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Cuddle Monster

November 28, 2016


Jocelyn fur coat
Citizens of Humanity overalls
2 Bandits earrings
Marie Turnor metallic leather purse
UGG scarf

What a long and beautiful weekend to come back from. My Wednesday to Sunday was fantastically spent partially in the Connecticut suburbs with my lovely friend Christina and her family, and partially home in NYC where my Brooklyn abode felt like the ultimate haven. I woke up at 10AM every morning. Each day a steady swing of this and that, but nothing rushed, my usual routine strung out long and wide. And each night was ended with a cup of sleepy tea, and my bed and my body became one. It was the perfect few days to reset before getting thrown into the December craziness (holidays and work included!). There’s so much content I want to get up on here for you guys, so stay tuned. So now . . . onto other important things in the life of a fashion blogger . . . the weather.

NYC’s fickle mindset has finally shifted for good, and everyone has gone into full on winter mode. And with every switch in the season, there seems to be an update in statement item. For me this season, that item is my Jocelyn chevron fur coat. It’s probably the warmest piece of outerwear that I own. So reliable cozy, capturing every bit of heat from my body and keeping it close, close by to me for what seems like forever. The act of plucking it off my rack each morning before heading out of my apartment has suddenly become second nature, and for good reason. NYC winter’s are harsh, as if you guys didn’t already know. They make walking down the block to the corner store an excruciating activity. Almost as bad, or maybe worse, than going to the dentist. And all the money I spend on cold weather accessories just get thrown out the window as I lose beanies, mittens and scarves in random places throughout he city. An aggravating truth us city dwellers cannot escape. My skin is dry to the point that it sometimes hurts. Not to mention, my nose and ears start to feel like absolutely nothing that there is no point in hearing or smelling. I complain to my superintendent at least once a week about why the heater isn’t staying on throughout the night. Instead, I light a million candles by my bed to keep my and the three sweaters I’ve layered on company. And let me tell you, that’s a fire hazard waiting to happen. Winter, you come and you go and you never make it easier on us. But at least now, in the form of a chevron painted cuddle monster, I don’t feel you quite as much. Hardly at all actually, so that walking down the street is actually quite the delight. And you don’t find many people saying that round here too often. Good luck staying warm peeps.

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When Minutes Seem to Dissappear

November 15, 2016



Elizabeth and James sweater // SHOP SIMILAR
All Saints leather jacket
VEDA dress
La Canadienne shoes
Vintage wool beret

Lately, the days have been slipping away sooner and sooner. Minutes seem to disappear within the time it takes to blink an eye just once. 4pm starts to feel more like 8pm, and so we feel rushed to get through the day where sunlight still exists. Nighttime greets us sooner, and laziness ensues, and bed time stories under the covers are all we have on our mind. Fall is a season of fresh beginnings, but it is also one of a sometimes aggravating search for balance as we want to both give into winter’s endless naps and take advantage of as much time as we can. There never seems enough time for both. Where is the middle ground? That’s the question and that’s always the struggle during this time of the year. The need to feel dormant, but also the need to paint a fresh piece of paper with anything and everything we didn’t get around to painting last season.

At the moment, I’m trying not to get too worried about the all too fast passing of time and the nights that seem to start as soon as our days begin. Maybe we all needed that extra reason to get up out of bed earlier in the morning and work on the parts of us that need more time to improve. And maybe we all need a reason to stop what we are doing in the late afternoon to catch a glimpse of the sunset and have that breather that we deny ourselves on most days. But maybe, just maybe, time isn’t everything like we thought it is. If it stops, or if it goes too fast, maybe all we got to do is, well, let it be. Because time is now. I’ve never been more at ease with myself than when NOW was the only thing on my mind. Do it more often babes.






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She Wore A Pinafore

November 8, 2016


Sezane pinafore dress
Vintage blouse from Beacon’s Closet
Proenza Schouler bag from Farfetch
Chinese Laundry flats

I’m not one of those crazy hardcore zodiac believers, but recently I’ve been taking a peep at my horoscope a little more on the regular this season. Why? Because earlier this year I met Susan Miller, a visionary in the zodiac world online, and she told me that beginning of September of this year, things will start falling off the good side of the bed. So it got me curious. And I’m never one to turn down a little positive motivation to keep me moving swiftly through my days. Apparently, according to my November horoscope from Man Repeller, my life is literally in the “fast lane.” And “Things are just happening, you know?” And “Jupiter’s got its eyes on [me] and its arm around [my] back until October 2017.”   Even a shout out from Susan Miller was thrown in, calling attention to the fact that she said that “life is looking rosey” for me. Ooh-la-la. But what does it all really meaaaannnn?!

Isn’t it funny, how so many of us take these horoscopes so close to heart, reading even deeper in-between the lines as so not to miss any detail so that we can make sure to mark on our calendars . . . waiting with hardly any patience at all for our destinies to unfold before our eyes? For me, it’s always been quite the opposite endeavor. Knowing too much of what my future holds or promises for me is kind of a scary thing, Because sometimes when I think about it too much, I get anxious. So I stray from doing so, preferring to rather take in the present moments as indicators of what is to come for me next. But sometimes, it’s nice to hear an overview from the sun and stars. A general outline with minor details to help me keep aware of when good things are near to me to take advantage of. It’s like a mood cushion.

Apparently, Jupiter is in my sign right now, and this “makes [me] super-busy, so [I] may have been so absorbed in making life changes that [I] haven’t yet had time to realize how on-target [my] recent decisions have been for [me].” Mmmmmm. Jupiter, eh? Jupiter around also means that my love-life will be growing vibrant. It seems to already be moving in that direction, and I have no problem with that. What else can you tell me horoscope? I must travel a lot. Okay! Plus, “[I] will also see a big push in communications – writing, editing, selling, marketing, public relations, social media, and more.” Well, that is obviously up my alley. It looks like work is looking bright. I love any sort of motivation to really focus on my blog and social media endeavors. Okay, one last thing for now. December 1. Big, bright start on December 1st. Mmmmm. Are they talking love? I’m not taking anything to heart, but I’m a little rosey about this one, like Susan Miller said I should be like.

There were a whole lot of others things, but no time to discuss that all right now. I need to have some surprises right? I can’t and I don’t want to know everything that my November has waiting for me. I’d rather just wait and see. Which is I guess what the whole point of this blog post was. To just wait and see. Most likely, you’ll be genuinely and astonishingly surprised at how much in your favor things might be when you do just that.

Oh, and here’s an autumn look for you all. Pinafores and puff sleeves. Makes me feel like a little lady 🙂






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Fall Tomboy

November 3, 2016


Kurt Lyle jumpsuit
CAMP turtleneck
Sezane leather sneakers
VEDA leather jacket

I’m ready to get back into an autumn state of mind. True that t’s kind of hard to do so after spending two weeks in a humid, tropical setting, but I’m committed. And you can look forward to more fall looks coming to the blog soon. It’s one of my favorite seasons for dressing. And you will soon come to find how much the turtleneck sweater will come into play with this. Happy fall pretty babies.





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