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Raymond Weil x Repetto

July 21, 2017


Raymond Weil Shine Etoile watch
Raymond Weil Repetto leather watch strap
Reformation tunic

Last week I had the pleasure of meeting the Raymond Weil team at their office for an introduction to the brand, as well as a behind-the-scenes look at the craftmanship of watchmaking. It was also the launch of a brand new collab, one of the first collaborations of its type that the brand has done, with Repetto shoes. I grew up very into ballet flats, and they really were the foundation of my personal style in my younger years, and very much so still today. Inspired, of course, by the drama and elegance of a prima ballerina, the ballet flat is timeless. I think bringing the influence of ballet, French leather and classic watchmaking is such a unique and modern move. And I feel that the woman of today aligns herself in a way with a ballerina’s aesthetic. As women, we have so much power, but we also have so much grace. It’s a balance that makes us unique and beautiful. And also, just as important, we are as headstrong and determined as men, maybe even more so. The classic watch, a reliable accessory in the wardrobe of a man, is making its way into that of a woman’s. This time, it’s just more graceful and elegant than ever before. To celebrate the collaboration, we had a picnic in Central Park, and I busted out a few of my ballerina moves that I remembered from my dance lessons as a young girl. I still had quite a few in me, although slightly rusty, of course. Cheers to Raymond Weil for presenting such a a gorgeous collaboration at the start of a gorgeous summer to complement it. Here I am wearing the Raymond Weil Shine Etoile watch with diamonds encrusted around the face. What I love about this watch is how easy it is to change the straps. The baby pink Repetto leather straps were my choice for the day because it complemented the coral hue in my look. I was so inspired by the colors of summer, as well as the refined movements of a well trained ballerina, and I somehow brought them all together this way. A look, and day, made complete with Raymond Weil.

Shop more Raymond Weil “Shine” watches that I love:


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Honolua Bay

July 12, 2017


Kenneth Cole swimsuit
Pared Eyewear sunglasses
Argento Vivo earrings

My friend Deborah is from Oahu, but has made many trips to Maui. She put together a list of places we should visit during our trip. Sadly, many of the places she recommended were on the Road to Hana or in Hana itself, which is on the entire opposite side of the island, which we didn’t have time to hit up. Next time! We drove up the west side of the coast in search of the beautiful and hidden Chutes and Ladders Tidepool, but for some reason couldn’t seem to find it all. We didn’t have wifi in the area, so we turned around and headed back to the one place we passed earlier on the way that had cars parked outside, and went to do some exploring. We found ourselves at Honolua Bay, a popular snorkeling bay. To get there, you had to spend a few minutes walking through a lush, hidden forest off the side of the main road. We were very occupied with oggling over the super cute chicklets following their momma around the green. The west side of Maui is the drier, less wet side, so I was actually quite shocked to find myself in this forest, full of green, that seemed more tropical. Photographing the intricacies of tropical forests is my favorite on adventure trips. It brought back memories of when I trekked through the rainforests of Puerto Rico one time. So, you can be sure that I had a lot of fun at this place. This place was a hidden gem. It was a blessing in disguise that we couldn’t find the Chutes and Ladders Tidepool, for it would have been a pretty steep hike to get to anyways, something much harder to tackle with our parents with us. Sometimes the best things happen by accident. At Honolua Bay, we watched the funny chickens running around like they owned the place, sat on large rocks, enjoyed the view of the bay and the snorkelers, and got to enjoy a little oasis away from the resort life of West Maui. Make sure it wear water shoes if you decide to go in, it’s super rocky!

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How I Revamped My Old Vintage Dress

July 11, 2017


Vintage dress
VEDA bandeau
Marida Jewelry earrings

For me, the summer season is always about bringing out the vintage dresses that I have collected over the years. Many are from my Philadelphia days, when I would regularly dig through the boxes of the Fishtown vintage warehouse. I did a lot of digging back in the day. And never paid over $15 for a piece. Those were the good old days. But now look at me, full blown summer mode in NYC, and I have no idea what to wear. Really my clothing rack is full, but for some reason . . . everything feels old. So that gave me an idea for a refresher. This slinky little black dress is perfect for the weather right now, but I felt like it needed something extra for it to be worn out again. I had this little bright red bandeau from VEDA. I was feeling some Caribbean vibes from it, and it matched perfectly with the red flower pops on the dress.  Instantly, my well worn vintage dress that I probably paid $5 for 6 years ago feels brand new again. Now I have no reason to get rid of any of my vintage. There is always a way to recreate it, even with one little touch. 

Lacking a bandeau in your wardrobe? Try a long printed or colored scarf and wrap it around. You will get the same effect. 

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A Big Bold Blue

July 10, 2017


Heidi Merrick dress

Go bold or go home. What cliché motto. But at the same time, what a motto that rings so true and so universally. From fashion and word choice, to relationships and career path, what’s the point if you are too scared to get your feet fully wet. Or in this case, your feet deep in green grass. I’ve learned this time and time again, everything is worth the chance to go all in, or go all out. It took me a long time to learn that there’s no such thing as in-between. 

When I was a kid, the idea of going bold was an escapism tool for me. A young girl growing up in the suburbs, where it seemed like all you could do was take was one path at a time, and that didn’t ensure that you could get that far with it. I had dreams that seemed bigger than the universe, and they are what kept me going. Dreams so extreme, so outrageous, that sometimes I would have to pinch myself to snap out of it. Snap myself back to the reality that my peers around me always reminded me of. But I never wanted to be the bland type. Not in reality or in my dreams. And let me tell you, reality definitely bites. I learned that it bit the most and the hardest when others would flatten my dreams, sometimes one word would break me down, or my own fear would kick in. That’s what I hated the most, and that’s when I hated myself the most. I was too scared to go all in. To be bold. I’d think to myself that maybe it was safer to step back, be safe, not dream so much. Or at least, keep my dreams at bay in a pocket only accessed for a few hours at night, to be forgotten during the day. But what’s exciting about that? Yes, reality definitely bites, but it doesn’t always have to.

As I got older and came to understand myself and the world around me more, my confidence helped me gain a hold on my dreams more. Those bold flashes that seemed so real, but almost too good to be true to ever happen in real life. But why not? I would always start to remind myself that? Why not. And I will never know if I don’t try at least. That’s the least I could do. I deserved that AT LEAST. 

So do it. Dance on the sidewalk because the song you are listening to is making your body feel something. Quit your job and do something that makes you truly happy for once. Fall in love with someone hundreds of miles away, because your heart can’t help but be in it even from a distance. Close your eyes, choose a place on the map, and go there the next day. Maybe you’ll look back, maybe you won’t. Cut all your hair off. Or grow it extra long. Say exactly what’s on your mind for once. You’ll feel the weight lift like that. Open yourself up to someone new. They might just understand you more than you understand yourself. Start a blog and lay your heart out for the world to see if it wanted to. 

Sometimes the only one thing holding us back, is the fact that there may be no going back. But you know what, that might just be the path you never knew you were ready for up until that moment that you just GO. Even just one step towards that means one huge milestone.

Happy Monday sweet peeps. This post was inspired by this Heidi Merrick dress. A dress in the biggest, boldest, bluest blue. 

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