Snapshots from Brazil

December 21, 2016

I never got around to sharing photos on this space from trip to Brazil a few months ago to visit my man. I spent a little under a week in the beautiful south of Brazil, where we grew up, exploring parts Dois Irmãos, Porto Allegre, Novo Hamburgo, Gramado, Canela, and one of my favorites . . . a six hour drive to Santa Catarina where I found some of the most beautiful beaches in the world (and the most peaceful, especially at the time of the year we in). Praia do Rosa was an exquisite blue dream from the top of the hilly sides that encapsulated it. I could imagine what a lively colorful rainbow this beach would be in high summer. The idea of drinking caipirinhas while getting burnet shoulders like a true Brazilian would excites me so much. And those caipirinhas! I’m already missing the taste of them and the summery relaxed feeling they washed over me. My boyfriend makes them soooo good. But I enjoyed the quiet and calmness of this beach and all the beaches in this area, in the springtime.

The center of Porto Allegre, the most liveliest of the small towns we visited. It felt like a real city. Parts of it reminded me so much of Los Angeles, it was sort of a surreal feeling. But it made me feel at home, and especially with my man by my side. Eating really good Italian food. Who would have thought some of the best pasta I had so far would be in Brazil?! We laughed as we drove down the city streets as we took count of locals walking with portable mugs of chimarrão tea (also known as yerba mate), the traditional tea drank but Southern Brazilians. Everyone drinks it down there! It’s extra caffeinated! Best to be enjoyed in an intimate setting out of a shared cup. hehe.

Then there was Gramado, a German-inspired mountain town. It gave me feelings of Christmas in a place where I thought only summer existed. European-esque chocolate shops, Alpine chalets (fondue anyone?), and other touristy places that seemed something out of a Hollywood movie that parodied Hollywood. There was a theme park for just about everything here. The only thing missing was the snow and holiday lights. It really opened my eyes to the diversity and multi-cultural history of Brazil. There is a strong sense of worldliness rooted here, and that is very modern.

Spending time in the smaller towns and experiencing a slower pace of day to day things eased me and shed my last few leftover layers of a New York Fashion Week and Brooklyn birthday celebrations. I didn’t do my hair, I slept in late, I hardly wore makeup, my dressing was simple,and I didn’t mind just spending each night watching a movie with my man and eating a home cooked meal in the home of his family. It all felt so simple and lovely, but most importantly it made me fully relax and tune out from work and social media. I felt perfectly in the present. And that is what I will remember the most from my first time in this amazing country. I hope to be back soon 🙂 I think Rio is calling my name.

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