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All Natural Beauty at Follain

December 9, 2016



109 Mercer Street
Soho, New York City

I had the pleasure of coming across a brand new, very special gem in the middle of Soho. The Follain store on Mercer Street is a one-of-a-kind, healthy beauty shopping experience. Follain goes beyond just offering men and women a wide selection from 60 of the healthiest, high-performance, non-toxic beauty brands. The store also has a mission .  . and that’s to change your outlook on the beauty industry, which is far from beautiful once you really start to do the research. But in this specific case, you yourself don’t actually need to do the research. Follain already has that figured out for you, and they make a point to keep their customer knowledgeable about all the reasons why they should be making the switch to a clean, organic, all natural beauty routine. This was just my first visit to Follain, and I’m already switching things out of my beauty cabinet!

After speaking with Follain’s founder Tara Foley, I felt much more up-to-date on the current crisis of the beauty industry in the United States. Did you know that the US only bans has 11 ingredients in beauty products? In Europe, that toxic list is made up of over a thousand ingredients. That means the regulations in the US are much more lenient. But what does that mean for our skin and bodies? It gives much more freedom from big beauty brands to put whatever the heck they want in their products, and label it as good. In reality, it means we are feeding our bodies the bad stuff such as chemicals that they don’t actually know how to process. In turn, this causes build up, which has the high possibility of linking to health issues including cancer. How scary is that?!

Follain does all the dirty work for you, filtering through the best of the best brands that meet every safety standard (meaning everything in the store is 100% non-toxic) and have gone through major testing for high performance. Follain has a strict Restricted Substances List (RSL), and it is one of the most strict in the industry. It is a list of un-safe ingredients that you will never find in an Follain products. This way their customer is ensured that every product purchased is a healthy, wholesome product. Currently the store carries 60 passionate brands. Each brand’s products are categorized in the store by type, as opposed to brand. I LOVE this concept, and it’s actually super rare in my experiences shopping beauty. It really makes the process so easy, I have a problem or a skin problem I want to target, and I know exactly where to go to look for the solution. But not just one solution, multiple ones within the category. The staff is so knowledgeable, narrowing down the brand within the type is as easy as 1-2-3.

I was fascinated learning about all the ways we can help the environment and most importantly our own bodies by going completely non-toxic and all natural with my beauty regime. It only makes sense. I spend so much time on my fitness each week, looking forward to that dewy after glow after a really good workout. I make sure to cook at home as often as possible with fresh fruits and vegetables because they make me feel great. I listen to music and focus on creative endeavors to feed my mind and soul. Why was I never making smart choices with the products that I use on my body? With the amount I layer on in the morning and night each day, it adds up A LOT.. And then think about the amount of years . . . well, the effect from that is a very scary thought. But I have realized that reversal is a thing, and that it’s never too late to make changes. Follain taught me that. Not just skincare, but this goes for makeup, too. The makeup application area at the back of the store is made to help you feel and look like a movie star. Makeup artist included 🙂

And the store is so, so gorgeous. Inspiring in every way as soon as one walks in. It for sure grabs the attention of every aesthetic seeker. Pretty plants. Non-toxic, luxuriously scented candles. Little touches here and there that make you feel right at home. Or make you wish it was your actual home (trust me, it was hard to leave). If you care not about the ingredients as much, then at least this is a place you can go if you care about the presentation. Follain has all that, too.

Stop in to shop and get holiday-ready. Follain is offering makeup and skincare consultations in store, makeovers by appointment, and lots of new non-toxic ways to shimmer and shine. Their Soho calendar is also quickly filling up with lots of events you will love, from wreath-making classes featuring Follain ingredients, to in-store yoga to help you unwind – and more!



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My New Fall Skin List

October 25, 2016


My skin has gone through a lot of changes this past year. Jumping between extremely different temperatures, hours on an airplane, too much sun and sea salt exposure and maybe a few nights out too late (and maybe a few too many glasses on wine). These things are just a few factors of my life that have taken a toll on my skin. I’m saying that I’m going to be a hardcore regimented skin saint going forever forth. No, I’m a normal human being who likes to indulge every once in a while, and knows that it is totally okay to not be perfect. I am not one to get thrown for a loop when I get a pimple and think it’s the end of the loop. Life in general is a series of pimples that come and go when we least expect them to. But of course, I find that my confidence is at its highest level when my skin is on point, looking and feeling healthy from the inside and out. I found that changing up the skin products I use every 2-3 three months has been a great thing for my skin (maybe even every month!). I have found that my skin adapts very well to new ingredients. And it helps me focus on which of these ingredients work best for what I want to target. For me recently, I’ve found that a concentrated face oil has been just about the best and only solution to all of my skin problems by being able to absorb deep into my pores without any residue. My skin was in dire need of the extra moisture . . .  just the good kind of moistures. Not the kind that clogs me up. And to counteract the the oil production I naturally produce, I started to use a face wash that can also double as a mask to add some balance to my skins dryness/oiliness levels. These two major product changes changed my skin after a very hot and sweaty east coast summer with a stint in Costa Rica that seemed to haunt my skin for months afterwards. It was kind of a mind blowing miracle to see such steady and fast results. So let me just cut to the chase and show you what I’ve been carrying around in my beauty bag. I’m curious to see what you guys think after you decide to try some out.


Murad InstaMatte Oil-Control Mask
This mask doubles as both a mask and a face wash, so I can incorporate it every single day and it doesn’t seem to harsh. It’s the perfect amount of daily dose acne antidote to keep the pesky buggers away. I use it as a mask twice a week to really keep over oil production at bay.

Juicy Beauty Green Apple Peel Full Strength
This is the newest product in my beauty cabinet, and I use it mostly when my skin is looking super tired and my skin tone is off. I love it on a Sunday right before a new week starts. It’s 100% organic and natural, and it isn’t too harsh on the skin while also giving spa level exfoliation at the same time. Exfoliation is the number one step to keep blemishes at bay and pores clear. My skin literally glows right after I use this product.

Onomie A.C.E Illuminating Eye Treatment
The skin around our eye is the most sensitive, but it also seems to get the least amount of love. I always have to remind myself extra hard to remember to nourish it, as well. This product makes that easy by incorporating a highlighter luminescence into it. I apply it under and around the outer corners of my eyes before I start to put on my makeup. Instantly I look awake.


Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat Blur Primer
Not only is this simple little product such a dream to look at, but it feels so smooth and cool when I apply it. It’s almost like an addiction. It contains no fillers and is formulated with four nourishing oils. I love that the shade is transparent and completely universal. Just the right amount of dewiness for every skin tone, while also helping smooth and even out skin tone naturally.


Kiehls Apothecary Preparations Personalized Facial Concentrate
I started using this product during NYFW and it such a great move. Literally overnight after the first use, I saw results. Especially in both my skin texture and tone. This concentrate was personalized specifically for my skin’s needs, and I decided to focus on even skin tone, redness and brightness. Different components were added to target each of these needs. The way it feels going on, and the way it settles in . . . I can really feel the long-lied effect of this product.


And Other Stories Toile Lip Oil
It was kind of strange how a few months ago I was suffering from pretty severe dry lips. I think it was mostly from my travels and just forgetting to put on Chapstick before bed every once in a while. But it came to the point that I had to find a quick result because it was becoming pretty uncomfortable. And it was hard to wear lipstick because my lips were constantly flaking and cracking. But it seemed like hardly any over the counter medication was actually giving me the results I desperately needed. I needed something that wasn’t just a temporary fix. I randomly picked up this lip oil in Paris while browsing the And Other Stories store, and it was life changing. The oil is made from cotton seed and so far is the best protective layer my skin has seen, acting as a layer or protection from elements and locking in moisture especially over night so that by morning my lips would feel and look rejuvenated. I can’t go a day or night without this stuff.

Laura Geller Brighten-N-Conceal Multi-Tasking Concealer
My latest find in the concealer department. And since you guys all know what a fan of highlighters I am, I’m sure you can tell already why I chose this one. It brightens and conceals all at once! The coverage is full, but it doesn’t look or feel heavy. And the extra hint of illuminator is such a treat. It’s perfect for under eye circles and lining tip of my nose. It hits the light just right. Basically, your skin will look flawless and natural after just one application. Hardly any need to reapply throughout the day 🙂


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