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Setting Sights with a Purpose

March 9, 2017


Rebecca Taylor sweater
Jocelyn Fur jacket
Alice & Olivia pants
Timberland sneakers
Brother Vellies fur purse

Since day one, I’ve always ran this blog with a purpose. Many purposes as a matter of fact. One of them was to find a way to allow my creativity to run its course in the best way that it could. Another was to help me find focus in terms of my strengths (and the areas that I wanted to make even stronger) in styling, writing and creative direction. But what I can sometimes say that I love even more than creating is sharing . . . to inspire others . . . to bond over similar ideas, motivations and thought processes. What I found through blogging was a path towards finding my uniqueness and my originality. These were the two most important things that I learned that I should never try to erase for the sake of fitting in on this so-called digital realm. As a matter of fact, these were the exact things that helped me stick out. It’s funny, because on the day-to-day, we never really think about the things that set us a part. We spend so much time just trying to get our jobs done, we forget why the individual aspect of what we do is so important. Why sometimes people can be said to have a calling to do what they do, because for them nothing else makes sense. And they don’t even have to know exactly why that is true. That doing what we do, and why we do it, can be the most special thing of all. And these special sort of things are meant to be shared, on different levels of course (some more personal than others), but shared nonetheless because someway, somehow, it will make a difference for somewhere out there. Even if that is just one person. 

We just came out of a publicized (and very, very digital) celebration of International Women’s Day. But of course, every single day, and especially so in the past few years, has continuously felt as special as yesterday did. In a way, each day kept leading up to the next one in the most powerful way. Over and over again. As I grew older, my realization of my strengths and emotions grew stronger. Everyday I wanted more. I expected more out of myself. And with this sort of in-tune with oneself perspective, there is no real end goal. The process is endless and relentless. It’s a continuous sort of growth that never stops. Much like the growth of support amongst the women in this world who are coming forward strong and speaking loud and clear. We as woman know what we want and the way to get what we want. It’s hard not to listen to us for we are so great in numbers and our actions speak tenfold. And we never can stop even when what we say or do seems to go in one ear and out the other of the patriarchy that we see ourselves as equals of (even if they don’t make us feel that way most of the time). We’ll show them the ways we are that they don’t make us feel, and we’ll show them that we are worth every damn cent put into us. And we’ll never stop doing what we love, even when people make it harder for us to do so every single day. 

So now I just want to get to what I originally wanted to say about setting sights with a purpose. To spread love and support and creativity on this online realm is one of the most important things to me right now. To surround myself with women of passion even if I just admire them from afar, my sister, my mother, thoughtful and likeminded women I meet unexpectedly, the few fellow bloggers who have become some of my best friends even from across the world, the one’s who were inspired to reach for their dreams by visiting my site and spreading their vision in their own ways. These are the kinds of women in our lives we should be thinking about and supporting and letting them know how we feel. We as women need to stop comparing each other and scrutinizing to the point where walls are built up between us. These kind of walls just make us weaker. Instead how about we create a unified wall together? The Women’s Marches are a perfect example of that. Not how about we take that mindset and infuse it into our daily, personal relationships? How much we drive each other positively is so important to the future of our success, not just as individuals, but as a part of the human race. Keep note on the daily, even on days that seem to not be going exactly as planned, to never give up on pursuing life thoughtfully, substantially, passionately and genuinely. And that goes for every relationship. Cutting out the bad to make room for all the good. Cheers to all the women, and especially my sister Natalie who sticks with me even on the most tough and annoying of days, who remind me to keep my head up and my back straight. 

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Leftovers from Paris

October 8, 2016



Ace & Jig dress
Vintage Sonia Rykiel leather belt
Citizens of Humanity jeans
Sol Sana sandals

It was Paris Fashion Week when I was in Brazil, and only now am I catching up on all the goodness that my friends have been up to in the famous City of Lights. These photos here, well they are from a trip to Paris a few months ago, a flash trip that still lingers in my mind with gusto. My first real summer in Paris, and it bit me hard so that I would never forget the way the burning hot concrete along the Seine River felt against my naked thighs. Paris is a city that feels different every single time I visit, and for so many different reasons. It can be as soft as a dream that I feel the need to pinch myself at least twice an hour. It can also be as hard as the most sweltering of realities . . . a slap in the face that stings maybe a few minutes too long. And then of course it is always something in between. But mostly, it’s a city that gives me moments that take my breathe away so much that the act of painfully gasping for air is a real thing. Getting a bit nostalgic over all my Paris trips from looking at my social media, but once again I’ll come see it light up again at night very, very soon. Paris is a place where one can keep a steady and endless appreciation of art existing all around in real time. And dreams can feel tangible all over again.
















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Baby I’m Back

October 7, 2016


Moussy mesh top
VEDA leather skirt
Topshop sandals
Bally leather purse

After a week of checking out from the blog (other than two drafted blog posts) and exploring parts of Brazil that I maybe never would have come to explore if it weren’t for my special guy, I’m back in NYC. The city feels brand new again after being away for a tiny bit over a week. It’s strange because I take many trip out of NYC, but never before have I really felt like I disconnected from my regular routine more than this one. And I’m super grateful for this. The past week was exactly what the work-oriented portion of my mind needed most . . . a heavier rest than normal. A livelihood that only really relied on the present moment. And nothing else. No cell phone service feels really good sometimes a lot of times. It just means more time hugging and kissing that guy over there that I really like in a really special place. Yesterday, the L train stopped running into Manhattan and I was kicked off track to the G train which led me to the M train as the fastest way to get to Midtown. Instead of giving myself an aggravated AF kick in the butt, I calmly let the detours guide me on my leftover Cloud 9 Brazilian high. I floated through the subway terminals, step by step, not minding at all being two seconds too late for the M train, and then patiently waiting for the arrival for the next one. It was as if every time crunch in the world was relieved from my shoulders. My feet light and hovering. Even at this moment, I still see time crunches as a hazy memory. Let’s see how long that lasts, but I hope that it does still linger for a little while longer. 11 more days in NYC and I’m off again. To somewhere warm and tropical and extra familiar in every sense. I can’t wait to take you there. Until then, I’ll try to work grind as much as I can until I throw it all away again. For the time being, enjoy this much delayed outfit post from NYFW.







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