Sunshine In Between Two Coasts

April 19, 2017


& Other Stories sweater
C/MEO Collective tank and pants
Ouigal shoes
Luiny earrings

Today is my last day in Los Angeles before I head back to NYC. I wasn’t gone for that long really, but I’m already feeling bittersweet thoughts of going back to the big city I’ve grown to love in my own unique way. It can be quite a hard feeling calling two places home. Each place special for different reasons. Some that overlap, most that are truly distinct of each other. I’m looking forward to my sunlit corner fill of light that inspires me to write. I’m looking forward to my morning matcha that I haven’t drank in a week here in Cali. I’m looking forward enjoying to the blossoms at their high peak in Central Park. I’m looking forward to people watching on the subway. And having a beer with friends on the weekend. I’m looking forward to getting back at it in my pilates class. I’m looking forward to go go go. But I’m also looking forward to finding a new apartment to call home. Fingers crossed. Don’t worry, I’ll still be staying in Brooklyn. There’s not better place for me. House hunting so far has been stressful to say the least, but I’m trying to stay positive. The thoughts of a fresh slate to make all my own is the most exciting thing!

But dang am I going to miss a lot about my original west coast home. The quiet mornings with coffee on my parent’s porch. My parents of course. My heart and strength comes from them, and my time spent with them is so important to me. I’ll miss the passenger seat, that’s for sure. I think that my best ideas come when I’m switching through the radio stations on the freeway. Who what have thought?! Maybe it’s the continuous road ahead. Which brings me to the next thing I’ll miss. I’ll miss all the space. It’s such a luxury we take for granted until we aren’t able to have it anymore. I’m speaking to all New York transplants. I think my skin looks better in LA, too. It’s all the sunshine and outdoor sweat sessions. 

I’ve also been missing my boyfriend, but he’s in neither of the above places at the moment. Long distance feels tough sometimes, but my relationship with him is so special to me. It’s almost hard to describe. So special I feel the need to privately protect it in a way. And I’ll never give up on it. Mmmmm, maybe I’m spilling a bit too much on here. But I just felt the need to say a little of what’s been on my mind. And that is a lot of things. hehe. I’ll leave it at that for now. Happy Wednesday. I’m looking forward to the rest of this week and the weekend to come. I’m always so stoked for the little bits of “me” time I give myself on the weekends lately. It allows me to be productive in so many aspects. It really makes me feel good. Hope you all get some “me” time, as well, this week 🙂 Don’t forget about it!

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