Feminine Meets Sporty with Timberland

March 2, 2017


Look 1 – Black & metallic dotted dress with the Timberland Mayliss 6″ sneaker in black 

Look 2 – Denim mini dress with the Timberland Killington chukka in white


Sneakers are a part of my DNA. I’ve always been the tallest one in the room, so flat shoes, and especially sneakers, kept me feeling more like I fit in. Today, I have no issues with being tall at all, but sneakers are still on my feet. The thing is that I wear them differently more often than not nowadays, leaning more towards the feminine side with skirts and dresses, as opposed to something paired with pants. I love to feel feminine, even more so today in my late twenties. I think it’s a part of growing up . . . growing into oneself in a way. But never do I want to look or feel too done up (or should I say prissy). You’ll find maybe one or two pairs of heels higher than 3 or 4 inches on my shoe shelf . . . and my feet have been thanking me greatly for it. Sneakers are my best friend through and through. During the days of the past when I wanted to feel not so tall, to the present days when I want to be comfortable, but without sacrificing looking feminine. Timberland lets me be a comfortable girl, and that’s the best thing. Here are two ways that I wear sporty shoes by Timberland in a feminine way. What’s better than having the best of both worlds? I hope they inspire you to do the same. 

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