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& Other Stories | Leopard Lady

April 6, 2017


& Other Stories leopard blouse, jeans and sandals
Rebecca Minkoff scarf
Sonix sunglasses
Vintage belt
Remember that time when Jim Morrison from The Doors sang “L.A. Woman Sunday afternoon / Drive through your suburbs / Into your blues, into your blues, yeah / Into your blue-blue Blues?? Well, I think he was talking about me in these & Other Stories blue jeans right here. Blue denim jeans . . . the option appropriate for any occasion for the endlessly casual LA woman. Even one from the suburbs, like me. hehe. That’s how it has always felt since I was just a little girl admiring the fashionable women around me whenever my family went into the city. Anything can be conquered in a pair of high-waisted blue jeans. And any situation can be faced with confidence and spice with a pop of leopard print thrown into the mix. It’s funny, I felt sort of like Julia Robert’s character in Pretty Woman would have worn this outfit on her day off. A woman who is true to her humble upbringing, but has a lot of inner spark. I like to dress how I feel. The concept behind & Other Stories’ styling approach and aesthetic is exactly that. Dressing how you feel is all a part of telling stories. Big stories. Small stories. It doesn’t matter, as long as they shed light on the bigger picture of our outlooks on life, our creative pursuits, the music that makes us feel the best we can be, the type of people that are drawn to us and vice versa. The way we dress can tell so much about who we are, as long as we want it to. For some people, no story is told through the way they are dressed. But for a lot of us, all we want to do is tell stories with it. Even if it’s just a feeling that we can get across with the outfit decisions we decide to make. Fashion has always made a mark in its own, unique way throughout history. It has always been based on a mindset. A focus on the future, while at the same time reflecting the past. Today, on the streets of Venice, California, little parts of my story were speckled all over the place. Nostalgic ones and even ones made out of my imagination. Maybe this vintage Mercedes Benz is my getaway car for an adventure that’s been in the back of my mind for ages. Maybe this is the day I take the wheel and do something different. Who knows. Do it for the story 🙂

This post is in collaboration with & Other Stories for their new LA Collection.

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& Other Stories | Pink Manic Monday

April 3, 2017


& Other Stories, LA Collection sweater, top and skirt 
Ferragamo purse


I’m jumping into Monday in a mad hurry after having an entire weekend to myself with a giant to-do list and many home cooked meals, but it still seemed like I was lacking in the time department. Isn’t that what always happens though? I did get a good amount of things scratched off the list though, and I’m really in the mood to get back to the grind this week. I have a list of content stories I want to get up on here this week. It’s harder than one thinks . . . coming up with new ideas for the blog. My goal for this week is to really focus on some stories that I haven’t yet touched up on here. If you have any ideas, help a girl out! First off, boxing class this morning. And then a much needed hair cut. Much, much needed. Then back to work. There’s a #SuarezSister video coming your way soon that just needs a few last minute edits. Lots of things to do. This girl needs to keep busy while her boyfriend is out of town. A long distance relationship is hard, but we make it work. Facetime is a wonderful invention. 

So as I dive into this new week that is promising us higher temperatures here in NYC, let me show you one look we shot in Venice for & Other Stories‘ LA Collection. I was really falling for all the pink in the new collection, so I snagged this loose knit sweater to layer over a matching turtleneck crop top. Light pink and stark black is such a good combination to me. The girlish and the goth cancel each other out in the best sort of way. It just so happened that the streets of Abbott Kinney had an unlimited amount of pink walls to match my ensemble. Of course, we had to get some shots in here. The sun was radiating in all its glory today. It was a stereotypically perfect day to be in Los Angeles, and to dress borderline Barbie. If only everyday could be a day where it’s a necessity to match your surroundings. 






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& Other Stories Los Angeles Atelier

April 1, 2017

Natalie and I had the pleasure of flying back home to Los Angeles for a few days to visit the brand new & Other Stories LA Atelier, and brainstorm a shoot featuring the brand’s Los Angeles inspired collection that just hit stores. We have visited the Paris Atelier last summer, which felt very, well, distinctly Parisian. A little bit moody. Definitely the home of French artists. But the Los Angeles atelier was exactly what I pictured it to be. Bright and sunny. Windows for days. Succulents and long, leafy potted plants at every corner. Books on surfing and other California type things. Rugs for lounging bare legged and bare foot. Bohemian, minimal is the best way to describe the environment, which was the perfect backdrop for the new collection that we got to explore alongside the designers. What a beautiful intro we had to the collection and history of the Stockholm-based brand. Now we’ll have to see the Stockholm Atelier next, and we’ll keep you updated on that. I’ll be posting the images from our & Other Stories shoot in Venice, California. Hope you love. For now, enjoy your Saturday! I’m relaxing at home after our trip, tidying up my home and catching up on some editing and writing. Saturdays spent inspiration gathering are my favorite. 

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A Brave Color Red

January 24, 2017


Vintage dress
VEDA leather vest
Salvatore Ferragamo purse
Zara shoes

The color red. It can go either way. Or actually, it can go any way you want it to go. It all depends on how you interpret it, or what sort of nostalgic memories it conjures up inside of you. Maybe it’s a color you put on more around this time of the year because Chinese New Year is quickly approaching (how many Chinese readers do I really have?!). Now that I think about it, I really am starting to crave some sweet red bean buns and dollar bills tucked into a little red and gold trimmed packet. I cant help it, I’m half Chinese. I grew up with it, even though it seemed like a very small part of my very American upbringing in the suburbs of California. But now back to red . . . 

Red can be tainted like the Scarlet Letter. Red can be super sexy. It can be romantic and sweet. It can be devilish and dark. It can be fiery feeling and bold. Red can be pain. Red may be one of the most multi-faceted colors there is. It’s found in just about a little bit of everything it seems. It’s interesting the feeling I get when I wear red. I’m drawn to it so much, when I see someone else wearing it, or when it’s hidden in a painting . . . it jumps out at me loud and clear. Even a stop sign to me is alluring in a way. It’s hard to keep my eye from looking away. When I actually wear the color red though, I’m a bit doubtful in a way that is rare for me. Even though I have been endlessly told that red is “my color.” Some say it’s because of the way it sits against my complexion and my dark hair. But for some reason, I can’t help but feel a bit out of my element sort of speak when I wear it more often than not. I know super weird, right?! Do any of you guys experience this? And look at me hear, basically rocking the color from head to toe in direct sunlight, pulled between both loving and hating its boldness that I decided to take on the morning of. Maybe it’s because I’m so used to wearing calm, earthy colors, and red is a sharp turn from that. But really if you think about it . . . it’s earthy AF. I mean, fire is an element. Blood is from our bodies. Ok, I’ve been watching way too many episodes of American Horror Story Hotel, sorry. haha. But I guess what I’m saying is that I find myself wanting to experiment more with the color red, and find a way to wear it that feels more balanced for me. But I also guess that I’ll continue figuring out what that even means in the first place. In the meantime, this all red look shot in Chinatown, Los Angeles goes up right on time the week before Chinese New Year. And I wish you all good prosperity and fortune in this new year. hehe.


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