On Mexico Time with Cluse

March 4, 2017


All watches featured in this post are by CLUSE

When you have a whole lot of time to not worry about time . . . then you know that you are in Mexico. But that was exactly the best part of our trip . . . the fact that we had all the time in the world. And no perfect time than when time itself seems to magically become endless, to put on a CLUSE watch and keep track of how slow the days really pass by . . . and how much you want it to keep staying that way. We officially found out how much of a perfect beach side accessory the watch really is. Cluse watches, minimal and practical in design, yet bold and bright (if one desires) in colors, fit right in with the aesthetics of Mexico (and our bikinis). I brought two colors to Mexico to mix and match under the Tulum sun. My CLUSE Minuit Gold in White/Mustard was playful and gave me that summer feeling to take around with me on my wrist. It added exactly the kind of pop of color and sensibility one expects to have in a place as laid back and fun loving as Tulum. My CLUSE La Roche Gold in Black Marble/Black style is sophisticated and sleek, with just a slight touch of masculinity. It streamlined the golds and heavy patterns that I sometimes like to wear to the beach. My CLUSE watches balanced one another out, just like how Tulum balanced out my racing mind leftover from NYC with the peaceful tides of the current situation. My watch was a reminder that I had no need to rush. Anytime was the best sort of time. 

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