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Woman in Blue

June 12, 2017


Old Navy blazer
Ohlin/D jeans
C/MEO Collective tank
Linda Farrow sunglasses
Movado watch
Elizabeth and James earrings

Back from Bonnaroo guys! I was supposed to get this post up last Friday, but was running low on computer time. So here it is . . . I’ve been seeing a lot of ladies rocking the suit look, and it never fails to look absolutely epic. Strong power women unite! I know it has been highlighted on the trend boards for quite a while now, but I didn’t jump onto the band wagon until I got this pair of jeans which somehow inspired me to come up with my own unique spin on the suit look. This low budget blazer from Old Navy, a random but super diverse piece in my closet, was nearly the exact same tone of blue as these Ohlin/D jeans and I couldn’t help but pair them together. I actually wore this look three days in a row, it made me feel that good. There really is so much meaning behind the word “power suit”. Well, in this case, power denim and matching blazer. The fit of the jeans is super important when it comes to obtaining the denim look with a pair of denim. My favorite ways to go are flares or wide legged or straight legged and crop. One can rarely find me in a pair of skinny jeans anymore hardly outside of wintertime. The shape of a wider hem is enough of a retro throwback to give the suit look that extra flavor. This pair by Ohlin/D in particular is my absolutely favorite pair of denim at the moment. The brand is all about sustainability, sourcing their fabrics from vendors who use processes that don’t negatively affect the environment and that are animal cruelty free. It’s so great to see more and more super fashionable brands coming to the surface that are also contributing to eco-conscious manufacturing. I am a fan. How else can I wear these pants? Let’s find out this summer 🙂 

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Black Shapes in London

June 7, 2017


ENFOLD sweatshirt
Sandro skirt
Miista shoes
Salvatore Ferragamo purse
Shop Sonix sunglasses

Literally wrote this blog post in my gym clothes, from the comfort of my bed in the middle of a Tuesday. It just so happened that we scheduled no meetings this day, and no shooting needed to be done and it was also a rain day so it was perfect that nothing was lined up. As a blogger on the go, I appreciate days like this when I can hang back and focus on emails and writing, two things that easily get backed up on the day-to-day. These are the days when I catch up and organize everything that has been going on. My back is currently extremely sore from the Tabata class I took the night before. But hey, at least I’m strengthening my back muscles. No pain, no gain right?! I’ve really been seeing and feeling a difference in my strength and stamina these past few weeks ever since working in more high intensity courses into my routine. They are always a challenge every time, and I think that is the key! Summer arms and abs are just about here. But before we fast forward to summer, how about we rewind to springtime in London. We walked around Shoreditch after getting Indian food at our favorite spot on Brick Lane. I got cussed out by an angry British man for taking pictures in front of his potted plants. It almost ruined my day of exploring (I even ranted on Insta stories the whole encounter  . . . it was that annoying), but by evening I was ready to start the London night fresh all over again. This color block sweatshirt was perfect for the London weather, which was not too warm or too cold . . . maybe (most likely) a chance of rain. This little ruffle mini skirt and leather block heel played down its boyishness. To me, it felt very East London cool. And London is in fact a place that feels like the inspiration behind what is cool (except for that mean man that yelled at me about the potted plants), because anything sort of goes here style-wise. Off beat and off center, just like the embroidery on my sweatshirt. Ta-da. 

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Black Bikini and a Cover Up

June 6, 2017


L*Space bikini
Donni Charm cover up
Yunis K earrings

I’ve recently been inspired by a bunch of songs . . . most of them new, a few older ones. A chill, summer mood for those lazy summer evenings to come. I’ll be wearing a whole lot more of this black bikini, of course. A classic summer staple. Just like these songs which I have been listening to on repeat. I hope they put you in a dreamy, romantic mood, like they do for me. These past few days in NYC have been flying by like crazy, and summer hasn’t even gotten here yet! Thank goodness, the pace of many of these songs slow down life a little for me. I’m truly in love with this little mix here. Hope you give it a listen! xx

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Knit Top and Airy Trousers

June 2, 2017


AQ/AQ knit top
Elizabeth & James pants
Topshop earrings
REEF sneakers

HELLO FRIDAY! Finally it comes again. I had one of the most productive weeks, but also one of the most chill. It’s rare when a week strikes a balance like this. I never slept past my alarm clock going off, so my work days started earlier and I got so much done sooner. I went to the gym three times already since Monday. I laid out my schedule for the majority of the month. I rid my apartment of old furniture, and did even more spring cleaning with my wardrobe. I feel all brand new 🙂 Thank goodness, because there is a busy weekend ahead starting today with Governor’s Ball, the Veuve Clicquot polo match, birthday parties, and of course, prepping for our trip to Bonnaroo the following weekend. It’s crazy times, being in the midst of music festival season, while at the same time trying to house hunt and keep in tact all ounces of my sanity at once. Well, let’s just say that nothing is as easy as this knit top and wide leg trouser combination. Nothing at all. On days when I’m feeling a bit frazzled and hectic, this is the kind of look I put on. A modern, minimalist mentality, a touch of tomboy and a feeling that is airy AF. At least I can rely on these three things to keep me down to earth. Even when I don’t feel put together, at least I can look it. hehe. 


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