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From Workout to Night Out with Goody

October 5, 2016


Jumping back into the work week with a special look at my fitness to post-workout hair routine. Featuring none other than Goody hair products, which I’ve been using since I was just a kid. As a former dance teamer, Goody Ouchless Elastics were my everyday go-to. And since I love to be active today, they still are a high priority in my lifestyle. Yup, I’m a Goody Girl. I love that today the brand has extended its repertoire of products to include more fitness-focused products like the Athletique Headwraps.

I just recently started including the headwrap into my workout routine, and no longer am I worrying about loose hair getting into my face while I’m at the gym or on a run. A major relief.

And since I am usually on a time crunch, fitting in workout sessions in-between meetings or dinner dates, I have had to get creative with how I get from the gym to drinks without looking like a hot mess. This is where Goody comes into play. How I prep my hair before a workout is quite simple. To keep my fly-aways from frizzing up, I brush my hair all through with the Goody Clean Radiance Cushion Brush.


My hair looks super shiny because of the brush’s copper bristles and the shininess lasts all throughout my workout and far afterwards. My endless collection of Ouchless Elastics in an endless range of colors keeps my ponytail high on my head where I like it, and it never budges or pulls out my hair. I collect these like candy. The new glitter ones are my favorite. Here I am wearing the Athletique Reflective Headwrap in purple, secured with a few Colour Collection Bobby Pins. I love the bobby pins for side braids when I’m wanting to get fancy with my hairstyle. And now, there you are. . . my perfect ponytail for a run around the city.






An easy hairstyle that I like to go to in the evenings after a workout is a sexy, low bun, with a few loose hairs in the front to frame my face. Keeping a bun in place all throughout the night can be a royal pain, but I just discovered Goody’s Simple Styles Spin Pin. What a lifesaver. I center part my hair in the front and pull the rest of it together at the nape of my neck as if I am going to make a ponytail. But instead of tying my hair together in the back, I just twist it tightly and then twirl it into a bun at the nape of my neck. Instead of elastics or bobby pins to keep it in place, I just screw on Spin Pin into the top of the bun, and another one into the bottom of the bun. I then pull some hairs loose around my face. Voila! A pretty ballerina-inspired look that will be in tip top shape even after a few glasses of wine. My other favorite accessory? A super statement making pair of earrings. No one will ever have to know that I just rushed from a sweaty workout at all! It’s kind of like magic, no?






Check out the Goody website and find out what it takes to get your own #GoodyHairDay! It’s pretty much revolutionary when it comes to hair.

Thank you Goody for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own.

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The #SuarezSisters Guide to Tevas + Socks

September 28, 2016


If you have been following my blog and my sister Natalie‘s blog for awhile, you probably have come to know how much love we share for the footwear brand Teva. We road tripped through the South to Bonnaroo (New Orleans, Birmingham, Nashville) in them last year, and we adventured through Costa Rica in them just this past summer. I gotta say, we’ve gone a long way with Teva sandals on our feet. Not really sure we could have adventured as much without them. They lived through torrential tropical downpours, desert sandstorms, intense sweating sessions, foot crushing in large groups of dancing ravers, and muddy hikes through the rainforest. And a whole lot of other things in-between, I’m sure you can imagine.

This time around we partnered up with Teva to show you all a new side of the brand. It’s fall now, and we still want to wear our Teva sandals! So what to do?! Why . . . socks, of course! Socks and sandals have become a much-talked about trend a few seasons ago on the runways, and Natalie and I got addicted to this pairing. Some might think it’s a weird trend to take on, without a doubt semi-inspired by suburban American Dads some may say, but we believe that with the right kind of colors and texture it can really add to an outfit. What’s the point of having fun, sparkly disco ball socks when you can’t show them off, right?!

Natalie and I styled our Teva sandals in five different ways that fit into our lives here in New York City . . . literally bringing Teva sandals and socks to the city streets. We definitely turned heads, and for sure we made a statement. We hope our style guide inspires you guys to do the same and experiment with your Teva sandals and socks 🙂

Check out the Teva blog for a deeper look into our looks and how we came up with them.


First Looks: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (and Party)
I’m wearing:  Flatform Universal Crackle in black
Nat’s wearing: Flatform Universal Crafted in white





Second Looks: The Homebodies
I’m wearing: Original Universal Crafted Leather in ta
Nat’s wearing: Original Universal Ombre in black






Third Looks: Athleisure On the Go
I’m wearing: Teva x UGG in white // Coming soon
Nat’s wearing: Teva x UGG in black // Coming soon






Fourth Looks: Casual Weekenders
I’m wearing: Universal Slide in white
Nat’s wearing: Universal Slide in black






Fifth Looks: Let’s Have a Picnic
I’m wearing: Original Universal in white
Nat’s wearing: Original Universal in black







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