up I assume.

 A lot has changed since the beginning of this blog. Fashionable and unfashionable phases. Things that I hated at some point in time may have found me at a later time where it felt right to love them. And I know that somethings that I love now I won’t feel the same way about later on down the rode. This may or may not be. As each year turns over into a new one, surprises and changes are inevitable. And we won’t know until they happen, and maybe we won’t know until far, far after the fact. But the point is that whenever we do finally realize them, we must hold onto them knowing that they are a part of life. They make us what we are, and what we are is ever changing. It’s a scary thing to think that we are each so capable of turning over new leaves at the snap of our fingers, leaving things and places and people behind without knowing exactly the road ahead, and taking chances without expectations. If you think about, these parts of life, as much as they seem like road bumps (they are for sure), they are also very bold and powerful maneuvers. They are something we cannot help but give into when life throws us curveballs. Curveballs are the greatest tests of our strengths, and the changes we go through are just reflections of those strengths.

So this 2017, don’t go against the current of change. Let them come and run through you. That will give you all the more reason to party it up in the new year.

More great Scotch & Soda party pieces I love:






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She Wore A Pinafore

November 8, 2016


Sezane pinafore dress
Vintage blouse from Beacon’s Closet
Proenza Schouler bag from Farfetch
Chinese Laundry flats

I’m not one of those crazy hardcore zodiac believers, but recently I’ve been taking a peep at my horoscope a little more on the regular this season. Why? Because earlier this year I met Susan Miller, a visionary in the zodiac world online, and she told me that beginning of September of this year, things will start falling off the good side of the bed. So it got me curious. And I’m never one to turn down a little positive motivation to keep me moving swiftly through my days. Apparently, according to my November horoscope from Man Repeller, my life is literally in the “fast lane.” And “Things are just happening, you know?” And “Jupiter’s got its eyes on [me] and its arm around [my] back until October 2017.”   Even a shout out from Susan Miller was thrown in, calling attention to the fact that she said that “life is looking rosey” for me. Ooh-la-la. But what does it all really meaaaannnn?!

Isn’t it funny, how so many of us take these horoscopes so close to heart, reading even deeper in-between the lines as so not to miss any detail so that we can make sure to mark on our calendars . . . waiting with hardly any patience at all for our destinies to unfold before our eyes? For me, it’s always been quite the opposite endeavor. Knowing too much of what my future holds or promises for me is kind of a scary thing, Because sometimes when I think about it too much, I get anxious. So I stray from doing so, preferring to rather take in the present moments as indicators of what is to come for me next. But sometimes, it’s nice to hear an overview from the sun and stars. A general outline with minor details to help me keep aware of when good things are near to me to take advantage of. It’s like a mood cushion.

Apparently, Jupiter is in my sign right now, and this “makes [me] super-busy, so [I] may have been so absorbed in making life changes that [I] haven’t yet had time to realize how on-target [my] recent decisions have been for [me].” Mmmmmm. Jupiter, eh? Jupiter around also means that my love-life will be growing vibrant. It seems to already be moving in that direction, and I have no problem with that. What else can you tell me horoscope? I must travel a lot. Okay! Plus, “[I] will also see a big push in communications – writing, editing, selling, marketing, public relations, social media, and more.” Well, that is obviously up my alley. It looks like work is looking bright. I love any sort of motivation to really focus on my blog and social media endeavors. Okay, one last thing for now. December 1. Big, bright start on December 1st. Mmmmm. Are they talking love? I’m not taking anything to heart, but I’m a little rosey about this one, like Susan Miller said I should be like.

There were a whole lot of others things, but no time to discuss that all right now. I need to have some surprises right? I can’t and I don’t want to know everything that my November has waiting for me. I’d rather just wait and see. Which is I guess what the whole point of this blog post was. To just wait and see. Most likely, you’ll be genuinely and astonishingly surprised at how much in your favor things might be when you do just that.

Oh, and here’s an autumn look for you all. Pinafores and puff sleeves. Makes me feel like a little lady 🙂






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Everything Black

October 17, 2016


Etro dress
AGL flats
Vintage Salvatore Ferragamo bag

Even though in general my style is laid back and thrown together (and happy color driven), I’ve never minded a reason to dress up. Maybe it’s the weather changing . . . but it looks like I’m making a slow progression towards the darker, more dramatic side. I’ve already gone all natural with my hair color (thank you Jasmin Rainieri at Julien Farel Salon). I still haven’t gotten completely used to seeing my hair so dark after years of leftover bleached locks coming forth from salt water vacations that I actually have been missing dearly. It’s a little “witchy”, but hey ’tis the time to be a little bit more of that right? At the same time, the change feels refreshing. Like a blank slate looking to be drawn on with any sort of hand. And although I’m still getting used to the idea of pairing my darker hair with clothing just as dark, and possibly even  darker . . . there’s something alluring about the idea. Maybe leaning a little more towards the mysterious, which is how some people have described me before. I do like to keep a lot to myself, oftentimes revealing my deepest at only the most rarest of occasions that even I am surprised that I have let them out. But that’s what I love most about the changing of seasons. The surprises. The spontaneous decisions. The lightness of being drifted in a direction by an unknown energy that can hardly be described yet we follow it. I have nothing but love for all of these things. And so I shall wear all black and embrace the fact that for whatever reason at all that has overcome me, it feels right to me right now.

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