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Black Bikini and a Cover Up

June 6, 2017


L*Space bikini
Donni Charm cover up
Yunis K earrings

I’ve recently been inspired by a bunch of songs . . . most of them new, a few older ones. A chill, summer mood for those lazy summer evenings to come. I’ll be wearing a whole lot more of this black bikini, of course. A classic summer staple. Just like these songs which I have been listening to on repeat. I hope they put you in a dreamy, romantic mood, like they do for me. These past few days in NYC have been flying by like crazy, and summer hasn’t even gotten here yet! Thank goodness, the pace of many of these songs slow down life a little for me. I’m truly in love with this little mix here. Hope you give it a listen! xx

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Throwing Out the Rulebook

May 29, 2017


Donni Charm wrap top
Ulla Johnson pants
Lack of Color hat
Donni Charm purse
& Other Stories shoes

How is it that I always feel like I need a vacation from vacation? Hahahaha. It’s true though. I bring work with me everywhere I go. Even at 2pm on a Tuesday in the Cayman Islands, I’m still stuck on my emails while writing a paragraph for a blog post in my notes app, all in-between a paddle boarding session and seaside happy hour. That’s just how life is for us in this industry of blogging. Work is around the clock. It’s possible for work to be done from anywhere. Yes, even bed. We wake up early to get the most mood inducing shots. And we stay up late because there is never enough hours in the day to get it all done in a suitable amount of time. This job isn’t any old 9-5, that’s for sure. The jet leg, the late nights, the over-organized schedules and endless brainstorming for the weeks ahead . . . even from places where everyone else is strictly on vacation, has every potential to suck the life out of us. But at the same time, we can’t help but enjoy every moment of it because there really is nothing better than being one’s own boss. To see our visions come to life. And to inspires others with our visions, even if it’s the littlest thing like the jeans we wore out the door with a vintage scarf hanging out the back pocket that particular day.

When I step back to see what my day to day and month to month look like from afar, it kind of blows my mind. Over five years ago, I never would have saw myself doing what I do now, with the sort of schedule that brings me all over town one day, and across the Atlantic Ocean the next. I’ve learned to go-go-go on the spur of the moment and to adapt to an unlimited amount of different situations. The spontaneity of it all has been priceless. Growing up, I used to feel like having my future all planned out was the most important focus for me to have to gain a certain level of success. It was as if my life relied on a rulebook. A very serious rulebook. But it wasn’t until I actually let that plan go, threw the rules out the window, and gave my imagination some room to breathe and to delve in different directions, did my true calling come to me. A process of unsteady, gradual maneuvering really did pay off in the end. And that true calling, well it is still far from set in stone . . . but that’s the beauty of it really. I never know what’s around the corner, but I know for sure that there’s always a new story to share. There’s no such thing as boring with my job. And I look forward to getting dressed for the day as a confident, adventurous woman. As all women should be. I feel lucky that I get to say this about what I do.

Today is Memorial Day, and we celebrate a day of remembrance for those who died during military service for our country. It is also a day of no work here in America. It’s a funny thing though, as a blogger and as a freelance creative, there really is no such thing as set holidays. Our schedule and work load don’t depend on these. Most of the time, I’m working while everyone else with an office job is out somewhere else relaxing with work the last thing on their minds. But what I’ve come to learn the most from my job is to not be too hard on myself all of the time. And that the jet leg, the late nights, the over-organized schedules and endless brainstorming for the weeks ahead deserve a little break every now and then. It doesn’t need to be a holiday and it doesn’t need to be a weekend, but it should be interspersed in there whenever it can. Because yes, the life does get sucked out of us (we are human), BUT there is even greater potential to have life injected full with new amazing things, perspectives and creative drive soon afterwards. As long as there is rejuvenation in the process. Rulebooks aren’t the key to success. Regular rejuvenation is. That is a rule by a blogger. And this is the kind of outfit I’ll wear while doing it 🙂

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Let’s Not Forget Summer

October 12, 2016


Kore swimsuit

It’s far from sweltering nowadays, and the days feel much shorter than they did ever before. But summer . . . I’ll never forget it. Tropical getaway anyone?

Photos taken at Gurney’s in Montauk, New York. But I might as well be in California.

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