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Shoreditch For The Day

July 20, 2017


Rebecca Taylor pants
Zara smock bandeau
Old Navy blazer
ASKA sandals
Argento Vivo earrings
Bally purse

Sorry for the slight little radio silence on the blog this week since I’ve been shooting with my sister in London all week for a brand, and I have been having issues with links do to my being oversees. I wanted to share at least a little bit of London with you guys before I get back on American soil. Shoreditch has always been my favorite part of London, because of its grittiness and edge (and hipster dive bars with a plethora of craft beer). It’s where I imagine where types like Alexa Chung first came to find their personal style, taste in music and creative influence. Brick Lane, where once can find a good bowl of curry at just about any storefront. Shoreditch is a reliable treasure trove for the vintage denim wearing crowd. Something that it can also indeed be made fun of when trekking through crowds of young, good looking and grungy looking twenty somethings. But it seems to have grown up a bit since the last time I’ve visited. Red Church Street full of chic boutiques and restaurants for those looking for a fine culinary experience without the nose in the air vibe found in other more posh spots of London. It’s laid back and cool and haphazard and random in the best possible way. I can’t really ask for more out of a neighborhood. So here I am back in London, wearing my favorite blazer at the moment. I’m not ashamed to say that this baby is Old Navy and goes with everything. I also wore it everyday whilst here in London. I was committed to traveling light this trip, so this one blazer made the cut. 


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Doing London Style with Jo Malone

May 30, 2017


Products by Jo Malone
Salvatore Ferragamo dress
The 2 Bandits earrings

Oh, London! How I miss your daily rain showers and afternoon tea! Let me tell you, when it’s raining outside, all you want to do is spend an afternoon inside drinking tea (and champagne). Natalie‘s and my stay at the famous Claridge’s Hotel in Mayfair, an upscale part of London, was more than divine. The hotel is over 200 years old, and it has history as epic as it’s wallpaper. During WWI, many aristocrats sought refuge at this very hotel. Imagining the people who came in and out of this hotel in the past 200 years drops by jaw. It was a pleasure to be able to call this place home for our last two night’s in London. Our chic London experience was made even more chic with Jo Malone, of course. The brand is a revolutionary in the fragrance world, and just about everyone knows the name and has at least one favorite scent. Our first night at Claridge’s ended with a nice, long bath in the picturesque tub. The bubbles were the fanciest bubbles I’ve ever experienced! Right before bed, I lathered myself with Jo Malone body cream in Wood Sage & Sea Salt. It’s my favorite body cream in the world. My mom’s, too! I always make sure to gift her a jar on her birthday and Mother’s Day. It makes any woman feel fantastic right before a night of rest. We slept peacefully that night, to be woken early by our alarms so as not to miss our morning massages at the hotel, which was one of the most relaxing events of our entire London experience. London is quite a hectic city, and we fit so much in our itinerary the previous days that our bodies were aching for a magical touch.

We had breakfast waiting in our room before heading out to explore a little bit more of Mayfair all the way towards St. Jame’s Park. The weather was mildly warm and fabulous, which is rare for London. But, of course, it then changed its mind halfway through the afternoon with a heavy rain that brought us back to Claridge’s earlier than expected. But all was good, because it just gave us more time to explore the hallways of the hotel, say hello to guests coming in and out and just be generally fancy for no reason other than to be fancy. Plus, we had a 5pm afternoon tea waiting for us. So the timing was actually perfect. I had an amazing Chinese green tea with rhubarb syrup and it was one of the most delicious teas I’ve ever downed. Props to our waiter who recommended the syrup, it was so interesting to taste. Soooo, fully relaxed and our tummies filled with tasty finger sandwiches and sweet treats, we had a little less than an hour to get ready for the big Jo Malone “Talk of the Townhouse” party in Mayfair. There we rubbed shoulders with London socialites like Karen Elson and Poppy Delelvigne, as well as the best dressed in town. All fans of Jo Malone and fashion and everything creative. I felt so much creativity in the air amongst the crowd. You can just feel the vibrations not just from the bad ass tunes the DJs were spinning, but also the colors, patterns and shapes of dress that everyone adorned. I felt so much inspiration dancing and mingling all around me. And that is really what is my favorite part about coming to London. The energy, the quirkiness the rock and roll. And, of course, everything smelled fabulous because the party was lit with Jo Malone candles, which I obviously can’t live without. 

I wore this lovely Ferragamo dress from a recent season. In a way, it felt a bit flamenco to me, so I threw on some bold earrings to match with the feeling. Perfect for the night, because the townhouse turned into a late night dance party, and everyone had moves to show off. It was such a fun way to spend our last night in London. With a fashionably scented bang. Thank you Jo Malone for having us as your guests all the way from over the pond. Natalie and I hope to be back soon! xx

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Gucci + Miu Miu |

May 25, 2017


Gucci pants from
Miu Miu purse from
Zara sheer glitter top
M. Gemi shoes

Rainy in London. Rainy in New York City. Some things just follow you wherever you go. But I don’t mind the rain too much. It just means more warm drinks to enjoy in the afternoon. Not only that, but the weather inspires me in interesting ways. The gloomy sky gets me going in the opposite direction of its natural color scheme. In this case, that direction came in the form of fancy pants by Gucci from A pair that also leans generously towards the word “quirky”. The quirkier the better when it comes to pants nowadays. It can be easy for a pair of trousers to feel too corporate and plain, but a fun pattern or bold print can change that feeling in an instant. Look what they made me do in the middle of street in a sophisticated part of London! I’m super into color mixing and matching, and especially so with salmon pink tones like the one on this Miu Miu patent leather satchel, which I also got on What a find! These pants and purse might not seem like the most complementary of options, especially on a rainy day in London Town, but they felt just right for me. We checked into Claridge’s this day, one of the fanciest, and oldest hotel in all of London. My pants certainly didn’t match the wall paper or carpet patterning and let’s just say that I turned heads in these pants when I walked in through the revolving door . . . but that’s exactly the point right? I got a head nod from the bell boy; that’s all that mattered really. Hello London, this is me! xx

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Itch to Travel

January 11, 2015
It ain’t no lieeeee. The itch to travel is getting well . . . itchier. I was cleaning out my laptop and stumbled upon these old pictures I took during a trip to London back in September 2012 with my sister. One of the best trips ever. To a city that I felt so inspired by and that I feel like I’d love to live in for at least a year someday. My time in California is winding down. I have no big trips planned yet, but hopefully something will be put into the books very, very soon. A second London trip is much overdue. 
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